So it's not perfect but I don't keep writing I'll never finish it.

Authors Note: Yes this may be far OOC now, however I wish to point out that Samantha Carter is in

act a woman. I to write her as such. She may be brilliant, tough and so far indestructible but shes

also a human woman. Human women do and say stupid things every day. They make mistakes,

have secrets and feel things they don't admit to, especially those in positions of power or whom hold

military ranks. If you hate it oh well, I tried.

But as a human woman I hope that you'll be able to relate to her a little better.

As for Rodney, well I have no idea what I was thinking.

Hope you can enjoy it without wanting to flame me lol.




A few more days passed and while Rodney and Sam were not actively avoiding each other things

seemed strained when they were in the same room.

Their talk of what had transpired between them was still unfinished, careers and decisions remaining

uncertain. For once neither had any answers but both knew the inevitable outcome.

At this moment Samantha Carter was sitting in front of her computer screen finishing up the required

paperwork to report their 'incident'. She cringed when she realized that today was also the day Katie

Brown returned from the botany teams latest excursion onto the mainland. Rodney would be telling

her. However caustic and irritable he may be, Katie was his soft spot and she knew keeping

the secret hurt him enough already.

She finished her report and added it to the few personal letters to the friends she had left behind on

Earth. Feeling very alone at the moment she wished for her own team, hell she even wished for Vala's

company in this moment. Mostly though she wished for Janet's wisdom and strength. She only knew

a handful of the people here well but well enough to talk to about this.

Sighing heavily she added the report and letters to the data file that would be sent shortly to the SGC.

Exiting her office she found herself headed toward the balcony and once there she leaned against the

railing, gazing out upon the artistic city gracefully floating atop a cerulean ocean. She took a deep breath

and closed her eyes, her head tilted upward into the light of this planets closest sun. She would miss it here.




Rodney McKay paced nervously in the Jumper Bay, Katies team had signal just minutes ago that they were

nearing Atlantis and had requested the rest of their department's help in bringing the samples back to the lab

quickly to maintain them. Rodney never being one to volunteer did just that. He'd assumed that everyone would

think he had just missed the copper haired woman they worked with. And they did just that.

When the jumper had finally landed and Katie had stepped out the first thing her saw were her sunburned shoulders

thin lines where her should straps had been pale against the red. A pained look visited his face before he launched

into a conversation with her about staying out of the sun, sunblock and the merits of vinegar on sunburns.




Hours later sitting in the quiet of her rooms he told her everything. She winced when she wrapped her arms around him

but remained and together they wept. And with neither knowing why things happened they way they did, Katie

Brown forgave Rodney McKay.