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Kakashi Hatake was for once not only on time but early as he stood lazily in the Hokages office waiting for the Hokage to get to the point and tell him why he was summoned off of his mission before he even got halfway to his destination. Hearing the Hokage's throat clear Kakashi straitened himself slightly and waited to be told why he had been pulled off of a A ranked mission without an explanation.

"There have been a few happenings while you were gone that I felt you might want to be made aware of. Normally I would not have pulled you off of your mission but in this case I figured it best to have you return as your presence might be needed."

Seemly disinterested Kakashi pulled out a small book he kept on his person and flipped it open to a random page, pretending to immerse himself into the book knowing full well how annoyed it made other people.

Knowing that what he had to say was going to get a rather potent reaction from the ninja Sarutobi smirked to himself but gave no outward reaction to the Ninja's behavior.

After calmly lighting his pipe and taking a few puffs he began, "About a week ago a council meeting was interrupted with the arrival of a young woman."

Kakashi lowered his book slightly wondering what this had to do with him as he listened to the third continue.

"She was in rather nasty shape and had appeared out of nowhere, having fallen through some sort of transparent vortex. She was promptly rushed to the hospital where she received a blood transfusion as well as some much needed medical care."

Again the famed copycat Nin wondered how this had anything to do with him and raised his book slightly to show his disinterest.

"After she had been stabilized a nurse was entering the patients available information into the records when she stumbled across a match in our records for the previously unknown woman... " Pausing for a moment Sarutobi added, "I won't bore you with the details but after several tests the woman was identified as a ninja formerly thought to have been deceased..."

Though he gave no outward reaction to the news Kakashi felt a small ray of hope blossom within himself as over the years he had lost a large number of friends until he realized that it hurt less when he kept everyone at a distance with a shield of nonchalontness.

Not hearing the Hokage continue Kakashi lowered his book once more and raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

Sarutobi had paused briefly to gauge the Nin's reaction to the news, once he was satisfied he continued, "The woman was last seen on the eve of the Kyuubi's assault and thought to have died, unfortunately due to the time of her death a lot of Ninja's were lost and it was assumed that she was buried with the other fatalities that occurred that night."

Kakashi tried to think back to that night and withheld a shudder, that night he had lost the last person that had held any real close ties to him. The only problem was that that person had been a male. Feeling a wave of the melancholies wash over him Kakashi asked, "Hokage-sama while I appreciate the trip down memory lane I don't see any reason as to why I was pulled off of my mission for this as the only person I lost that night that was close to me was my sensei."

Sarutobi smiled sadly, perhaps if Kakashi had known things might have been different but at the time he had felt it more important to keep some things secret less the wrong people find out and take advantage of Konoha's weakened state to strike back at an innocent.

Kakashi was put off by the sad smile coming from his Hokage and asked, "Who?"

"She did not battle with the Kyuubi that night as she had health issues that prevented it, actually with the exception of the fourth and I, everybody else believed her to be out on an extended mission for the six month's prior to the Kyuubi attack."

Realization dawned on the masked Nin as he half uttered and half asked, "Kushina?"

The third nodded in his seat and replied slowly adding an emphasis on the last name, "Yes Kushina Uzumaki."

Kakashi was floored, he had known Kushina, Hell there was a brief time where he had been infatuated with her, despite the fact that she had been a few years his senior. Though he had to admit that his infatuation with her had never truly died off, rather it had been placed beneath a sometimes-awkward friendship that had grown into the last true friend he had since Rin and Obito. It was at that moment that something the third had said finally registered with him; he had emphasized her name, more importantly her last name as if there was something there that he was supposed to see.

He was drawing a blank that had been her name, but why would the Hokage emphasize her last name. Sure Uzumaki was a rare name and only two people came to mind when he heard it, one was Kushina and the other… the other belonged to a young blond haired boy that… It was at that moment that facts started clicking in place, and the now seemly useless prattle of a back-story started to make sense. Kushina hadn't been on a mission; she had been hiding for six month's during the latter stages of her pregnancy only to disappear after birthing her son. The only thing that did not make sense was why had it been important to hide Kushina's son from him and everybody else and still leave him with Kushina's last name.

