Hey all! This is an old fic I tried to write, but now I have edited it and it is completely different. So I hope you enjoy! Oh, and to those who read my Tonks fic, I will update soon, but we have two computers and the one I have it on lost internet access so some people are coming to fix it on Tues. Thank you for reading!

Dobby's Polka-Dotted Sock

Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter, I would be a rich, woman who lived in Scotland and everyone would adore me. Also, Dumbledore would NOT be gay, and Remus, Tonks, and Fred would not be dead, and if they were, I would at least give them a bloody better and more heroic death!!!

Chapter One:

The Girl Who Lived

"Hagrid, you can't take Harry to the Dursley's. They're evil!" Sirius Black stood in the ruins of his best friends' home and begged the giant of a man before him, trying to blink away the tears threatening to run down his face as he held the small baby boy in his arms.

"Sirius, it's Dumbledore's orders. I've gotta take Harry. Please don't make this hard," Sirius sighed. He knew Dumbledore must think it would protect Harry, but he didn't know how. Trusting the older wizard, he gently handed the child over to Hagrid.

"Here, you can use my bike. Keep him safe Hagrid," and with that Sirius left, he had another friend he needed to check on, if he was still alive, and he could begin to see muggles making their way over. Hagrid took one last sweeping look over the area then got onto the black bike and revved the engine. It roared to life and took off into the night. The half-giant couldn't hear a wail over the deafening noise of another baby as she lay in the rubble, awoken from her sleep by the racket of the motorbike. Soon the muggles had arrived to see what had happened, and were shocked to see the demolished house. Once over the shock, they began to pick through the place looking for anything to tell what had taken place that night. One villager found the little girl.

"Look! I found a baby!" he called out. In seconds a crowd had gathered around the child. She lay unharmed except one scar on her forehead in the jagged shape of a lightning bolt. This baffled even the doctors and nurses around the town; surely the infant should have perished. The baby girl was taken to an orphanage in muggle London, and while glasses were being raised in the wizarding world and toasting Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, muggles were marveling over the story of the baby who would later be known as Leila Evans, The Girl Who Lived.

So, how was it? I hope it got you guys interested, I thought it would be funny if the muggles had their own kind of thing going while the wizards were celebrating Harry. And I thought the chappie title was kind of amusing, too, because the first chapter title for the Harry Potter series is The Boy Who Lived. The next chappie will be much, much longer; this is sort of a prologue. Review!

Dobby's Polka-Dotted Sock