I do not own Naruto or Kamen Rider Blade. Those belong to their respecting creators and not me. I am writing this because I was bored and the idea wouldn't leave my head. Frankly, this came to me after reading Dark Magician 41's story The Accidental Rider. A good read in my opinion. Anyway, enjoy my rendition of a Naruto/Kamen Rider crossover.

The Forgotten Rider

By Ten-Faced Paladin

Chapter 1: Ninjas, Riders, and Undead. Oh my!

Kyle Jones yawned in boredom as his professor continued talking about the current subject. It wasn't as if the subject itself was boring, but the way the professor was talking about it was making it boring. Kyle figured that literature was an interesting subject, but the professor was ruining it.

'I would rather be watching Kamen Rider or reading Naruto or something,' Kyle sighed inwardly.

The eighteen-year old made it no secret that he was an anime fan. The weird thing was that he didn't really look like one. He looked more like the average guy. He had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes which got him to cosplay as Naruto during several conventions he visited. He had an average build which border lined on athletic and he wore clothes that were reasonably fashionable, not like the stereotypical otaku would wear. Since he didn't look like an otaku, people could actually talk to him for several minutes before they figured out that he was a geek.

Kyle snapped back to the world as the professor wrapped up his lecture for the day. He silently thanked God as he grabbed his supplies and books before running for the exit. Some of the students stayed behind to ask the professor some questions, but the blonde otaku was out the door like a shot. He didn't like staying in class longer than he had to. There was a lot more things that he could do with his time that he would rather do. One of those things would be watching his favorite tokusatsu series, Kamen Rider Blade.

He wasn't sure why he liked it so much. Maybe it was the card-based battle system that the Riders used to fight the Undead. He thought of it as pretty cool. Of course, the battles were pretty cool too.

Kyle slumped back into his dorm room while putting his things on the unoccupied bed that came with the room. There were two, but Kyle lucked out since he wasn't given a room mate. Sitting down on the bed that he was using, he fished out his laptop and began looking to his usual sites where the Kamen Rider television show was made available to people in North America and other countries.

"Another day, another bore," Kyle sighed as he watched the opening for Kamen Rider Blade pop up.

--------------------------------------------------Naruto Universe---------------------------------------------

Orochimaru was busy in his laboratory working on numerous jutsus that he wanted to use in his quest to destroy his former village of Konohagakure, (Hidden Leaf). His lab was situated in the new ninja vilage, Otogakure (Hidden Sound).

His current project, since having completed his immortality jutsu, was to try and create jutsus based off the abilities of the Shodaime, Nidaime, and Yondaime Hokagaes of Konoha. The Shodaime's jutsus were a result of his Mokuton (Wood Release) bloodline ability. He would need human subjects if he wanted to try and replicate that. The Nidaime was a master of Suiton (Water Release) jutsus. Those could be perfected at a later time. No, what he was currently working on was the Yondaime's personal jutsus. Namely, the Rasengan and the Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique). His former teammate Jiraiya knew the Rasengan, but there was no way the Snake Sannin was going to get it from him. Not while the Toad Sannin was still loyal to Konoha. At the moment, he was trying to recreate the Hiraishin no Jutsu.

Orochimaru had been experimenting with seals similar to what he believed the Yondaime used to help use the technique. While he had witnessed the use of the technique, he hadn't been able to memorize the exact composition of the seal, but that was what experimentation was for. So far, he had managed to reduce the risk of getting shredded by the speed. He had lost a few test subjects to small errors, but he managed to work through that. All that was left to do was get the final composition and the hand seals right.

"This had better work," Orochimaru growled as he began flying through hand seals he thought might be the right. "Hiraishin no Jutsu!"

Orochimaru released his built up chakra he felt necessary to use the jutsu properly. The chakra connected with seal Orochimaru was flowing into the seal he had placed on the other side of the room. When the chakra connected, the seal began to pulse. Orochimaru could tell that something was going wrong already. Tensing his muscles in preparation to get away, he watched the reactions of the seal. What was the point in experimenting if you didn't stick around to see the results?

The seal turned a deep purple as it continued to pulse. It was actually growing. As it did, the pulse was growing faster. The Snake Sannin backed away further as he watched the seal start reaching critical mass. The seal grew to the size of a doorway before energy began crackling across the lines. The crackling energy became more rampant before the entire seal erupted in bright violet light which threatened to engulf the entire room. Although Orochimaru couldn't hear an explosion, he sure felt the impact that through him several feet before he hit the wall behind him.

All through the elemental countries, the shockwave could be felt on varying levels. Through the mists of Kirigakure (Hidden Mist) the air currents actually caused several places shrouded in mist to become clear for awhile. In Sunagakure (Hidden Sand) the youngest of the Sand Siblings felt the pulse and his beast within growled, feeling some unease with the feeling in the air. All the way in Iwagakure (Hidden Stone) several mountains began to shake and rumble, threatening landslides. In Kumogakure (Hidden Cloud) lightning and thunder crashed wildly for a while as the wave passed thought their territory. Finally, in Konohagakure, the resident prankster shivered in his sleep as the Kyuubi within him felt the wave and became suspicious.

------------------------------------------------KR Blade Universe--------------------------------------------

Deep within the confines of a brand new BOARD building, the 53 Rouze Cards which held the Undead within them, and the three buckles which can be used by the three men known as Kamen Riders were sealed inside a dark vault. No one who knew about them wanted to risk breaking the seals and releasing the Undead which were inside.

As the cards and buckles sat there collecting dust, the air around them became heated and started shimmering as violet light began invading the enclosed space. The case where the cards and buckles were held began to shake. The rumbling became more violent as the light became brighter. Soon, the light became so bright, there was no possible way for anyone to see anything without the threat of blinding oneself.

The light lasted for a few moments before it finally died down. However, something had changed. The case which held the Rouze Cards and the three buckles was now missing. Sadly, no one would even notice that they were gone until the head of operations, Tachibana, would enter the vault to ensure that the items held within were still secure.

----------------------------------------------Kyle's Universe---------------------------------------------------

Kyle continued to lounge, watching Kamen Rider Blade at his leisure. He knew that he could have homework to finish, but he was more content in watching the four Kamen Riders battle the Undead and Trials instead. As he was watching, he felt the temperature in the room begin to rise. He thought nothing of it for a while before he realized that his room was beginning to be filled with violet light.

