TPGK: Hello this is a preview of the 4th Season. I'm not going to work on it but the Final Question Game is coming up so you can request 5 chapters of these but Season 3 you can't because it is getting near the end of the second season. MAJOR SPOILER!


Merlin's Story…

There was once an evil named Lon that brought all of the Worlds into Darkness. All hope was lost until one gang of Heroes went to stop him. They are now called the Ferocious Quad. They are made up of Spyro, the Hero of the Dragon Realms. Crash Bandicoot is the lazy yet heroic guy. Sonic is the fastest runner in the group. Jak, the 1st Gun Warrior of the group. Ratchet the 2nd Gun Warrior of the group. Mario, the Italian Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Kirby is another Hero. Pickachu is the electronic pokemon of the group. Link the Medieval Warrior. Sora is the Keyblade Bearer with a strong heart. Sly Cooper the Thievus Racoonus but he is also a hero. DK is the lazy ape but a tough guy. Fox the Space Sip Commander. Pacman is the chomping guy. Croc is the Heroic crocodile. Rayman is the happy and strong guy. Klonoa is the Wind Maker. Tak is the Indian Hero dude. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is a Boomerang master, and finally Kao, the Boxing Master. All 20 Heroes had defeated Lon and saved the Worlds from darkness, but it didn't end there. Lon's Brother named Chris arrived in town. He was stronger and made everything 10 times worse. The Heroes managed to defeat them but just when they were about to open the Door to Vanquish the Darkness, Chris blasted the Heroes knocked them into separate worlds with the Golden Keys in their hands. Now who knows where they are, but they will defeat Chris again and save the Worlds before it's too late!

Flashback in Spyro's Memory…

Spyro and the Heroes were in front of Chris's body.

"He wasn't so tough! That was pretty easy like Lon" said Crash

"Yeah well lets open the door so we can defeat the Darkness!" as the Heroes went to the big dog and tried to place the Golden Keys into the locks but Chris got up and trapped them in a Dark Energy beam.

"You think you won so easily! Think again!" as Chris threw the Heroes to separate Worlds and they disappeared out of sight.



Spyro woke up with a yell as he looked around and he saw he was in a different world.

"Oh my god! I'm in a different world!" as Spyro looked around some more.

"This place looks familiar…" The World was all covered in darkness, buildings were in ruins and thunder was erupting.

"I'm in the Shadow Realms!"

Welcome to the Shadow Realms! (Picture of a Demon appears)

Spyro walked around and looking around as if he was confused.

"I've got to get the rest of my friends, so we can defeat Chris again, but how, they are in separate worlds and there is no space ship" as Spyro ran as fast as he can until he heard a voice.

"Oh that's was a Stupid Idea! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" as Spyro ran where the voice was coming from and saw Crash with his hands over his head.

"Crash?" as Crash looked at Spyro.

"Spyro?! That god!" as they both hugged each other.

"Good to see you Crash, but we got to get moving! We need to find the rest of our friends by building a space ship; do you still have your Key?" as Crash pulled out the Golden Key showing it to him.

"Good! Now all we need is to find some metal parts to build the Ship" as all of a sudden Heartless Demons appeared.

"We might want to fight first!" as all of them got into position.