So. This one is much shorter, which could be a good thing or a bad thing. Also, I was playing around with style. Funfun.

Disclaimer: The characters and proper nouns generally belong to Disney and Squenix. The story belongs to me, and should not be reproduced without my consent.

Warnings: Rather fragmentary m/m sex. Intrigue. Weird style.

Zexion, Marluxia

"storey" (of a building)

Any fool can tell the truth, but it requires a man of some sense to know how to lie well.—Samuel Butler

"Where's your shadow?"

"Not here." A pause. "Interesting."

"What is?"

"Most people would call me the shadow."

A throaty chuckle. "The body controls the shadow, not the other way around."

"You think I control him?"

"You mean to say you don't?"

"All is not as it seems, especially not here." A warning.

"I hope you don't take the assignment of quarters as a personal insult." A change of subject. "I assure you, no insult was meant to you." A lie, for given values of "you".

"I am accustomed to the dark depths."

"If you want to be further up, you have only to ask." An offer, and a lie.

"If I want to be further up, I will." A promise, and a threat.

A tilt of the head, hair brushing tan skin. "And if I want you to be further up?"

A smile that might be seductive or frightening. "Then I have no choice but to bow to my lord's whims, do I?" A question disguised as a statement disguised as a question. A lie.

"Do you?" A gloved finger stroking down a black-clad shoulder. "I suppose you don't." A statement of intent.

"I like it down here. You might have to persuade me." A gambit.

"I can do that." A lick of lips.

A kiss, a promise. A slow drawing down of a zipper. A whisper. "What do you want?" A reply. "You." A lie. A touch, tapered fingertips tracing pictures on exposed skin. A gasp. A smile. A slow stroke of a hand over hard flesh. A moan. A question. "What do you want?" A reply. "You." A lie. A rhythm, rocking back and forth exquisitely slowly. A mouth half-open. A brush of fingertips to lips. A smirk. "If you want it, ask." A pair of blue eyes, pupils wide and black. A whisper. "I want it." A lock of pink hair stuck to a forehead. A loss of control. A lie. An arch of a back. A lie.

"If you want me, you only have to say so." A dark portal opening.

"I'll remember that, for later." A dark portal closing.

A smirk. Marluxia thinks that he knows what Zexion wants, what will bring him over to the other side, when really he has no clue.

A smirk. Zexion thinks that he will survive, after the change, that he knows how to make Marluxia value him, when really he has no clue.

So. Like I said, I was having fun with the style, so it's a bit experimental, but it shouldn't be difficult to tell who's speaking.

I swear, this series isn't really just "Zexion has sex with everyone". Not that there's anything wrong with that (quite the reverse, in fact), but it wasn't my intention for the plastic cup of doom to throw up his name twice running.

And once again the sex is less than half of the story, even by wordcount. Sorry? ...It's harder than it sounds to PWP when the characters have to work together (making one-night stands awkward) but don't feel emotion (making established-relationship PWP impossible). Dunno why that is. Maybe if I hadn't drawn two characters who do nothing without a reason it would have been easier. But practice makes perfect, right?

Suggestions for improvement are, as always, deeply appreciated.