"What the heck?!" Kyle cried as the light began to grow brighter and brighter. The heat was becoming unbearable and soon Kyle was struggling to get off the bed and to the front door. However, his legs were quickly becoming disobedient. He couldn't even reach the door too his room before the light became too bright for him to see anything but the violet hues.

That was when the floor gave out.

Kyle suddenly felt himself flying through what felt like space, but he could still breathe. All around him was blinding purple light. He couldn't tell up from down. All of it looked more or less the same to him as he flew through the violet space. He looked in every direction that he could, hoping that he could find something to stop his fall or even an indication to just where the heck he was. Looking over to his left, he spied something that wasn't violet light. It looked like a gray case of some kind. To Kyle it looked like a lifeline. He managed to use his weightlessness to his advantage to move himself several feet towards the case where he could get his hands around it. The metal was cool against his fingers and definitely real. Clutching the case tightly to his chest, he began to feel a burning sensation erupt not only in his body, but from the case as well. Whatever was going on, Kyle hoped that it would end soon.

When the burning sensation became almost too much to bear, Kyle passed out.

-------------------------------------Nami no Kuni (Wave Country)----------------------------------------

Kyle's head buzzed with pain only matched by what his eyes were feeling at the moment. He could feel grass beneath him that was slightly moist. He could feel some humidity in the air along with hearing some waves crashing in the distance. Wherever he was, he was near either a lake or the ocean. That much he could tell. Deciding that laying on the ground not knowing where he was wasn't the best idea in the world. With a small groan, he opened his eyes to see the blurry scenery and some kind of gray blob in front of him.

Kyle took a moment to wipe his eyes and get them back in focus. When the world in front of him became a little more defined, he saw that the case he had been holding onto was in front of him. It was open with some of its contents spilled onto the ground. Crawling forward, he reached to what looked like buckles and cards. Picking up a silver one, he saw that it was clear and what looked like a slot for something to slide into. The card he had picked up depicted a rhino beetle with the word change imprinted on the side with the spade symbol. Kyle instantly recognized both objects immediately.

"A Rouze Card and a Kamen Rider Belt?" he blinked in confusion. "Okay...time to wake up now Kyle. There is no way that I can have these things in my hands in the middle of some kind of forest. Not possible. I must be having a dream or something."

The young man even pinched himself a few times to try and wake himself up. Try as he might though, he wasn't finding himself in his dorm room. He was still in the middle of the forest with what seemed to be three Kamen Rider Belts and all 53 of the Rouze Cards.

Once reality settled in for Kyle, he realized that there was no way he was going to figure out where he was just by sitting in the middle of nowhere. Deciding to see how this dream panned out, Kyle put the buckles back into the case before sorting out the Rouze cards into their suits; Hearts, Clubs, Spades, and Diamonds. He made sure they were sorted properly before slipping each suit into a different pocket. As he was putting the cards in his pocket though, his hands touched a metal surface. He looked down to see what was wrapped around his waist and he found a silver belt with a gold buckle which had a red heart in the centre. There was also a line in the middle which one could slide something through.

"I have Hajime's belt too?" Kyle gaped. He then sighed tiredly. "Well, this dream is going great. I might be part Joker now. Wonderful."

Kyle didn't even try to pry the Undead metal off of him. He knew that he could will it on or off, but he wasn't sure how. Hajime did it all the time in the show, so he might learn to do it himself in due time. For the time being, it was a cool accessory. Grabbing the case, Kyle began his journey along what seemed to be a dirt road towards what he hoped would be civilization.

If anything, the scenery of his new location was nice to look at. It was peaceful and calm. Not at all like the city where he went to school. Green was everywhere and the air actually smelled a little bit cleaner than back home. No pollution was in the air and there was a measure of peace.

It was driving Kyle nuts.

For some reason, he felt tense. He was expecting something to happen, but he had absolutely no idea what. It was like he was almost craving for some action. It didn't matter if it was a fight, seeing other people, or even coming across a cavern or something. He just felt like he had to do something more adrenaline-pumping than merely walking. Still, there wasn't really anything else to do but walk. He also hoped that if anything were to happen, that his belts wouldn't fail him. The Rouze cards would definitely come in handy if things started getting tough, if he could use them properly.

Signs of civilization were strangely scarce. Kyle was beginning to wonder of he was in some kind of national park or something. The dirt path and surrounding forest was a big enough clue to hint at this.

After what felt like an eternity of walking, Kyle finally found a town. It looked okay from a distance and there was a river running through it with boats. Of course, looks can be very deceiving. When Kyle got closer to the town, he saw that a lot of it was run down and everyone looked just as poor. The few merchant stalls that were there had very little of anything to buy. Lots of people were just leaning on walls with signs advertising their willingness to do a job. The rest were either walking along or just slumped against walls, not doing anything. Of course, several of them were giving Kyle odd stares, or more accurately, his belt.

As Kyle turned a corner to get a better feel for the town, he suddenly felt something tugging at his belt. Turning quickly, he saw a dirty little kid tugging with all his might, trying to get the belt off. He looked up to see that he was busted and a fearful look came over his face. To be honest, Kyle was tempted to get mad, but after seeing the standard of living in this town, the anger died a quick death.

"If you scram now, I won't say or do anything about it," he spoke quietly so only the kid could hear.

"Really?" the kid gaped. Usually people raised a big stink when he had to steal something. Seeing Kyle nod, the kid broke into a big grin. "Thanks mister!"

The kid then ran off into an alley. Kyle shook his head sadly. What had happened to this place? There were so many people who looked like they were on the verge of starvation. The buildings looked rather nice so things couldn't have been always this bad. Perhaps they were in a depression of some kind. It would certainly explain a lot of things. Of course, it still left the question of what started it. The forest looked like it was in pretty good shape so couldn't have been any agricultural reasons. Maybe it had something to do with trade. It was hard to tell at this point.

To be honest, Kyle wasn't sure what he was going to do now that he found some civilization. It wasn't anywhere he recognized and the people definitely weren't in much shape to help him. They had enough of their own problems without having to help some new guy in town.

"First thing to do is get a map," He muttered to himself, trying to get his thoughts in order. "I can find out where I am from there. Then I can try and figure out how to get home."

