Mystic Girl: Ok first off I want to apologise

Mystic Girl: Ok first off I want to apologise.

Tucker: For what?

Mystic Girl: Turns out the virus came from a spam email not a local email.

Tucker: So you're going to fix my character?

Mystic Girl: Sorry, I need you that way for story purposes

Tucker: Darn it, well anyway on with the story. And I'm still free for the school dance.

Mystic girl: TUCKER!

At Fenton works Jack was working on a new invention while Maddie organized her area of the lab. "There," he said proudly, holding up something that looked like a bullhorn but with more wires on it. "The Fenton Amplifier is completed. This'll increase any sound, hopefully deafening the ghost (e.n. don't you just love convenient inventions). Just then they heard a lot of commotion outside, causing them to rush out the front door. What they saw were four clones of Amity's mysterious ghost hunter 'the red huntress'. Three of them were fighting the forth. "Ghosts!!" Jack yelled as he grabbed the Fenton Bazooka (have you ever noticed that he seams to always have it with him?). "Jack wait," cried Maddie grabbing the end. "One of them might be the real one." Suddenly they heard screaming above them as one of them landed on Jack. "Sorry," she said getting up. "But they stole my board." Looking up you actually saw one of the doppelgangers snap Valerie's board clean in two. Suddenly as they started laughing a green blast hit the one on the right, knocking her clean out of the sky. "Take that ecto-freak," yelled Jack with the Fenton Bazooka still smoking. Problem was that the other two doppelgangers were now angry and heading right for the three ghost hunters, and the blasted one was getting back up. "Any ideas?" Valerie asked Maddie while calling her wrist gun. "Yes, a full frontal attack," Maddie replied pulling out her lip balm blaster (from doctors disorders, I forget what it's called). "Ok people, let's go…"

(Line break)

Entering a large, empty hall, Star was the first to voice something. "Ok, shouldn't there 'like' be some monster thing in here?"

"I expect that the creature of this area is probably concealed. Like in the magma lake," said Kwan looking around.

"So we just 'like' look where we're going and we'll be ok," asked Sam. "Like," she whispered. "It looks that way and WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Dash yelled causing everyone else to look round too. Just in time to see Tucker simply walk across the floor. "Looks ok to me guys," said Tucker as he suddenly stepped on a red tile. As the tile sunk into the ground, the walls to the sides of them started shaking and began to close in on them. "TUCKER!! The other teens cried. Quickly racing back to the entrance, they met only a stone wall which had fallen across it. "Fenton, you're the leader, get us outta this!" Dash yelled grabbing Danny's collar. "O so I'm leader now!" replied Danny quite easily pulling Dash off him. "JUST DO SOMETHING!" Yelled the girls plus Kwan. "Ok, ok," said Danny. "I have an idea. Everyone when I give the signal, run ahead of me. I'll follow on behind with Star."

"Why me?"

"You'll see. Ok everyone, NOW." Danny yelled causing the six teens to run as quickly as they could down the narrowing hallway. Just as it looked like the walls were gonna crush them Sam yelled. "Danny, I've got to tell you something. I lo…" Suddenly the walls stopped, like something was jamming their progress. The five teens turned around to see something definitely unexpected. Danny and Star were both using their new strength to hold the walls apart. "What are you waiting for?" Danny yelled to the amazed group. "Go." Snapped out of their trance the teens raced for the door on the other side of the hallway. The minute Paulina opened it; the walls began to go backwards. "You know," said Paulina clearly impressed. "If he was just a little bit like this back home, I would date him in a snap" (if only she knew). As the group went through the door Star called Kwan over. "Is it just me," she whispered to him. "Or is Danny acting way too calm in this place?"

"I agree," replied Kwan. "Also I've noticed that he seams to be too mentally and physically prepared for these past confrontations."

"Say what?"

'Sigh' "To think my mental calibration is normally smaller then yours, I said that he seams to know how to deal with these situations too well. There's something going on here," he finished while they both started looking curiously at Danny.

"So where to now captain?" Asked Paulina.

"Since when is he leader?" said Dash hotly.

"You did assign him the role just a while ago," replied Kwan.

"Yer, but that was… I mean… O man."

Mystic Girl: Sorry but I couldn't resist. Anywho I got some request for someone in the group to find out Danny's secret. So hopefully you'll be able to figure out whom.

Tucker: Yer, but why those two?

Mystic Girl: Well who else in that group would you chose?

Tucker: To shay, anyway see you soon.