Thinking back he knew that sometimes when orphans were found with no clues to their identities that they were sometimes given names of fallen ninja's whom were without clans to give the child a closer tie to the village as well as giving honor to the dead. Shaking his head to get back on track Kakashi came across the realization that it was not that Kushina's son needed to be hidden because he was her son but rather it had been because of who the father was that would have sparked controversy and possibly caused a civil war within the village to decide who would care for the Yondamine's child, add to that the fact that the Kyuubi was sealed within the child as well and there would have been no telling whether or not the Naruto would have lived past his first birthday no matter how many guards would have been posted. Because for every person that would have been willing to take in Naruto given who he was an equal if not greater amount would have despised him just because of what he symbolized more so than what those who currently show open hostility towards the bay, especially to those who view Naruto as the demon itself and not the vessel.

Realization hitting him like a ton of bricks Kakashi lost the grip on his book and allowed it to tumble to the ground. Sinking to his knee's Kakashi could not take any comfort in the fact that it had been for Naruto's benefit, as he could not wash away the shame he felt in being no better than the majority of the village. Sure he had never openly harmed Naruto but he had turned his back and ignored him, which in his book was far worse than any physical harm that he could have done. After all attention in any form is attention but disinterest and un-acknowledgement are far worse because at least with violence against yourself you know that somebody cares enough to hurt you, sure it wasn't an healthy outlook but it was true enough.

Feeling that he had let two of the most important people in his life down Kakashi stared sullenly at the floor and now with Kushina alive that shame was magnified tenfold as he would have to show his face with the knowledge that he had done nothing.

"There's more…"

Breaking out of his shameful silence Kakashi looked up, gazed into the Hokage's eyes and asked, "What more can there be, she was my friend and he is the son of my Sensei. I failed their memories and dishonored them with my lack of actions."

"Her Chakra is different, it has been changed somehow and is nothing like I have seen before. It also seems that she has not aged much if at all since the day she disappeared."

Kakashi's mood brightened somewhat as he said, "She could be a fake then."

"She has the same finger prints, the dental records match, same blood type and same DNA, if she's an imposter she's really good and it's not a Henge as she has been in a coma since her arrival, plus with her Chakra as it is I'm not even sure that she could pull off a simple Henge not to mention one that doesn't disperse while she's in a coma."

Kakashi nodded it did make sense to him but the other two matters were needed answers, wondering what he was supposed to do with the information he asked, "And you want me to investigate what happened?"

Sarutobi shook his head negatively and replied, "No, I'll be taking care of that personally… No what I want you to do is more important."

His one exposed eyebrow rose inquisitively as Kakashi asked, "What's more important than finding out what happened?"

Setting his pipe to the side the Third Hokage spared a glance out of the window to take a whimsical glance at his former predecessors carved likeness on the Cliffside and said, "News has already leaked out and while Naruto is not in any danger at the moment I would like him to know before it becomes widespread knowledge and you were among those who had known her best so later today I want you to go over to the academy and bring Naruto to the hospital where we both will sit down with him and explain to him what is happening."

"I barely know the boy, hell I've never even spoken to him before."

"True as that may be you were rather close with both his parents and he will no doubt have questions that I would not be able to answer."

With his one visible eye blinking in understanding Kakashi stood up and made his way over to the door in the assumption that the meeting was over but paused slightly to ask, "If she's in a coma why bring him to the hospital to do this?"

Sarutobi sighed and replied, "Yesterday afternoon Kushina underwent a procedure that would alleviate some of the swelling in her brain and the doctors believe that if she is going to wake up she will do so some time today." Reaching over to pick up his pipe he added, "If you don't have anymore questions I will see you at the hospital at three o'clock this afternoon with Naruto."

Now at the door the famed copycat Nin stopped in his tracks and asked, "Actually I do have one more question."


"How did sensei and Kushina get together? As far as I knew Kushina didn't like men… I mean she was my best friend and out of all the people I saw her take home not one was male. "


A little Later that same day


Ranma awoke slowly as his vision cleared itself of the blurry haze that looked to be the standard white tile of Doctor Tofu's clinic's ceiling. He tried to remember what had happened to bring him there as the last thing he remembered was going off on a training trip and setting up camp after a long day's trek through the local wilderness outside of Nerima.

Pushing aside his ponderings in favor of looking around his surroundings as his vision had seemly returned to normal Ranma could not help but notice that he was not in Doctor Tofu's Clinic. If he had to take a stab in the dark to guess where he was he would say he was in the hospital. Make that she was in the hospital, as she just realized that she was a girl for the moment.

Perplexed as to how she came about to be in the hospital Ranma tried to sit herself up but was only able to put a few scant inches between her back and the mattress before she felt her muscles tire out and succumb to gravity.