He wandered the streets, trying to find some kind of map to tell him where he ended up. He suffered another attempt by a kid to steal his belt. Apparently since it was red and gold, the thought it might be worth something. As Kyle had predicted, the belt wouldn't come off. After sending the kid on his way, he continued on his own journey. So far, nothing interesting seemed to be happening, so why did he feel even more tense?

"Help!" a woman's voice cried.

Maybe that was the reason why.

Kyle dashed toward the sound of the cries, hoping that it wasn't going to be too serious. Unfortunately, the apparent situation was very serious. There was a black-haired woman who looked to be in her late twenties to early thirties. She was noticeably cleaner than the other folks around town so she might have been better off. Clutching her leg in fear was a small boy with black hair who looked terrified. The reason for their fear was the five thugs with swords that were surrounding her.

"We warmed your old man about building the bridge," the apparent leader growled. "I guess he's going to learn the price for opposing Gatoh!"

All five goons raised their blades as they started walking towards the scared woman and her son. Kyle's eyes widened when he saw that the goons were dead serious in what they were doing. They were actually going to kill this woman. For some reason, the back of his mind was telling him that he had seen the mother and child before. He could ponder it later though.

"Hey!" he called as he stepped forward, setting his case in a shadow. "What do you think you're doing?!"

"Heh," one of the thugs smirked. "Someone's trying to play hero, eh?"

"Let's show him what we think of heroes," ordered the leader.

The goons grinned and charged at Kyle with their weapons drawn. The young man's eyes widened when he realized that he was officially up the creek without a paddle. No, he was up the creek without a boat. As the closest goon finally reached him, he slashed at Kyle with the aim of taking his head off. Kyle's reflexes were thankfully sharp, which allowed him to dodge the strike. The other goons continued running at him with their blades ready to slice him apart.

"Woah!" Kyle cried as one of the wild slashes nicked his arm. It was at this time that Kyle was thankful that the thugs were too close together to make a proper swing at him for the moment. If they did then they risked cutting each other up.

"Hold still!" one of the goons cried while trying to go for a stab.

"I'm not as dumb as you look!" Kyle frowned as he tried to give himself some room.

His insult only served to get the goons angrier. This in turn made them even more determined to kill him. Kyle knew that he should be terrified for his life, but the adrenaline was pumping through his veins and helping him stay alert for attacks.

After another wide slash from the goons, Kyle took several steps back. He could feel his heart pounding away in his chest and the wound on his arm was beginning to feel numb. He had to find a way to get rid of these clowns. As he shook his arms to get some feeling into them when his hands touch some warm metal. That was when the thought hit him like a ton of bricks.

'Wait a second,' Kyle thought to himself. 'If I have the Joker Belt and the Rouze Cards, then I might be able to use their power!'

With the extra space he had from the swordsmen, he reached into his right pocket and grabbed one of the Rouze Cards. As he pulled it out, he was pleased to see the image of a pink heart with a mantis inside of it. Imprinted on the side was the word 'Change' written on the side. Underneath the picture were the words, 'Change Mantis'.

"Here goes," Kyle sighed as he looked to the oncoming goons. He then slashed the card through the belt he was wearing. "Henshin."

"Change!" the belt called. Kyle then felt his body being engulfed in a black static-like energy which hid every detail. He then felt his body begin to shift and change. The shocked witnesses could see his body become bulkier. His shoulders took the appearance of pads and what looked like torso armor seemed to materialize on his chest. His head became angular with Two Horns coming out of the top. The energy finally faded as Kyle's new form was revealed. The armor was mainly black and gold with the designs on it. The chest had red and silver markings over with a red heart for a visor. His mouth was covered by a silver mouth-guard. Kyle had changed into Chalice, the Mantis Undead.

"What the hell?!" one of the goons cried.

"Oh!" the woman gasped in complete shock. Her son was gaping in a mix of awe and surprise.

Chalice only gave a small growl from the back of his throat. He felt incredible! Was this how Hajime felt every time he changed? As he watched the goons hold their positions in confusion, he felt a voice whispering the back of his head.

'Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight!' the voice would whisper.

Chalice wasn't very interested in ignoring the voice. Fighting is what he wanted to do in the first place. His reason for fighting was what brought him into conflict with the voice. The voice which he suspected was the instincts of the Mantis Undead, wanting to fight for the sheer sake of fighting. Chalice wanted to fight to protect the woman and her son. Still, this was no time for inner thoughts when he had some butts to kick.

"Don't be fooled!" the leader of the goons cried. "It's probably some kind of ninja genjutsu trick!"

The goons seemed emboldened by that. They all raised their swords and began their charge again. Chalice felt his Undead instincts kicking in as his adrenaline started coming for the upcoming fight. As the first goon came at him with his sword, Chalice moved with even faster reflexes and chopped the goon in the side to momentarily stun him before landing solid punch between his eyes, knocking him flat on the ground.

"Yaaaargh!" the second goon roared, hoping that the distraction his teammate made would be enough for him to cut the Rider down.

Chalice was not so easily caught off guard with his Undead instincts for battle. Acting quickly, he batted the sword to the side before gripping the man by the shirt and head-butting him. Flesh and blood made impact against the armor making up Chalice's head. There was a loud thunk before the goon dropped his sword and his world went spinning. Chalice threw the dazed man to the side almost carelessly.

"Next?" he asked almost mockingly. He was hoping that his aloof attitude would get the swordsmen mad so they would get sloppy and make mistakes. Hey, it worked for Ranma Saotome so it might work for him.

"Kill him!" the lead goon roared. He and the other two goons all roared as they charged at one. Their logic was that if quality was beyond them, then quantity would do much better.

"Not going to happen!" Chalice cried as he reached behind his back. He felt something appear in his hand and when he brought it out, he was holding the Chalice Arrow, a weapon that looked like a bow, but the ends were blades which were as effective as swords.

The goons didn't find this very threatening as they continued their assault. Chalice held his weapon of choice and charged at the three. Blades whirled and clashed against each other while sparks flew. The goons were used to needing only their swords in a fight, but Chalice didn't limit himself to that. He used his fists and feet while fighting with his blade. Punches and kicks were colliding with flesh before any of the targets could block properly. All of them began to stumble and groan in pain as Chalice came to a stop and turned to face them. The woman and her son were at his back now, which meant that if push came to shove, he could use some of his other Rouze cards if the situation called for it.

