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Come on, where are you? A Shinobi crouched on a tree branch, wearing black cargo pants, a black long sleeve shirt, and a dark green vest with a red swirl on the back. He wore a black half-face mask, and a headband with the Konoha ninja symbol carved into it on his forehead. His hair was a dark brown, and his eyes were pure white.He scanned that forest around him, before spotting who he was looking for. He jumped out of the tree, and started to run towards the shadow that was his target. He pulled a kunai out of a pocket in his pants, and threw it in front of him.

The kunai thudded against the tree, and the Shinobi swore. He turned around, just in time to get punched in the stomach.

"You almost had me that time, Saru." A second shinobi stood over Saru, wearing a white robe shirt, and white robed pants. He also wore a Konoha headband on his forehead, and his eyes were also pure white.

"And I would have had you if you weren't using your Byakugan, Neji." Neji smirked, and stuck out a hand.

Saru knocked it aside, and welled up his chakra into his palm. He launched it up a Neji, and released the pent up chakra. Neji was knocked back, and Saru had to do a back flip to get out of the way of Neji's chakra.So, now he fights. Saru ran towards Neji, and jabbed his palm at Neji's head, while bringing up his other palm to hit his shoulder. Neji spun out of the way, and landed his palm on Saru's back. He collapsed to the ground, short of breath.

"That… was… a good hit. Byakugan!" Saru's veins bulged out of his temples, and you could partially see the difference between the pupil, iris, and the whites. He looked at Neji, and saw his chakra network, and his tenketsus.

"So you finally accept the fact that you're a Hyuuga." Neji smirked, and stared at Saru. Saru flinched, and anger swelled in his eyes.

"My name is Saru Kurushimi!" he started to pack his chakra into his hands. Neji smirked.

"I've had enough of this game, Saru. I'm going to end it, and make sure you go back to Konoha unconscious. Hakke…Hyakunijuuhachishou!" Neji charged at Saru, and struck 256 times, sealing all 64 of his tenketsus and adding damage. Saru collapsed on the ground, and coughed up blood.

"Good night, Saru." Neji pulled back his fist, and punched at Saru. He gasped as Saru sunk into the ground. He then winced in pain as his fist struck the ground.

"Not quite, Neji." Saru kicked him in the back, and sank back into the ground. Neji looked around desperately but he couldn't find Saru.

"How are you able to move? You should by all rights be dead, but I'm giving your slim chance of life to the fact that you're a Hyuuga. But you should not be able to move." Saru popped out of the ground and Neji turned around to see the face of his cousin.

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