Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I feel like kicking myself for not continuing on this beauty of a fanfic. May I also mention that as of this chapter, there will be no more dialogue. So yes, it's just descriptions and pure action from here on out. Enjoy.

Nearby Kyoto, Japan, 2008

Manda was slithering through the ground, shaking the earth as he pleased. The JSDF prepared a huge empty crater as a trap for the gigantic sea serpent. When Manda emerged out of the ground, he bellowed loudly, firing electrical yellowish bolts of lightning from his mouth, roaring loudly as the bolts destroyed several of the tanks. The JDSF returned fire, firing off several missiles around Manda as the explosions caused him to dive right into the empty crater, digging under the ground. The trucks then came in, pouring down oil and cement electrical cables were tossed into the crater. As the oil and cement filled up the crater to almost full, the electrical power went on, electricity zapping within the soon to be solid cement as the ground cracked. Several jet planes came in, dropping several bombs onto the cement, causing explosions to shake the ground.

Several minutes later, eerie silence followed, with an earthquake following. Manda emerged right out of the middle of the cemented crater, bellowing as it attempted to fire lightning bolts at the tanks, but it was blasted by a freezing ray, frozen in its tracks. The freeze rays continued firing, freezing Manda all the way down to his body as Manda was unable to break free. Within two minutes, Manda was absolutely frozen, and the job was well done.

Just as the JSDF were about to pull out, the ground shook again. Much to their shock, the JSDF looked towards the western direction, to see a huge shadow incoming. The huge shadow resembled a gigantic reptile, who bellowed a mighty roar that shook the ground. The JSDF focused their attention on the newcomer, which turned out to be Godzilla. Godzilla roared angrily as he fired off a blast of blue radioactive breath, destroying several of the tanks, freeze rays, and the jet planes that came in. As missiles were fired off at Godzilla, the JSDF realized that they were in a bad position. Godzilla kept coming toward, burning the forest surrounding the crater as he got closer and closer, the quakes causing cracks in the crater. The ice containing Manda was also cracking as it suddenly exploded, freeing Manda, who shook his head as he roared. Looking down at the JSDF, which was being destroyed on the spot, and looking up, to see Godzilla wreaking havoc, Manda hissed as he emerged right out of the crater, retreating towards the southern direction.

Godzilla noticed this as he snapped at Manda, proceeding to slowly follow him as his tail destroyed what remained of the devastated JSDF, heading southward as well. The remaining members of the JSDF regrouped as they flew towards their headquarters, having to come up with a new plan.