"How can one guy be this strong?" one goon gaped, almost in panic.

"Who cares? He can't beat us all at once! Charge!" the leader bellowed angrily.

"They never learn," Chalice sighed. He quickly reached to his belt and detached the buckle and snapped it onto his Chalice Arrow. He then reached to his side where a case could be found. The end was open for easy removal of whatever was inside. In this case, it was the Heart Rouze Cards. Chalice gripped one and pulled it out. This one depicted a hawk with the word 'Tornado' on the side. Taking this card, he slashed it through the Rouzer.

"Tornado!" the Rouzer cried. The card vanished as the image on it turned to blue energy before being absorbed into the Chalice Arrow. Chalice himself then took aim at the five thugs before giving a mental command which unleashed a spinning tornado at his targets.

The thugs all gave off cries of shock and fear before turning to pain as they hit the ground. The raging winds quickly died down as the goons began to recover from the assault.

"This ain't worth the cash Gatoh's paying me!" one goon cried. "I'm outta here!"

There was a general chorus of agreement from the other goons as they managed to get back to their feet and run away. Chalice relaxed his stance as he took his Rouzer and placed it back on his belt. The woman and her son were still frozen as they gazed at the warrior who had saved them. Chalice moved slowly so he wouldn't scare them as he drew another card from his belt. This one had the image of a person on the front with a heart inside of them. It read 'Spirit' on the side. He quickly slashed it through.

"Spirit!" the belt called before the field which had brought Chalice out returned and stripped him of his armor. When it was gone, Kyle was standing in his place, looking slightly winded and jittery from all the adrenaline rushing through him.

"Are you two okay?" he asked, turning to the pair.

"Um...yes," the woman nodded, having remembered her voice. "Thank-you for saving my son and I."

"Ah, it's no big deal," Kyle shrugged. He walked over to where he had placed his case and was happy to see that it was still there with the three buckles inside. He then turned back to the mother and son. "I just did what anyone would do."

"No one else would have helped," the boy mumbled darkly, still not releasing his grip from his mother.

"Pretty grim opinion there kid," Kyle frowned slightly. Now the kid was looking even more familiar. Just where had he seen him before?

"Sadly, he's more right than you think," the woman sighed sadly with a downcast look. "Ever since Gatoh started crushing the economy, the people have been losing the will to do anything."

"Gatoh?" Kyle blinked. "Who's he?" The name rung a bell, but beyond that he was drawing a blank.

"You honestly don't know?" the woman blinked. Her son was likewise surprised. Kyle's shrug just confirmed it for her. "Well, it's sort of a long story. I think we would be much more comfortable back at our house for storytelling."

"Oh, I don't want to trouble you," Kyle shrugged, trying to be polite. "I mean, this depression must be just as hard for you."

"It's no trouble at all...oh, I just realized that we don't even know the name of our savior," the woman smiled.

"Kyle Jones," Kyle introduced. "I don't think I caught your names either."

"My name is Tsunami," the woman bowed formally. She then gestured to her son. "This is my son Inari."

Just like that, realization hit Kyle like a load of bricks out of a dump truck. Now he knew where he had heard the name Gatoh and where he had seen the two people in front of him before. He had read about them in the pages of Naruto! Kyle almost blew a fuse when he realized it. Then again, he was holding the Rouze Cards and the means to change into Kamen Riders so how farfetched was being in a popular anime anyway? Still, part of Kyle was still insisting that he was dreaming so for the sake of his sanity, he decided to just play along. It was a shame though. His ninja dreams usually involved Kurenai, Anko, or some other attractive kunoichi declaring their love for him. Oh well.

"Pleasure to meet you," Kyle nodded through a partially forced smile.

"Well, now that introductions are met, shall we?" Tsunami smiled as she gestured to a path away from town.

"You lead and I'll follow," Kyle smiled.

Tsunami nodded before she and Inari started their way back towards their home. Kyle remained behind them since he had absolutely no idea where they were going. The people still remained slumming, but no one seemed to have intent in trying to steal from them. Even better, there didn't seem to be any sword-wielding thugs eyeing them. They continued walking until they were out of town and on the path to the countryside. When they were finally out of town, Inari decided to talk to the guy who saved him and his mom.

"How'd you do that thing with that armor?" Inari asked almost suspiciously. "Are you a ninja or something?"

"Me? A ninja?" Kyle chuckled. "I don't think I could hit the broad side of a barn with a kunai."

"Then how did you make that armor appear? And the tornado?" Inari pressed.

"I'm not quite sure about the finer points," Kyle sighed before tapping his belt. "But I do know that when I slash my cards through this buckle, I can either take a different form or get a special power for a short time."

"What do cards have to do with it?" Inari asked with a slight frown.

"It isn't really the cards, but what's sealed inside of them," Kyle answered. "You really wouldn't believe me if I told you anyway."

"Sure," Inari huffed disbelievingly. As skeptical as he was trying to sound, he saw for himself that the cards played a big role in how the older boy had saved him and his mom.

Tsunami continued leading Kyle and her son until they came to a rather modest looking two-story house. It was right next to what looked like a lighthouse. It looked like it was built on the water since there was a wooden walkway to both the lighthouse and the main house itself. It looked reasonably calm and clean as well. The depression in the city obviously hadn't hit out in the country as hard as it did in the city. Apparently living out in the country had its perks.

"It isn't much," Tsunami smiled pleasantly, "But it's home."

"It's still a nice place," Kyle grinned. "Thank you for your hospitality."

Tsunami walked inside with Inari and Kyle close behind. The mature woman instantly went to get snacks while Inari left to do whatever a broody kid like him would do. Kyle knew that he wasn't as emo as Sasuke Uchiha, but if it was left like it was then he would be.

"So, Kyle," Tsunami spoke from the kitchen. "Where are you from? Your name leads me to believe that you're a foreigner."

"I guess you could say that me about me," Kyle laughed nervously. "I come from the North."

"You mean Kaminari no Kuni (Lightning Country) or Tsuchi no Kuni (Stone Country)?" asked Tsunami.

