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The kiss was searing, their bodies now tangled together pressed up against table in what

apeared to be a labratory of some sort, yet she couldn't recall specifics. Suddenly she wondered

exactly what she was doing and found herself unable to remember anything prior to the kiss. She

pulled away from the warm lips to see a similar expression painted on the man with cool blue eyes.

The woman who was tall and slender with long mussed tresses of pale gold opened her

mouth as precisely the same time the man, whos lips were previously pressed to her own, did.

The same words tumbled from both sets of lips and a streak of confusion was shared.

"Who are you?" Neither were able to answer and for a brief moment a look of panic crossed her

face but was interrupted by something the man said. " I was looking for someone, someone

important to me."

The woman whom possessed equally blue eyes blinked and the urge to kiss this man's

incredibly soft lips overtook her once more. " I think you were looking for me." And with that

she pressed against him once more and kissed him with the same searing heat the first kiss

has possessed.

Nearly an hour later with what clothing remained on in disarray the man noticed the markings on his

hands and arms. Reading the words he felt his stomach sink slightly. He jumped up and quickly fixed

his clothing, tossing the fabrics he'd removed from his temporary lovers body to wards her. "We've got

to go. We've got to find Teyla, it's important somehow."

Shortly thereafter the memory of what had passed between them faded into nothing more than a dull

body ache left over from their coupling in the lab.

Later after their memories had returned they would both silently agree to not mention it to one another

again. Neither had anticipated the amount of trouble they were about to become a part of.


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