Awareness. Slowly creeping in upon an unconscious mind as its owner lay weak and defenseless in bed. A small, sickly looking boy opened his eyes to a blurred, pale world that was unfamiliar to him. The redhead slowly felt the world settle back into its original place. As he felt the room stop spinning, he sat up. Big mistake. He fell back as fresh waves of dizziness crashed over him, slowly pulling him under. His last thought was: Where is Deidara?

The boy in question was sitting just outside the room on a hard bench in the sterile smelling hospital clinic. The blind man, Itachi, sat beside him. Deidara's head hung in his hands as the worry and guilt slowly washed over him. If Sasori-danna hadn't gotten captured to save me, he wouldn't be in this mess. If I had gotten to the hideout earlier, we could have met that Lili girl sooner! The blond boy slowly drowned in his own guilt and sorrow as Itachi watched, or rather felt.

"Deidara, relax. Sasori is tough. There is no way that a simple infection could do anything to bring him down. Stop worrying, everything will be fine." The blind man spoke the words of comfort in a soothing voice and gently patted the blonde's head. He looked down at him with the look of an experienced big brother in his eyes.

"Do you really think so, hmm?" Deidara asked, with the despair plain in his voice. "I've never seen Sasori-danna look so small and pale… He looks weak and vulnerable right now. Anything could happen, hmm, and it would be my fault that it did."

"Deidara. I am blind. I can't see anything the way you do. I see the world through what I hear, feel, and smell. Think about this, I went blind shortly before he arrived, I've never seen Sasori at all. But I have heard his voice and felt his footsteps and caught his faint scent on the wind. With that I can form a picture. I know his personality and I have a pretty good idea about the way he thinks. I add that to the picture. In a way, I see Sasori clearer than you, or anyone else with eyes that work, does. I his true self. I strongly believe that he will make it through this. Just be patient, Deidara, and stop worrying about things you can't control or change, you'll only tire yourself out." After Itachi's little speech ended, Deidara stared at him openmouthed. This was the most the boy had ever heard him say at one time before.

"O.k. Itachi, I'll take your word for it," Deidara hardly managed to get the words around his smile. "By the way, just out of curiosity, what do you see Sasori-danna as?"

"I see… He's always standing next to you. He's tall and well muscled and his arm is always around you. I don't know why I see things the way I do, but usually they come true when I see them in my head. I don't know, it might be me just misreading things, but whenever you two are in the same room, I feel your pulses go through the roof and you're always slightly more awkward. I believe I am the only one to notice so far. Your pulse is doing it again." Itachi smiled to himself as he said the last thing. When he had revealed that he was aware of Deidara's feelings.

Deidara began to stutter and his pulse accelerated to an even higher rate. "I-I-I d-don't… h-h-how… wha… hmm?" Itachi smiled even wider and chuckled lightly.

"Deidara, you don't have to defend yourself from me. I know for a fact that you like him; now all you have to do is bring that fact to his attention. I'll help you confess when he is feeling better. That would make his day."

"…o.k.…." Deidara had been on the point of disagreeing vehemently with Itachi, yelling that it wasn't true when his curiosity got the better of him. He wanted to know if Itachi was telling him that Sasori liked him just because he wanted him to feel better or if it was true.

"Good. We might have a little while to wait, though. Sasori may be tough, but he sounds like his breathing is screwed up just a little. He might be a few weeks getting all the way back to normal. We'll tell him then." Itachi seemed to be enjoying the conversation.

Deidara on the other hand, felt like the date of his execution had just been signed. And he was the one that had done the signing… These next few weeks were going to be pretty horrifying…