A dwarf was kneeling in front of a small, dark cave. He shivered as the rain poured down. Inside the cave sat a creature, the last remaining of his kind in Middle Earth. Yellow eyes glowed, as he uttered words in an almost forgotten language.

"Y gam terse, acta Neva o seperna,

acta Ganadras terse emeo hemna ocsre.

Acta Neva o seperna, Arda gam shen empore.

Ganadras u Una-Undar gam o hime tas de meco.

Em gam shen Arda empore."

This happened very long ago, even before Elves and Men set foot in Middle Earth. In a time even before the beginning of the First Age, when only Dwarfs lived in these lands.

Back then there was a Fourth Kind who left exactly a century before the first Elves set foot in Middle Earth. From the beginning Dwarfs hated the Pointy-Eared, rejected any contact with the new kind. For their Kings knew about those words and knew the meaning of them. But they never told the Elves, nor the Men. Selected dwarfs kept giving on the knowledge of these words. Now there is only one dwarf who knows them. He knows soon they will become known to all of Arda. Soon the Fourth Kind shall return… And the words shall come true