I was having a conversation with one of my friends on a Friday and the topic was the same as usually whenever the fifth day of the week comes. We were talking about religion and since some of us are from different religions and denominations, the arguments just went on and on, so I decided to share my own thoughts so I told them this story:

There's a pair of identical twins who absolutely looked the same but both had a very unique personality. Nevertheless, they were good sons indeed. Their fdmily was a rich family and both their parents raised them to do good things. As they grew up, war broke out in their country and hard times came from then on. Because of all this, their mother decided to take one of the twins to another country while the father decided to stay with the other child in order to take care of their family's estate. During the process, their mother died and the other son was lost forever.

Twenty years had passed and the war came to an end but the toll was great. Their family was never re-united again and things have changed. The father has now stopped working. He prefers to act as a business adviser to his son. His son, on the other hand, is now the one in-charge of their business. Of course, the father is very proud of his son.

As his son enters the room to check on his father, his father asks him, "Can you get me today's newspaper?" The son obeys this order, goes to the front door then bends down to pick-up the paper. On his way back to his father's room, he suddenly stopped walking and tears rolled down his face, then, he runs to his father's room and hands him the newspaper. His father just smiled as he read the newspaper. There, he saw his missing son on the front page of the paper; now an owner of a large foreign corporation with a family and a happy life of his own. Then, the father smiled and he was happy.

As I ended my story, I told my friends that I don't want to hear whatever they learned from my story; instead, I just asked them to keep to themselves the lessons that they got. From that day on, we never had an unpleasant argument about religion, faith or beliefs ever again.