Title/Chapter: Look Into His Eyes – Epilogue
Author:Supernatural Mommy
Characters: Sam, Dean (no pairings), OFC (no romantic interests), OMC (child)
Spoilers: None really, unless you've not seen Season one, toNightmare
Warnings: PG-13: Language, mild violence (towards a child) and hurt/comfort, some religious references
Disclaimer: I don't own 'em pity, but new characters are my own creation.
Summery: Is there really a calm after the storm?
Authors Notes: Okay – so the story was once upon a time finished and I got this crazy idea on how I wanted to expand it and work through a sequel. So the epilogue was born. Here you'll be introduced a little to the characters and themes that will highlight the sequel. The sequel focuses on the true fight between good and evil, and the different forms it can take. Sometimes, the strongest one to survive isn't the biggest, or the bravest. Expect it to be vastly different (did I mention angels yet? grin) than this one, which was my first ever SPN fic.


Jalmari stood ready in the light beyond human perception.

His charge was safe for now. Protected. Recuperating.

This small human was more faithful than others decades older and more eloquent with the ancient language.

The light surrounding him brightened to accept another. Jalmari turned to consider the newest protector.

"We must be diligent. This was but a small battle in a larger war. Our Lord has warned it could claim one of these servants and will surely test the rest." Apostal spoke weary words. The fight between Heaven and Hell, light and dark, good and evil, was ages-old. But as the final era neared, the battles were more numerous.

"They must be ready for battle at any point." He moved to stand in unison with his brother in battle, in faith. The studied their charges. The small, mighty one rested, his sister vigilant at his side. In the corner, the man who was close to God sat, reading from his Bible, mumbling quiet words of prayer.

The light expanded yet again to accept another. They greeted Jacobus.

"The child, he must be protected at all costs." The other two heavenly beings regarded him with surprise. "He's been gifted with knowledge of the ancient languages. A small, untouched part of him understands the power behind the language. His innocence is the key."

"He called down the ancient words, requested heavenly protection with the most holy of words. The Lord was honored to answer the prayer. And pleased with this child of faith." Jalmari nodded as Jacobus reported the heavenly response. "He is meant to do even more."

"The child is special. His faith is strong." Jalmari spoke gently, and turned from gazing at his charge to consider his patriots. "But he is yet an innocent."

All three heavenly beings drew up tall in attention to the sudden change in the room below. Against the shadows, evil lurked. Watched. And waited.

The protectors stood ready, guarding those in the room.

The littlest charge slept on.

In his dreams, Bobby saw the angels.

They were very special.


He liked them.

He had prayed for them to help Sam, and they did. He talked to them a lot. Sometimes he saw them as they appeared now: Large, white and almost glowing with goodness. They were always standing, ready.

But usually he just felt them. He knew they were real. And he knew they were with him, no matter what happened.

The one - his special friend - he sometimes talked right to him. He heard his whispers to pray, to believe, to be brave. He tried to do what the angel wanted.

In his head he could even say the name. Jalmari.

He smiled to himself: he liked that name. Almost as much as Jesus. Or Annie.

In his dreams, the angels fought on. They always won against the bad guys.

That was the way it should be. He knew that. Sometimes it didn't happen like that when everything was real. Sometimes the bad guys did win.

Not for long.

But sometimes, they did.

Like when he had been with Sam and that bad thing had been mean to them.

But even then, the angels were watching, protecting.

They had whispered to him. "Remember the special words." He did. Easy.

They had stayed with him. He even felt one of them put a hand on his shoulder. And he didn't try to pull away. He liked it okay when angels were close to him.

He knew one was with Sam, helping him when he was hurt too.

The angels were always there.

He felt them.

Jalmari grinned widely, knowing the direction of his youngest charge's dreams.

His innocence and faith were simple yet powerful. Important.

His grin drew the attention of his two companions.

"How wonderful is it that such a small one can wield such power?" Jacobus whispered with true affection. "The faith of a true innocent."

"The enemy is still close, brothers." Apostal stood, wings spread and heavenly body tensed in willing readiness.

"They will not strike again now. Not here. Their time is not yet here." Jalmari, posted at the foot of the bed, stood poised and tall anyway. His eyes flashed dangerously into the dark shadows of the room.

"These faithful ones must be strengthened further. The battle to come will test them mightily." Jacobus spoke softly. His friends, brothers, nodded. Each poised near one of their charges, whispering words to spur their unconscious minds to action.

"Protect the innocent, protect the faith. Protect your heart for the battle to come."

In his dreams, Bobby listened to Jalmari. His eyes wide open, he stared in wonder at the angel.

"Bobby brave. Bobby uses special words." Bobby studied the angel.

"I know this little one. You are very brave. And you know your special words very good." Jalmari's bright eyes twinkled at Bobby. "Sometimes, though, we have to remember to use special words when we're scared, and it is hard to do. You know there are bad things in this world, yes, little one?"

He paused, taking in Bobby's firm nod.

"Sometimes the bad things do things that make it hard to pray, to use our special words, or any words at all, to talk to God." The heavenly being paused, stooping down to meet the child face to face. He looked into the deep brown eyes, pleased to find the child meeting his gaze unflinchingly.

"You already have the words in your heart, special one. You are one with God's own heart. No matter what happens, God is pleased with you, and he is always near you." The angel paused, then cupped the boy's face with his hand. Bobby leaned into the gesture, knowing instinctively this was nothing to fear. "Do you understand, little one?"

"God is always with Bobby." The boy whispered solemnly. He liked talking in his dreamsit was easy to do. "Even if the bad things come back, and even if they hurt Bobby. Or Annie? Sam? Andy? Dean?"

The boy bit his bottom lip at he looked away, and then again met the bright eyes of the angel. The large being nodded his head gently, and wiped a lone tear from Bobby's face

"God will always be with you and those you pray for. You and Annie, Andy and even Sam and Dean, you can help them all fight the bad guys." The words soothed the sensitive child and Bobby relaxed into the guardian's embrace. His small form relaxed into deeper sleep, where he joined his heroes, being brave, being strong, protecting.

Back behind the veil of human perception, Jalmari stood watch over their charges, Jacobus and Apostal stood at attention, tensed and ready as well.

The bright beings were softly discussing the others who were to fight with their charges in the battle to come.Their role was imperative, and yet they didn't believe.

"What of the hunters?" Jalmari asked his brothers. He thought of the tall one who had helped his charge during the last battle. Sam. And his brother Dean. Both were courageous souls. They fought on the side of light, but without faith. He was curious of their role in the battles to come.

"We know not what their future holds, only that they are joined with the ones we guard." Apostal answered. "Mika'el stands watch over them now. The Lord's plan calls for their involvement on the earthly realm. They are important warriors for our side in this battle to come."

And as the angels guarded their charges, the room was calm. The innocent slept on, dreaming of protection and angels, while his sister and the one of God prayed.

All readied themselves, stronger because of the battle already fought, seeking knowledge and courage for the fight yet to come.