"No," Kyle denied, "Further north than that. I'm from outside the Elemental Countries." Technically, that wasn't a lie. As whacked out as his situation was, he could honestly say that he was not from the Elemental Countries.

"Really?" Tsunami blinked as she walked back out into the dining room. "We don't often hear about people coming from outside the countries."

"Well, we exist," Kyle shrugged.

"So what brings you to Nami no Kuni?" Tsunami asked as she took a seat across from Kyle.

"To be honest," Kyle sighed. "I don't know. Last thing I remember was being at home. Then all these weird lights start popping up and I find myself on the ground here in Nami. I think it must have been a jutsu of some kind or something."

"Why would ninjas be after you?" Tsunami asked with some concern. She didn't even ask what made him think it was a jutsu. She had been the unfortunate witness of seeing Kiri-nin at work. Seeing jutsus in action let one believe that they can do almost anything. Well, if they weren't well versed in such things anyway.

Kyle knew that he was lying through his teeth, but it was the only thing he could say. Ironically, he didn't know that it was truly a jutsu that had brought him to Nami. Sighing in resignation, he reached into his pockets and placed the Rouze Cards on the table. They were in four separate piles with the Category Ace on top of each pile. He kept the Joker in his pocket. As honorable as the Joker's personality was, its destructive instincts and abilities were probably on par with Akatsuki.

"What are these?" Tsunami blinked as she gently picked up the Change Spider. It was a green spider with a gold club on its abdomen and a gold background. Kyle had been relieved when he saw it. It meant that the Spider Undead was properly sealed and wouldn't be able to possess anyone.

"They are called Rouze Cards," Kyle explained. "It was with these that I was able to help you and Inari. The actual ones I used were the Heart cards, the mantis and hawk to be specific."

Tsunami's eyes moved to the Change Mantis card before she picked it up and examined it, "This is what you used to change into that other form?"

Kyle nodded, "The belt I was wearing lets me change into a form which is the same as the creature sealed inside the card when I use it as a belt. When I use it on my weapon, I get power from the card."

"Creatures?" wondered Tsunami.

"Nothing that we need to go into great depth for," Kyle smiled pleasantly. "Suffice to say that these creatures are very powerful. Their abilities could give anyone who could use them properly a huge advantage in battle. Each card is different in either function, use, or form."

"That does make them powerful," Tsunami muttered. "Maybe that's why you were hit by that jutsu. Someone wanted to take them from you."

"Maybe," Kyle sighed.

Before Tsunami could make any more comments on the Rouze Cards, the front door to the house opened. An older man walked inside looking depressed and angry at the same time. He was wearing workman's clothes and a sake bottle was tied to his waist. He had white hair and a beard with glasses on.

"I'm home," he sighed.

"Oh, hello, Father," Tsunami smiled as she went to greet him. Kyle took in the image of the old man and instantly recognized him. This was the famous bridge builder Tazuna. This was the guy who was defying the crooked industrialist Gatoh and building a bridge to the mainland which would really help Nami's economy. Basically, Gatoh's hold on Nami would crumble since he was the owner of a shipping company.

Tazuna nodded to his daughter before he saw the young man seated at the dining room table, "Eh? Who's the kid?"

"Oh, this is Kyle," Tsunami introduced as the boy in question. "He saved me and Inari from a bunch of thugs today."

Tazuna's eyes widened from the announcement. Kyle noted that she didn't mention that the goons had been working for Gatoh. It stood to reason that he was under enough stress from bridge construction as it was. Gatoh was probably leaning pretty hard on him to stop construction.

"Then I guess I owe you my thanks," Tazuna sighed, his demeanor having completely changed. He went from gruff and tough to a tired old man in a heartbeat. It was becoming painfully obvious just how much this bridge project was wearing on Tazuna now.

"Bad day at work?" Tsunami asked in concern.

"Bad doesn't even begin to describe it," Tazuna sighed as he went to the table and took a seat. "Taromaru walked off the job. To make things worse, the pig Gatoh showed up trying to bribe me out of building the bridge. He said it was 'for the good of my family'."

"I don't mean to sound dumb, but just who is Gatoh?" Kyle asked. He now remembered everything about Gatoh, but he still had to play dumb.

At Tazuna's shocked look, Tsunami decided to explain, "He's not from Nami or even Mizu no Kuni (Water Country)."

"Oh," Tazuna nodded. He then sat up to explain. "Gatoh is the head of a shipping corporation. He's one of the richest people out there. The problem is that he's just as crooked as he is rich. He uses ninjas and other crooks to smuggle drugs and contraband."

"Well, doesn't he sound just swell," Kyle frowned with sarcasm thick in his voice. He read about Gatoh's history in the manga, but hearing it from one of the people he was trying to hurt made him sound much worse.

"Hnn," Tazuna nodded. "He also takes over other corporations and small countries. About a year ago, he came to Nami. He used violence and wealth to take over all the shipping and marine transportation. In Nami, controlling the waterways means controlling everything."

"Then this bridge is a direct threat to him," Kyle finished.

"Right," Tazuna nodded. "He's been trying to bribe me to abandon construction, but I fear he might start resorting to violence soon."

"But why doesn't he just blow up the bridge?" Kyle wondered.

"Heh," Tazuna smirked. "I personally went to the Water Daimyo to get the permission to build the bridge. If the bridge was sabotaged, then the Water Daimyo would begin an investigation which could ruin Gatoh. He can't afford that."

"Then you have an edge on him," Kyle snickered. "The problem is that you can't prove that he's trying to stop the construction illegaly. Otherwise you'd tell the Water Daimyo, wouldn't you?"

"Exactly," Tazuna nodded. "Sadly, Gatoh is too slippery to leave obvious tracks. That and no one here has enough guts to try and stand up against him."

Everyone fell silent at that. Kyle could guess why. The only one who really went up against Gatoh openly was Kaiza. He was a real hero in Nami and when Gatoh publicly executed him for his resistance, it broke a lot of people's spirits. It was also why Inari stopped believing in heroes.

"So, all that's left is to build the bridge," Kyle sighed while sitting up.

"Yes," Tazuna nodded. "It will be hard, but I believe that we can really do it."

"If it's all the same to you Tazuna," Kyle spoke. "I'll help build the bridge too. I mean, you did say that someone walked out today."

