" Such a pity," the cold voice cooed.  " I was expecting a bit more of a fight.  Oh well."

A small boy stood before the tyrant, " I don't care what you expected, Frieza!"

Frieza, the strongest being in the universe, laughed.  Dark clouds surrounded the battleground, and an angry wind hissed around them.  The mechanical tyrant's tail whipped, giving a slashing cutting sound within the howling air.  The dark clouds stirred and thundered and the ground trembled.

Before the evil being stood a lone boy, where bodies of human warriors laid behind him.  Dark black locks of hair ran into his hair and down his back, over a Saiyan suit and armor.  Small compacted muscles stretched the blue suit and looking completely prepared against the corrupt warrior, bent on revenge.  Dark black eyes, full of rage and hate, glared back at the red gleaming eyes.  Frieza laughed at the boy again.

" You are no challenge against me, son of Goku!" Frieza boasted.  Behind him, laid his ship, completely unarmed unlike the scorched land, craters, and fallen bodies.  A man, greatly larger then Frieza stood on the top of the ship.

" Hurry up, Frieza!  We haven't got all day!"

" Really Father!  Have some patience!" Frieza yelled back at the man on the ship.  " Can't you see I'm trying to have a little fun!?"

The large character shrugged his wide shoulders and looked off with a bored sigh.  Frieza returned his eyes upon the boy, Son Gohan.

" Well, what shall we do with you?" Frieza cooed again.  " Find you wasted, dead, beaten for your father to gawk at?"

" Do whatever you want!" Gohan screamed with rage.  The wind picked up and howled louder. " You will get what's coming to you!"

" Oh?" Frieza said in mock shock.  " Why, I quiver in fear." He laughed loudly.  " Your daddy isn't coming, Gohan.  But when he does, he'll find everything he knew gone.  Especially you."

Gohan tensed up and brought his fists up to fight.

Frieza chuckled again, " No no, I don't think I'll kill you."

" Then what do you plan to do?"

Frieza smiled, " I think I'll take you.  Goku never knowing what truly happened to his son…That is something I will enjoy."

" I'm not going anywhere with you!" Gohan screamed and powered up to prove his point.  Frieza laughed at the attempt.

" You don't have a choice."

With that Frieza attacked.


" Father!" Gohan screamed, kicking and biting, as people tried to pull him from the window.  A star, a little ship, fell from the sky and into Earth's atmosphere just as Frieza's ship had left it.

" Father, no!  Come back!" Gohan cried and bounded on the glass of the window, trying to reach back for the blue black surrounded by black.  " No, Father, No!"

" Its too late," Frieza mocked from somewhere in the room.  " He's not coming back for you.  Full power to thrusters!  Time to move far away from this pit hole."

" FATHER!!!!!!!" Gohan screamed.   But his voice fell on deaf ears as Earth disappeared from sight.


Goku flew as fast as he could from his ship to where very faint power levels were beginning to blink then black out.

" Hang on!" Goku cried out desperately at the nipping air, pushing back his blonde locks.  Eyes full of worry and pain stood straight ahead, thoughts of dread traveling across the earth warrior's mind.

And before long, he was there.

Bodies littered the ground, bleeding and beaten.  Piccolo, Vegeta…Krillin, Yamcha, Tein…Bulma!!!

" Guys!" Goku cried and flew to the ground full speed.  Going to the side of the nearest warrior, Piccolo, he tried to hold the larger warrior up.  Dilated eyes looked up at him, seeming confused of his whereabouts.

" Goku…?" Piccolo murmured.

" Yes, yes, its me!" Goku said, voice shaking and hands trembling. " What happened?  Hold on, Piccolo, I'll get the dragon balls and heal you!"

" Gohan…" Piccolo muttered and raised a bloody head to his companion's shoulder and gripped the weird armor.  " Gohan…"

" Gohan?" Goku echoed, face twisted into confusion and shock.  Piccolo's eyes began to close.  " What about Gohan!?"

" They…got…Gohan…" Piccolo hissed with pain.

" No, no!  Piccolo, stay with me!" Goku screamed franticly.

" Get…Gohan…" Piccolo whispered before he eyes shut.

" Piccolo!" Goku cried and shook his friend.  " Wake up, please wake up!"

The Namek didn't open his eyes.

Tears of pain lanced down the warrior's cheek, silent and soaking.  Slowly, Goku put down his still friend and raised his eyes to the sky, cursing his weakness, cursing his being, and cursing his mistakes.

" Gohan…" Goku whispered, staring hard at the sky as his silent tears continued to fall.  His entire fault.  Suddenly, Goku just broke.

" GOHAN!!!!!!!"