"You like that, baby?"




"Yes, cry you worthless monkey!!  You'll pay Goku…YOUR SON WILL PAY!"

Father…where are you…? Where are you…when I need you…?


"Worthless…Cry.  Yes, cry, all of you cry."

No more pain…please…

"I'll give you something to cry about!!!"

OH, KAMI, NO!!!!!

~ Tears are worthless. ~


~ Blood is worthy. ~


~ Blood tastes wonderful. ~


~ Can you taste his blood now? ~

Yes.  Oh, yes.


Goku pushed himself more off the chair to lean forward as he watched with wide eyes as the man…his son…began to stir.

Oh Kami, Gohan, please say you were all right…what did he do to you?  Did he do anything to do to you…? Are you still…my Gohan?

Holding his breath, Goku watched as the boy slowly open his eyes…and his wife, ChiChi rush into the room.


Gohan slowly opened his eyes and as always, watched everything in a blur when he woke up.  A ceiling above his head, two forms at his bed, two in other parts of the room.  A small tired sigh escaped the warrior's lips and he let his eyes slip close again.  So tired today…I wish I could just go to sleep.

But, of course, the nagging feeling of having his every movement watched was slightly making him irritated…and uneasy.  You would think, that after being watched almost every moment of his life, as far back as he could remember, that he would be use to it…and, well, he had.  But these stares that he felt were…different.  Like…Oh, he didn't know how to describe them.  Expecting?  Curious?  Perhaps, they thought he was going to kill them all…He stifled a chuckle before it escaped his throat.


Almost immediately, the warrior's eyes snapped open to first look at the ceiling then lift his head to look at the source of the person who knew his name.  It was impossible…how did they know who he was?

A woman was the one person who called out to him.  Shockingly, she looked slightly familiar but her hair…eyes…face…was different.  But the aura of the human creature was definitely familiar. Black hair cascaded down her back and shoulders, curling around the end.  The light from overhead caught the faint dark locks.  Old age was going wary on her face and visible parts of her hands.  Her eyes, which were black too, held a sort of private misery, or sadness, within their depths.  This woman had been hurt, and badly, so that her physical body was taking the toll.  She could not have been very old either but worrying, crying, and even sickness had drowned all the color and youth from her face.

"Oh, my…Gohan…" the woman whispered, shaky hands coming up to cover her pale lips.  Gohan watched, beginning to get uneasy under the dark gaze boring into his face, as the woman began to weep.  Tears that had obviously been held back for a very long time, spilled lose and with a muffled cry, the woman ran forward.  Gohan started to get up and away from harms way but only made it as far as sitting up before the woman tackled him.

Or hugged him.

Gohan watched in pure shock as her arms circled his neck and brought him close against her tiny and frail body.  Black locks curtained them both and Gohan looked down at her quivering shoulders as she cried into his neck.

For once in his dark life, Gohan was completely dumbfounded.

"Excuse me…" Gohan said in a meek tone as he tried to interrupt the woman's tears.  "Excuse me…"

This, of course, didn't work.  Gohan wondered just how drastic he would have to get to beat the woman off of him.


Gohan's head jerked up as yet another person called out his name.  Shadowing him from the day's light, was a very large, very mean looking, very scary, and did he mention large, green man standing before him.  From this view, he looked as if his very shoulders were Gohan's entire length…

Gohan blinked as his groggy mind registered just who he was.

"Hey!" Gohan said in astonishment and angry tone.  "You're the one who knocked me out!"

The green man nodded slowly.  Gohan made a low growl, angry with himself, as well as this man, for being so easily countered.  His mind had been extremely distracted lately but how could he have let his guard down so low to let this low powered man to attack him and actually win the brawl?  Gohan's fury rose.  Stupid baka! Gohan fumed inside.  You're worthless!  Pathetic!

Unconsciously, Gohan's hands tightened upon the blanket beneath him.

Unconsciously, Gohan glared daggers at the green monster.

Unconsciously, Gohan's power level rose.

Unconsciously, Gohan was completely out of control.


Gohan's head jerked to the side as an older man rose from his seat.  Defeat vibrated off this man, a man who had grown tired and weary of life.  A great burden, Gohan noted, had been heavily thrown upon this soldier and he never fully recovered…or ever got rid of the sickening weight on his shoulders.

Locks of black hair went everywhere upon the man's head, as if it had grown out of control and not longer really kept well.  The man's face was young and well, but there was a second heavy sadness in the depths of black eyes.  The loss that this man went through went deep, Gohan noted.  Most likely a heavy price…for Gohan did not sense one bit of strength that filled his muscle and toned body.

"Gohan…Gohan, its Dad…" The man said softly.  "Its Goku…"

Gohan's eyes suddenly grew wide.

~ Goku .~


~ Kill him! ~


Gohan's eyes slowly relaxed and he looked away for a long moment, looking at the heavy setting sun.  Gohan heard his father breathed a sigh of relief, a sigh of relaxation.

This was a bad choice.

Suddenly, Gohan launched from the bed, intent on slicing Goku's throat open.