Tazuna's face took on a look of surprise, "You...you would help us even though you aren't from our country?"

"Well, I'm here now so it's just as much my problem as it is yours," Kyle shrugged. He then started grinning. "Besides, I want to see Gatoh's face when you finish the bridge. He'll be so pissed off he might give himself a heart attack."

Now, Kyle knew that this wasn't going to happen since Gatoh was going to end up dead before the bridge would be completed. That is, if Kyle's own presence didn't change things too

"Now that we can agree on," Tazuna laughed heartily. "Well, this is some good news to hear. You can start tomorrow."


That was how Kyle became a member of Tazuna's household. Tazuna was also proving to be a tough taskmaster when it came to building on the bridge. He would bark orders and get people moving at rapid paces. What made it worse was that every so often, someone who was too scared of crossing Gatoh would quit and run off. It really disheartened the workers, not to mention added to their workload. It got so bad that Kyle had to resort to using his Category 9 of Hearts: Recover Camel, to not drop from exhaustion. The pay for making the bridge wasn't that great either since most of the money went into buying the materials needed so the workers didn't get much money for their trouble.

Today was shaping up to be the average day. Tazuna was having Kyle move bags of cement. It was one of the days that Kyle was tempted to use his Category Jack of Clubs: Fusion Elephant and the brute strength it possessed to help get the heavy lifting jobs done. Of course, that would probably scare away the other workers and cause the entire workload to fall on him.

Kyle had also taken to bringing one of the Kamen Rider belts and Rouze Cards with him whenever he left the house. He knew that Gatoh was going to start hiring some Kiri or missing-nins to kill Tazuna before too long. The problem was that he had no idea what kind of attacks Tazuna went through before he finally decided to hire ninjas to protect him.

"Everyone!" he heard Tsunami cry. "I have drinks!"

Tsunami was quickly becoming the highlight of his days on the bridge. She and Inari would come everyday with clean water for the workers to drink and cool off with. Her presence helped bring morale up for some of the younger men. Morale was definitely important since almost everyone was down in the depression. Kyle put the bag of cement with the others he had moved already before heading over to Tsunami and Inari.

"Hello, Kyle," Tsunami smiled as she handed the glass of water over to the young man. "How's work?"

"As usual, your father is a complete slave driver," Kyle chuckled.

"What was that Gaki?" Tazuna frowned, somehow having heard Kyle. The young man in question merely shrugged it off while Tsunami giggled. Inari had a small frown on his face, but he was usually down so it wasn't often anyone but his mother could guess what was bugging him this time.

"Don't mind him," Tsunami smiled. "How much progress do you think you've made?"

"You'll have to ask your father about that," Kyle sighed. "I'm just the heavy labor."

Tsunami just smiled again. As the workers drank their fill of water, a fog bank began rolling in. Since they were in Mizu no Kuni, heavy fog wasn't unheard of. It was actually a very common occurrence. It certainly explained why the most powerful ninja village in the country was called the Village Hidden in Mist.

"Gaaahh!" a voice cried within the fog.

"What was that?!" cried one of the other workers.

The fog continued to roll in until everyone was consumed inside of it. The fog was as thick as pea soup, making it difficult to see anything unless it was a foot or two in front of you. The men were beginning to get scared and a few had already run for their lives. A tumbling sound suddenly started echoing through the thick air.

"What is that?" Tazuna frowned with some suspicion.

The tumbling sound got louder before everyone could see something small rolling towards them at a quick pace. Kyle was having a huge sense of foreboding at what was happening so he already had his Leangle Buckle out along with the Category Ace of Clubs. The object still came rolling towards them, but as it came closer, there was a trail of something following it. When the object was about a foot away from everyone was when it came to a stop.

"Ahhhh!!" One of the workers screamed. Tsunami was quick to grab her son and shield his eyes. Death wasn't anything new to him, but Tsunami still had her motherly instincts.

Their reason for their screams? Simple; the object that had been sent rolling at the collection of people was the severed head of one of the workers who had been at the edge of the bridge. Something had taken his head off.

"It's Tomo!" cried one of the workers.

"Was it an accident?" wondered another.

"We would have heard something!" yelled a third.

"It must be ninjas!"

Kyle cursed under his breath. It seemed that Gatoh got tired of trying to play by the rules and was now heading straight for assassination to try and stop the bridge from being built. He didn't know how much time he would have or even if a Kamen Rider could go against a ninja, but he had to try. He held up the Leangle Buckle and placed the Ace of Clubs on a small tray sticking out of the right side of the buckle. He then snapped the tray shut with the card inside. The buckle began giving off a pulsing noise as Kyle brought it to his waist over the Joker Belt. The Leangle Buckle ejected a purple strap which wrapped around his waist and fastened itself to him. As it did, a case appeared on the side for the Club Rouze Cards to be held in.

"Look out!" Tsunami suddenly cried. Kyle looked up from his buckle and saw what looked like a chain lined with small blades flying at him through the mist. He wouldn't be able to dodge in time, so he had one option left to him.

"Henshin!" Kyle cried as he snapped the buckle open to reveal a Club symbol.

"Open Up!" the buckle called before a large rectangular field which depicted a gold spider on the front ejected from the belt. The field continued to grow as it flew outward. The blade chain made impact against the field and was forced back. When the field was large enough to fit a person, it began to hover back towards Kyle. The workers who witnessed this feat were stunned at what they saw. They hadn't seen anything like this before. The field continued coming closer to Kyle until it passed over him, changing him.

He was now donned in a dark green bodysuit with silver and gold armor over his chest and shoulders. On the centre of his chest were three silver circles which fit inside what looked almost like a club from the card suit. His forearms were wrapped with two gold bracelets which had two black leather belts between them. The same could be said for his shins as well. His head was covered by an almost cylindrical helmet which looked like it had a spider on the face. It had two large purple eyes for him to see through while a gold faceplate covered his mouth. In his hand was a long staff which was rounded at the end with a bladed club symbol at the top. Kyle had changed again, this time into Kamen Rider Leangle.

In the thickness of the fog, two ninjas felt their chain get deflected by something. They weren't sure what, but this meant that they now had some possible competent opposition.

"Spin him like a top," the ninja on the right hissed, his voice sounding hollow. A notable feature was that he looked like he had a horn coming out of his forehead.

