"Friend Raven!"


"May we make a 'girl talk'?"

"Let me finish my page."



"Have you yet-?"



"Now have you-!"


"Apologies, Friend Raven."

"Alright. What is it?"

" I have a question to ask you! May I sit upon your bed so we may 'chitty chat'?"

"Help yourself."

"Friend Raven, on my planet we have a story-"

"Star, do you want me to explain what a question is again?"

"No, no! I have a meaning for it! On my planet we have a wonderful story told to children before they go to sleep! It is called 'Gorbflaxem and Glarkxnaxil.'"

"That sounds… pleasant."

"It is so very pleasant! It tells the tale of two twin brothers! Glarkxnaxil is betrothed to a beautiful princess. But Gorbflaxem is very much love with the princess. On the day of the wedding, Gorbflaxem leads his brother into the forest to look for a Flarxin pelt for his new bride. When it is time to turn back, the brothers find they are too deep. They go separate ways to see if they may find the castle in time. But the crafty Gorbflaxem knows exactly where they are and returns before his brother, donning his wedding armor so that he might take Glarkxnaxil's place and marry the princess!"


" 'Wow' indeed, Friend Raven! Just as Gorbflaxem and the princess are about to partake in the ceremonial 'pudding' eating, Glarkxnaxil bursts into the hall wielding the matrimonial pelt and revealing his brothers evil scheme!"

"So… what happens to Gorbflaxem?

"He was thrown upon spike and then his brlaxla were given to wild beasts."


"So have you uncovered my point, Friend Raven?"

"Um… Not really. Sorry, Star."

"I wish to ask you…"


"I wish to know…"

"What, Star?"


"Friend Raven, have you feelings for Friend Robin?"


"Oh! This is most excellent news! Thank you, Friend Raven! Thank you! I shall leave now!"

"Oh. Lord."

A/N This was fun to write because Raven is quiet and Star talks funny. Originally, it was going to be Raven who going to be evasive, but goddamn if I don't love tangents.