Godzilla vs. Manda

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla: Ladies and gentlemen, today is a very special day today. Today is Godzilla's fifty third birthday, and long have I planned to write a gigantic fanfic about an epic, action-packed battle between the King of the Monsters himself and the neglected monster, Manda. But what sparked this idea? For one, there as a deleted scene in Destroy All Monsters! that had both Godzilla and Manda fighting for a brief moment of time, but it was cut out de to time constraints, the costumes, and the fact that it didn't fit in with the main plot. But, it would be great if it was expanded for a completely new movie in the long-running Godzilla series, and thus, that is how this fanfic came to be. Not only that, but I haven't written anything Godzilla related in a long time, and plus, this will be my one hundred-fifty fanfic to ever write and publish for the site, so I hope that all you viewers ad great Godzilla fans out there enjoy this brilliant fanfic, and happy birthday to you, Godzilla, the greatest monster of all.

Disclaimer: Godzilla, Manda, and anything else related all belong to the full extent of Toho Studios Ltd.


Tokyo, Japan: 1954

Godzilla roars angrily as he blasts his atomic breath at the decaying buildings that then burn in flames. The gigantic reptilian atomic monster roars with triumph, and he storms towards Tokyo Bay. The survivors that have fled from the burning city of Tokyo watch as Godzilla slowly dove back into the cold water, leaving Tokyo to burn in intense flames.

A ship is sent to the middle of Tokyo Bay, where Dr. Serizawa takes his Oxygen Destroyer, a powerful weapon that can erase all life in the water by destroying the oxygen, to destroy Godzilla. At the risk of the Oxygen Destroyer being used in the future, Dr. Serizawa cuts his life rope, and he dies alongside with Godzilla, the knowledge of the Oxygen Destroyer being lost as well. Japan is safe, but if nuclear testings continue, there could be more abominations, more dangerous risks, more monsters... and worst of all...

There could be... another Godzilla...


Sea of Japan, 1963

Manda, the ancient sea serpent God of the Mu Empire, is unleashed and attacks the Atragon, but the ship is proven to be too tough, and Manda is frozen solid by it. Afterwards, the Mu Empire is defeated, and the Atragon is destroyed. It is unknown whether or not Manda managed to survive...


Sea of Japan, 2007

A small, yellow-and-orange submarine is moving slowly in the deepest depths of the Sea of Japan. The lights are on, and the submarine is looking for anything strange within the waters.

"Find anything, captain?" The pilot asks, steering the submarine.

The captain of the submarine looks through the front glass of the submarine, and winces. "No, keep going, we're getting closer."

The submarine goes further down the eerily quiet water. It is then that in the darkness below, a hiss can be heard, followed by a pair of yellow eyes, peering at the submarine. The submarine comes closer... closer... closer... until...

SNAP!!!!!! a sea serpent from within the darkness snaps at the submarine, crunching it with its powerful jaws, and then backs itself into the darkness, taking the submarine, with the screaming captain and pilot inside, along with itself. A loud, echoing screech is then heard, stopping several seconds later.