"Gladly," snickered the second, who had two horns.

With that, the two ninjas dashed forward with their bladed chain held between them, attached to a clawed gauntlet that both ninjas wore.

Leangle spied something moving in the mist, but when he was about to walk forward to see what it was, the chain from before with two ninjas attached to either end by a clawed gauntlet burst through the mist and wrapped him tightly.

"Odd choice of armor," muttered the first ninja. He wore a Kiri hitai-ate, a dark cloak and a breathing mask. A metal horn was sticking out from his hitai-ate.

"Still, we have to kill the old man and this one is in our way," muttered the second, who was wearing tan shirt and slacks with black blotches on the pants. He was also wearing a Kiri hitai-ate and breather mask. He had two metal horns coming out of his hitai-ate.

Leangle knew that he was in serious trouble and he didn't want to test how thick his armor was. He reached to his case and managed to grab a card and pull it out. This one had the image of a jellyfish on the front with the word 'Gel' printed on the side. Leangle thanked his luck that the Rouzer end of his staff was in reach. He quickly brought the card to the Rouzer to slash it through.

The two Kiri-nins likewise acted and began to pull on the chain with all their might. Their aim was to shred Leangle to pieces while spinning him like a top. It was a particularly favorite technique of theirs which served to amuse them to no end. However, things weren't about to go their way.

"Gel!" the Rouzer cried as an image of the card was absorbed into Leangle's body. His entire body then changed into a liquid substance which splashed to the ground with a wet plop. Both mist-nins stumbled form the sudden lack of resistance and peered at the odd pool in slight confusion.

"A mizu bunshin(water clone)?"asked the one-horn.

"Obviously," growled the two-horn.

Both Kiri-nins began looking to their surroundings, trying to figure out where Leangle had vanished to. As they had their backs turned to the puddle, they didn't notice it rising and reforming back into the armored fighter. The two-horn heard a footstep and turned to see what it was only to witness Leangle swinging his staff at him.

"Hah!" the two-horn cried as he leaped over the attack. Leangle followed him with his eyes, but as his target came landing on the ground again, the One Horn was already in his face and slashed him with his metal claw.

"Gah!" Leangle cried as sparks flew from the blow. He stabilized himself before gripping his staff. "So that's they way you Kiri-nin wanna play, eh?"

"We don't play," muttered the one horn. "We get the missions done!"

"And ours is to kill the old man!" hissed the two horn. "A mission you are impeding on!"

'Gatoh's made his move eh?' Leangle thought to himself. 'Should be expecting Kakashi, Zabuza, Haku, and Team 7 soon then.'

"Y'know," Leangle chuckled. "it would be pretty stupid of me to fight you two without any backup."

"And what backup could a lone warrior possibly have," chuckled the one horn.

"The best kind," Leangle laughed as he drew two cards. One had a golden image of an elephant with the word 'Fusion' written on the side while the other had an armored tapir on it with the word 'Remote' written on it. He carelessly tossed the elephant card forward before slashing the other card through his Rouzer

"Remote!" the Rouzer called before Leangle pointed the tip of the staff at the still flying card. A beam of energy fired from it and collided with the card. The card turned into an image of the art which grew in size at a rapid pace before changing into a whole new creature

The creature was BIG. It had green, somewhat wrinkled skin along with black armor which fit over its frame. In the centre of its armored chest was more green skin with an eye in the centre of it. On its left shoulder was an elephant's head while a tube was hanging over its right. Its face was covered with a mask which was mostly flat save for the eyes, nose, a pair of tusks and a mouth. It had chains hanging from the head and a large hammer clutched in its hand. A soft growl was coming from its throat.

"A summons?!" Two Horn gasped.

"But he didn't use any hand seals!" added One Horn.

"Elephant Undead," Leangle spoke up, catching its attention. "I'm in a bit of a bind. Care to help me take these two idiots down?"

"Hmph!" the Elephant Undead snorted. "As if you had to ask. I'll help."

"Glad to hear it," Leangle nodded as he took a battle stance.

Both of the Kiri-nins were now a little more wary. They were now faced with a warrior who could do his own jutsus without hand seals, but the same for summonings as well. The summons was also strange and had never been seen before. He called it an elephant, but what kind of summons was humanoid in the first place?

Leangle and the Elephant Undead made the first move. Both charged at the two Kiri-nins with their weapons of choice raised. Leangle aimed for One Horn while the Elephant Undead went for the Two Horn. Both fighters swung wide to hit their targets but the ninjas just leaped over them again. The Elephant Undead acted fast by using the tube on its shoulder, which was actually a trunk, and let it coil around the chain. Despite the green drops of blood falling to the ground, the Elephant Undead pulled on the chain, putting the two Kiri-nins off balance and sent them crashing to the ground.

"A horrible weak point," the Elephant Undead frowned.

"They just underestimated you," Leangle shrugged. He then reached for his case and began pulling out two more cards. These ones had a mole and a bee on them. The words on them read 'Screw' and 'Stab'.

"No way!" One-Horn cried as he and his partner hurled their chain forward to try and stop any further assault.

"Screw! Stab!" the Rouzer cried as Leangle quickly slashed the cards through. When the cards were absorbed into his armor, the tip of his staff began to spin at high speeds. Leangle then lunged forward with the bladed chain flying at him. The spinning staff met the chain and one was caught in the other. The chain was pulled taunt before it started coiling around the tip. It was with this action that the two Kiri-nins were yanked rather violently towards the Rider and Undead pair.

The Elephant Undead charged forward and hit them both with his hammer. It was at this point that the chain snapped off the gauntlets the two Kiri-nin were wearing and fell to the ground as Leangle pulled his staff out of the mess of chains that was at his feet. The Kiri-nins landed against a railing that overlooked the ocean that surrounded Nami. Both had blood trickling out of their masks and seemed a little shaky.

"Will you two surrender and leave, or do I have to finish this?" Leangle asked sternly while drawing two more cards. These ones had the images of a polar bear and a cobra. They had the words 'Bizzard' and 'Bite' written on the side.

"You'll have to kill us before we surrender!" both Kiri-nin cried at once. Their hands started going into several positions which announced that they were about to use a jutsu. Leangle acted quickly as he brought his cards to his Rouzer.

