Miley opened her eyes and sat up. Jackson was no longer there, but Miley felt him. It was warm and Miley felt safe. She got up and opened the curtains. It had stopped raining and people were playing on the beach.

Miley then went into the Hannah Montana closet. Her father had got a cleaner to clean up the mess, and fix the clothes. It looked identical to what it was before.

Miley smiled and went to the nearest rack.

An hour later, Miley went downstairs dressed in her blue top, that Jackson gave her, stunning jeans, her face bright with make up and her blond wig flowing down her shoulders.

You used to call me your angel
Said I was sent straight down from heaven
You'd hold me close in your arms

Robbie ray was in the kitchen, cooking dinner. When he saw Miley, he dropped the knife he was using and his eyes went wide.

"What Daddy? You haven't seen Hannah Montana in a while?" Miley laughed. Robbie ray smiled.

"No, or heard your laugh, come here, Bud" Miley went over to him and hugged him tightly.

"I'm ready to get back out there" Miley smiled and give the phone to her dad.

"Hannah Montana is making her come back" she smiled. Robbie ray smiled and started to dial numbers to organise the next Hannah Montana concert.

Miley got out her cell phone and rang up Lilly and Oliver.

"Come over in five minuets" she told them. She hung up as her dad did.

"Hannah Montana has her concert this Saturday" he smiled, and then kissed her on the forehead.

"I'm so proud of you" he said, "and I know Jackson is too"

I loved the way you felt so strong
I never wanted you to leave
I wanted you to stay here holding me

There was a knock at the door, and Robbie ray answered it.

"Miley, I'm so sorry I said that at school, I-" Lilly said as she rushed though the door, but stopped as she saw Hannah Montana in front of her. Lilly was speech less, and her mouth was wide.

Oliver came though the door, and copied Lilly's actions.

"OH MY GOD!!!! IT'S HANNAH MONTANA!!" Lilly shouted and ran over to Miley. Robbie ray laughed as Miley and Lilly hugged tightly. Oliver still seemed god smacked.

"You two can have backstage passes to the Hannah Montana come back concert this Saturday" Miley told them, "I miss Lola" Lilly smiled and hugged her.

After they broke apart, Miley looked at Oliver, who was still looking at her. She went over to him, took his head and lead him outside, away from Lilly and her dad.

"Thank you" she said.

"What for?" Oliver asked.

"For making me realise that I had changed" she replied and then lent up and kissed him gently on the lips.

Oliver look at her, shocked.

"What?" she laughed.

"It's not everyday you get kissed by Hannah Montana" he laughed, and then kissed her gently.

They went back into the kiss, with Oliver blushing slightly.

"So, do you lot what to see if I still have the voice?" Miley asked, taking off her wig. Everyone nodded, so Miley took a deep breath. Just before she was going to sing, she looked over to a picture of Jackson that was hanging on the wall. He seemed to smile at her and wink. Miley smiled and sang,

I miss you
I miss your smile
And I still shed a tear
Every once in a while
And even though it's different now
You're still here somehow
My heart won't let you go
And I need you to know
I miss you, sha la la la la
I miss you

Everyone clapped and Miley smiled.

Saturday came fast, and Hannah was soon on that stage singing, in front of a huge crowd.

"Did you lot miss me?" she asked the audience after her first song. Everyone yelled.

"I missed you lot as well" she yelled to the crowed, "I'm sorry guys, when my brother died, I missed him so badly, and I felt that I shouldn't perform anymore, without him in my life, but I now know that he is still here with me, I just can't see him"

A picture of Jackson came up on a big scene behind her.

"You might remember Jackson, he is a good friends of mine, we were like siblings, he died as well last year in a car crash, I am denoting this song to both of them" Miley hated lying, but Robbie ray and her had decided it was for the best, because they would realise that Miley was Hannah Montana otherwise.

She shouted to sing,

You used to call me your dreamer
And now I'm living out my dream
Oh how I wish you could see
Everything that's happening for me
I'm thinking back on the past

It's true that time is flying by too fast

The crowed were quiet in respect. They waved their arms slowly; some had got lighters out and were slowly waving them.

Miley smiled, tears slowly running down her cheeks.

I know you're in a better place, yeah
But I wish that I could see your face, oh
I know you're where you need to be
Even though it's not here with me

After the song ended, the crowd cheered, and Miley went off stage. Oliver and Lola were waiting for her.

"That was great" Lola smiled, her face wet as well. Oliver hugged Miley.

"God! We're like water fountains" Miley laughed and went off to sort her make up out.

In her dressing room was a picture of Jackson. She smiled at it and a voice went through her head.

"Nice song, it's great to have the music back, I'm so proud of you" Miley smiled.

It was great to be back, even if she did miss her brother, he was there, and she know it.

I miss you
I miss your smile
And I still shed a tear
Every once in a while
And even though it's different now
You're still here somehow
My heart won't let you go
And I need you to know
I miss you, sha la la la la
I miss you

There you go. It is finished. Rubbish ending, but hey, she is Hannah Montana again : Hoped you enjoyed it. The song is Miley's own 'I miss you' Please review, remember, flumes welcome, but nothing too hursh.