Title/Chapter: Look Into His Eyes - Ch. 1 Visions
Author: Supernatural Mommy
Characters: Sam, Dean (no pairings), OFC (no romantic interests), OMC (child)
Spoilers: None really, unless you've not seen Season one, to Nightmare
Warnings: PG-13: Language, mild violence and hurt/comfort
Disclaimer: I don't own 'em pity, but new characters are my own creation.
Summery: Sam's visions lead them to help a brother and sister who are in danger. But things aren't always as they appear.
Authors Notes: This is a completed story, and the first of a few stories that are part of a series. Re-edited and re-formatted. Give it a try - and I'd love to know what you think!

Chapter 1: Visions

In a small room, the lights flickered and seemed almost sinister as a young woman glanced up sharply from her post on the couch. She shook her head, shaking the fear away with a brisk determination and sat forward, resting her elbows on her knees and cupping her face in her still shaking hands. She rubbed her eyes and stopped, startled, at a slight noise from above.

She pushed her body off the couch and in one fluid moment started for the stairs and instinctively flinched at a loud scream that suddenly echoed from above. Eyes wide, she bounded up the stairs and took a left and another sharp turn, coming to the room where sobbing was now heard clearly, painfully.

She shoved the door open, taking a deep breath as she did. "Bobby…"

Whatever she was going to say was swallowed down as she looked at the figure huddled on the floor in front of her. She bent to place her hands on his head but hesitated and instead grasped his arms, pulling him upright towards her arms. But just as the boy reached the warmth of her embrace he was ripped away from her.

She screamed as she saw him flung to the opposite wall, staring in horror at the deep crisscrossing stripes of red across his chest. She ran to him, trying to physically rip him off the wall…but it was no use. He was oddly silent as he stared at her, locking eyes with her and whispering words she never thought to hear, never hoped to hear from his lips…

"Love you Annie . . ."


Dean glanced over at his brother's whispered groan and watched in concern as his brother sank to the floor on his knees, rubbing his temples, his face scrunched in an expression of agony. He flicked his half eaten sandwich to the table and overturned his chair in an attempt to reach his brother before he hit the floor face first. He reached him just in time to ease his body to the floor, turning his body to the side.

"Sam…come on man! Sammy! What's it, another psychic thing? Sa…" He trailed off as his brother started to shake his head and open his eyes. "Hey, you okay?"

Sam's eyes met his and he nodded slowly. Dean patted his shoulder and then grasped his brother's arm, pulling him into a sitting position. He crouched beside his brother and looked into his eyes. Sam's agonized gaze confirmed what Dean already knew…it was a vision, a bad one.

"Dean, we've got to help them…" scrunching his face around the images in his head, Sam tried to understand what he was seeing. He shook his head, as if to clear the thoughts. He felt Dean's eyes on him. "I've seen their faces before, I just can't think of where. But I know I've seen them before."

"What happened, Sam?" Dean stood, helping Sam to his feet and over to the bed. It creaked under his weight and groaned as he shifted around to face Dean, who sat down on the other bed.

"It was a woman and a boy. The woman, she looked about my age. But the boy looked like seven or eight. There was something wrong with him…and then he was flung against the wall and he had gashes on his chest but he was just pinned to the wall…. she couldn't get him off the wall. . ." By now Sam was seeing the images flash though his head, and he shuddered at the fear he felt.

Dean was trying to twist his mind around what Sam was telling him, but having a hard time following his thoughts and jumbled recollections. "Tell me what you saw from the beginning, Sam."

Taking a deep breath, Sam nodded. "At first it was just the woman and she was sitting there, looking like she was trying to convince herself that she wasn't scared, but then she heard something…" Sam struggled to find the right words to explain the vision to his brother. Several minutes later he was trying to explain everything he remembered seeing.

"I think they were related, like brother and sister…they looked a lot alike, but there was something wrong with the house. There wasn't a lot of furniture or knick-knacks or anything like that. It looked….I remember seeing boxes along a wall. Maybe they just moved in? I don't know. I can't understand why, but I think we've seen them somewhere before, or at least I have."

Sam closed his eyes, thinking back to the vision, and suddenly it came to him. His eyes flew open and he rushed to put the pieces together. "Dean! I saw something sticking out of one of the boxes…mail. Forwarded mail, the kind with the stickers over the old address. I think I made out part of the address."

He reached for a pad of paper and pen on the bedside stand and started writing down what he could remember.

He stopped suddenly and swallowed. "Dean…those murders, the ones that brought us here, do you remember the names? Where's the file?"

He and Dean had been looking into the murder of a couple in Indiana. Officials didn't understand what had happened. At first everyone assumed that the fire had killed the couple, but the police uncovered evidence of foul play. Most notably, evidence of knife wounds. Deep ones. But the part of the story that had originally attracted the brothers was where in the house the couple had been found. Evidence at the scene pointed to the woman being on ceiling and the man underneath her. They had found skin and bone fragments that confirmed it. Of course most of the details had been left out of media reports, instead Sam had found them after some furtive hacking into local police reports.

But Sam wasn't thinking about the couple as he dug in the file folder for a newspaper clipping…as he clutched it in his hand he studied it and then handed the clipping to Dean.

"Their kids, those are the ones from my vision. And Dean, whatever killed their parents is coming after them."