'I have always been weak. When I was younger I always depended on Naruto or Sasuke-kun to help me; to save me. Always. I could do nothing for them no matter how hard I tried. I was far to caught up in getting Sasuke-kun to notice me. Was that all I cared about? Why was that all I cared about?'

Sakura lost herself in her thoughts completely. So much so that she let her guard down, something she never did. Her legs hung loosely over the edge of the roof of Konoha hospital and she leaned back on her arms behind her. Her long pink hair swayed in the light wind that swept through the village. Her cat-like ANBU mask was cast to the side of her head and her jade green orbs appeared glazed over and sad.

'Even though I annoyed Sasuke-kun to no end with my fan girl behaviour, he looked after me. Even though I spent my time scolding Naruto and treating him badly he always looked after me. So many times I stood there helpless getting in their way and cried when things turned out badly. I cried on the bridge on our first mission. I cried when Naruto and Sasuke-kun fought on this very rooftop. I tried to change things during the chunin exams; I cut my hair and got away from that sound ninja and held up another; yet still it was Sasuke-kun who stopped him. Again I cried. I cried on my own so many times after Sasuke-kun left and I screamed crying when Sasuke-kun actually left. I poured my heart out to him and all he said was thank you. Yet I still waited for him…part of me still is. Why? He doesn't love me. He will never love me. It's been five years since he left. If we couldn't bring him back two years ago what makes anyone think we can bring Sasuke-kun back now?' Sakura sighed deeply at this and pulled her legs upward so she was hugging her knees. 'Sasuke-kun…kun, kun, kun…why do I say that? It's so idolising. Am I that sad!?'

'Yeah…' she said answering her own question.

'It's more than time to get over him. He makes me weak, seeing him just shuts something inside me down. I tried to get stronger for him; to bring him back. Not for my other precious people, and not for myself. But to bring him back to what? To me!? How selfish am I? Team Kakashi leaves to bring Sasuke back in one week…I'll leave with mission success for success' sake as my goal. No more Sasuke-kuuuuuun! It's target Uchiha Sasuke.'

Sakura stood up, and breathed in deeply. It was strange but she felt as though a weight had been lifted of her shoulders…

'Only time will tell…' she thought as she darted from rooftop to rooftop home.