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Smiling as he remembered the day met her. Jim Street had a rough exterior, he had to, being a top-notch SWAT member, but underneath that 'no-shit' attitude a very normal man lived. Looking over at the petite woman across to him in the SWAT van, her gaze fixated on the school picture of her daughter, he shook his head and leaned back, cradling his injured hand.


Walking into the hospital Street and Hondo were investigating somebody named Chris Sanchez for a spot on the SWAT team. As they head towards the room the nurse points to, they pass a Latino man thoroughly beaten up. The young police officer standing guard over him shakes his head quickly when asked if it was his work, his partner Chris' he says. As they walk into the room, they see a woman being bandaged, quickly apologizing and explaining they have the wrong room, the woman asks who they are looking for. When they recite the name she slowly replies "I'm Chris Sanchez"

That was the beginning of the end for Street. Sanchez became his part of his team, and they worked well together. Chris' playful sarcasm yet honest love for the job, and even more for her daughter, brought a whole new element to the job.

He had always felt a 'vibe' when he was around her, nothing he could intelligently explain but something he knew he def. knew wanted more of. She exuded a don't-need-nobody attitude yet deep down, in instantaneous flashes there was a vulnerability to her. She was so complicated and intense at times and at others so simple and carefree.

Jim had been a clubber, a player, a drinker. He often woke up with somebody else in his bed, or in somebody else's bed. He struggled to maintain that reputation after he met Chris, but all the women he met were instantly sized up against her and none even came close in his mind.

What pained him the most was that somebody had the nerve to hurt Chris, largely accounting for her no bullshit persona. When ever he thought about the man who left her, pregnant and alone, he found his blood pressure rising and his hands balled into tight fists. It was a good thing Chris never was accepted onto SWAT until her daughter was 8 and she herself was over it, because Jim would have personally tortured that man, SWAT style. With his bare hands.

Each and every day he began to look forward to work, to working with the intelligent, resourceful woman, sometimes alone. Nothing could convince him that he was in the same league as her, not by a long run. So, he contented himself with a deep friendship with her and her daughter, who he came to love, almost as his own.

Every mission they went on, he was concerned for her safety, sometimes saying a little prayer, something he had never done before in his life, not even as a child, to keep her safe. Nobody ever knew any of this however; his tight personality came from years in the Navy Seals, SWAT and police training. It was this lack of communication that probably contributed to many bad feelings in those around him.


By far the most complicated and disturbing case to ever hit SWAT was the international millionaire Alex Montel. That son of a bitch made an offer on public television of $100 million to who ever helped him escape the authorities. This made every law enforcement officer in Las Angeles wish to apply for leave. Crowds of fans from the adoring public gathered to cheer him on, while some more daring when captured, he offered $100 million to whoever broke him out, on national TV. That was the breaking point. Schemes from every section of the population of the city tried their best to outsmart the police. Crowds gathered to cheer him on, snipers shot down a helicopter coming to retrieve him and transfer him to Federal custody. The whole law enforcement sector was in a tailspin, not just SWAT. This is when Street took a look at his life, but not before his team member, TJ McKabe. In an effort to collect the reward money, he partnered with bitter ex-SWAT Brian Gamble; Street's old partner no less, and injured their comrade, Boxer to take off with the millionaire.

Street tried his best and along with his crew, they followed a plane until it landed on a bridge. That's when the real confrontation began. Saying one of his little prayers before he jumped out, he hoped for the best. That was the defining battle of Street's life. He was forced to go against his former partner, on railroad tracks. How it ended still haunts him. Being decapitated by a train was not the way he meant for it to go but any sentimental attachment he may have had for his ex-partner died when Gamble became a threat to others, and the only thing on his mind was doing his job.


Lifting his head once more he cast another glance over to Chris. Still clutching her daughter's photo she was also cradling her arm, where she had been shot, the shock wearing off and the pain setting in. Looking around to the other men, he saw all were tired and spent, yet when Hondo called back to them that there was another case in town, suddenly the effects of the night drained away, leaving only a reserve of energy and will to do their job. With a sigh Chris put her daughter's photo back, and joined the others in putting their gear back on.

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