"Blizzard! Bite!" the Rouzer called as the combo was created. "Blizzard Crash!"

The images on the two cards appeared before they were absorbed into Langle's body. He leaped into the air as his body became surrounded with chilling cold which caused the moisture in the air to begin freezing and making frost on nearby surfaces. Leangle started coming back down, executing a scissor kick.

"Suiton: Suiryuuda-!" the two Kiri-nin cried out, but were interrupted when the attack hit.

"Gyaaaahhhhhh!" both Kiri-nins cried as the freezing kick collided with the both of them. Both nin were forced backward by the impact only to fall off the side of the bridge. It was quite a long fall before both of them hit the water's surface. Leangle dared to look over the side and only saw ripples. The two Kiri-nin were gone, but most likely not dead if things were still running on course like the manga.

"Interesting place we landed in," the Elephant Undead spoke up as the mist began to clear. "Not at all like Tokyo."

"I'm sure," Leangle sighed. He turned to where the other workers, Tazuna, Tsunami, and Inari were standing last he checked. They were all still there and watching with shock. Several of them were gaping. Leangle just turned to the Elephant Undead while drawing a Proper Blank, a card which had no image on it save for chains draped over it. "Sorry, but you gotta go."

The Elephant Undead didn't protest as the card made contact with him. His entire body turned into green energy before being sucked inside of the card. The image quickly changed to the gold elephant while the text rearranged to suit the card. Heaving a sigh, Leangle started walking back towards the workers. As he was walking, he snapped his buckle shut and removed the Ace, causing the purple field to appear and pass over him again. This time, it returned him to normal while the buckle released its hold on his body. He remained silent as he stepped closer to the people he had been working beside.

"So...do I still have a job?" Kyle asked while rubbing the back of his neck.

These words snapped Tazuna out of his shock. The old man just began to grin before he walked over to Kyle and clapped his hand on his shoulder.

"You're damn right you have a job!" he laughed. "There's no way I'm just going to fire someone who can not only help us build the bridge, but protect the workers from Gatoh's thugs!"

Murmurs of enthusiastic agreement rippled through the workers. Soon, they were all coming forward to thank Kyle for helping them and making sure that those two ninja didn't get Tazuna or kill anyone else just because they felt like it. Tsunami actually gave Kyle a hug for helping them. Inari came last as he watched Kyle with wide eyes.

"Something you want to say Inari?" Kyle asked with a grin.

"Uh...can...can you really keep Grandpa safe with your powers?" the young boy asked

"So long as the old man lets me hang around," Kyle replied.

"I'll get you for that one Gaki," Tazuna chuckled.


"WHAT?!" Gatoh roared as he heard the story the two ninjas he had hired had to tell. "You mean you blew it?!"

Gatoh did not really seem like an intimidating fellow. He was actually pretty short and in his forties. He still had his hair, which was kind of bushy. He wore dark sunglasses and had a neatly trimmed mustache. Of course, he was seething at the moment.

"We met up with some...unexpected opposition," One-Horn answered as a medic tended to his wounds. He and his partner had suffered some broken ribs along with sub-zero temperature damage to their faces and torsos. It was really a wonder they had survived a fall off the bridge,

"How could one man do this to two trained Kirigakure ninjas?!" Gatoh demanded.

"He had strange jutsus with him," Two-Horn answered. "All he does is pass some cards through his weapon and he is suddenly able to do attacks. He also has some odd summons with him as well."

Gatoh growled angrily. This was not what he had planned for at all. The old bridge builder was supposed to be dead by now and the only threat to him acquiring Nami for another base gone with him. Somehow the old fool managed to hire some help. Serious help if he was able to fight off two Chunin level ninja. This would require some bigger weapons. Luckily, he had the deep pockets needed to get them. He walked over to his desk and pressed a button which connected him to his secretary.

"Tsuki," he barked. "Get me a contact with Zabuza Momochi."


"Gatoh is getting serious now," Tazuna frowned. Everyone had gone home for the day with somewhat higher spirits. Tazuna, Kyle, and Tsunami were sitting at the table after Inari had gone to bed. They were discussing what they were going to do now.

"What are we going to do?" Tsunami fretted. She didn't want anyone else to die, especially her father.

"Even with all my power, I can't protect you in my sleep," Kyle sighed.

"True," Tazuna nodded. "We're going to need some professional help."

"Help?" Tsunami asked.

"Yes," Tazuna nodded. "If Gatoh is going to hire ninja then we will have to do the same."

"Father!" Tsunami cried. "We can't! We can't afford it!"

"Lady has a point," Kyle agreed, though he knew his opinion mattered little. "Missions that involve other hostile ninjas are usually B-class or higher. Those are generally expensive ones too. Besides, who are we going to hire? I doubt the Mizukage is going to accept since Gatoh has already hired out Kiri-nins to kill you."

"We can scrounge up the cash," Tazuna snorted. "If we can't get help from Kirigakure, then we are going to have to get help from the next closest village."

"But that's Konohagakure!" Tsunami cried. "That's all the way in Hi no Kuni (Fire Country)!"

"I'll be okay once I get past Mizu no Kuni's borders," Tazuna insisted. "The Mizukage isn't stupid enough to let his ninjas cross the boarders and risk conflict."

"But what about on your way there?" asked Tsunami. "Gatoh's men can still get you."

"Well, I could stick with you and make sure you're safe," offered Kyle.

"No," Tazuna denied. "You need to stay here and make sure the workers stay safe. I haven't seen their morale this high in a long time. You are staying here."

"But what about the money?" asked Tsunami.

"I've still got the money from my pay saved up," Kyle replied. "That ought to help."

"I've got some too," Tazuna nodded. "If we can find some people who are willing to donate, we might get enough to afford the assignment."

"I think I might have a little," Tsunami sighed sadly.

"Okay," Tazuna nodded. "Provided that we can get enough, I am going to head to Konoha."

To be Continued...

A/N: I got this idea after reading Dark Magician 41's fic, The Accidental Rider. Like I said, a good read. I decided to do my own take on the concept. This is my first Naruto fic so please be nice and don't flame me to hell for this. As far as pairings go, I'm undecided on who should be with who. I'm not going to go Yaoi though. It will be all M/F pairings. Suggestions would be appreciated.