25 Ways To Annoy James' Lilyflower

1. Send her a list of every pick-up line James ever used on her.

2. Dress up as Snape and propose that you make sweet, potion-brewing, greasy balls of fun with each other.

3. Ask her is she is a distant relative of the Weasley's every time you see her.

4. Tell James she wants to go out with him.

5. Bring Petunia to Hogwarts.

6. Tell Lily that her Hogwarts Letter was supposed to be for Petunia, not her.

7. Dye her robes purple, and say it goes GREAT with her hair!

8. Shove James in her face and tell her to stop being an idiot and go out with him already! I mean, come on!

9. Tell her Slughorn is Hugh Heffner in disguise, and all the girls in the Slug Club are actually future whores.

10. Go up to her and say, "Tuney? Really?"

11. Tell her Sirius is going to get James if she doesn't get a move on already.

12. Tell her you are always watching her... always...

13. Call her every other type of flower. "Hey Daisy!" "How's it going, Chrysanthemum?"

14. Force the teachers to make her fail every class unless she makes out with Snape.

15. Call her a Mudblood.

16. Show her the Harry Potter books.

17. Tell her the Marauders perform voodoo on a doll with red hair in an attempt to make her agree to go out with James.

18. Ask her if her name is Lily or Evan, since you are confused on account that she looks like a guy...

19. Stare at her for a while, then say "I just don't understand what Prongs sees in her..."

20. Attempt to smell her to see if she smells just like a real lily.

21. Take away her Head Girl badge and give it to Sirius.

22. Ask her if she turns into a deer, too.

23. Keep asking her, even when she says she has no idea what you're talking about.

24. Convince her that she'd look so much better with blonde hair.

25. Call her "Ginger."

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