Suddenly feeling rather exhausted over the whole ordeal Ranma idly wondered what had happened again before a voice shook her out of her thoughts.

"You should rest, you were in pretty bad shape when my ninja's found you."

Though the voice seemed kindly and comforting the mention of Ninja's had Ranma immediately on alert. Quickly turning her head to the voice her eye's nearly left the confines of their sockets as she felt a glimmer of the mans power. More importantly though the swift action had caused her vision to swim with spots as a wave of nauseous passed through her.

The man paused slightly and held up a wastebasket before continuing to wait either for Ranma to make use of the offered item or regain her composure before he continued on with, "You are in Konoha at the hospital, you were found nearly a week ago."

With the nauseous passed for the moment Ranma returned her attention back to the strange old man and rolled the unfamiliar city name around in her head a few times before she caught the rest of what he was saying.

"Well found is perhaps too strong of a word, you appeared out of thin air during a council meeting." The elderly man seemed to get a bit whimsical as he added, "I'll never forget the look on Hiashi's face when you materialized out of thin air and crashed on top of him." Clearing his throat the man added, "But I digress. You looked to be quite injured and were brought to the Hospital immediately as you were in need of a blood transfusion due to all of the open wounds you had. Most of your other injuries seemed superficial and had cleared up without so much leaving a mark with the exception of the rather nasty looking cut on the side of your head, that only seemed to subside this morning after corrective measures were taken yesterday."

Ranma nodded her head and noticed that she felt a slight wave of dizziness wash over herself again giving the mans story credit. Though for the most part her mind was still attempting to come up with some point of reference as to where she was as the last place she remembered being was outside of Tokyo and no map she remembered looking at had mention of Konoha on it, though the fact that she had never actively looked for Konoha also occurred to her meaning that fretting over a strange name was pretty pointless as just because she did not remember it did not mean that it was never there. Deciding to get a bit of clarity on the situation Ranma asked in a shaking worn voice, "Konoha?" and was barely able to hide a grimace at how raspy and vulnerable her voice seemed.

Ranma had been paying rapt attention to the elderly man who radiated power and did not miss the slight shift in facial expressions showing that somehow Ranma not knowing Konoha was distressing.

The man shifted uncomfortably in his seat he was unsure of how to handle the situation now that it was becoming apparent that the young woman laid on the hospital bed before him did not remember her adopted home.

He considered that it was possible that they were mistaken in her identity after all this woman could have been a long lost twin sister of whom she was being mistaken for but mentally shook his head at that as they did have rather advanced means to tell and with the exception of her Chakra being different the woman in front of him was a exact match for Kushina Uzumaki. There was also the possibility that this woman before him was a clone of the original but aside from jutsu's it was not possible to clone a living being without some degeneration in the DNA, at least not from what the doctors had told him.

That meant that this woman before him must be Kushina and that she had amnesia to some extent, it was a very likely possibility as the doctors had forewarned him with that possibility. Sarutobi sighed there were going to be a lot of unanswered questions, "Hopefully she can at least tell us what happened to her and why she hasn't seemed to age at all in the last twelve years."

Noticing that the woman was now openly frowning at him he cleared his throat and said, "Please excuse an old man to get lost in his thoughts I was merely concerned as to how it seemed that you had no familiarity with Konoha when I mentioned it. Before I answer your question could you tell me your name please."?

Ranma blinked most of the older people she had come across with any semblance of power always did something to set her off and place them on her bad side or at least enough to warrant a fair amount of cautiousness around them but this man seemed to be radiating something that just made her feel like opening up to the man. However despite part of her wanting to open up a much larger part of her urged her to be cautious and only tell the man what he needed to know as she had been burned one too many times in the past and did not want to get blindsided while laid up in the hospital. Clearing her head Ranma stated, "My names Ranma, Ranma Saotome."

Sarutobi frowned again the certainness in the young woman's voice told him that she fully believed herself to be this Ranma Saotome.

Ranma noticed the mans frown and again wondered why the near mention of her name could have that effect on someone before it clicked in her head. Obviously it must have something to do with her old man, he could have done something stupid ranging from petty theft to engaging her to one of this mans daughters. But before she could ask another question the man stated in an almost saddened voice.

"Well Ranma, My Name is Sarutobi or more formally people around here call me Hokage-sama and I am the leader of this Village... Would you oblige an old man's curiosity and tell me a little bit about yourself." Noticing the frown on her face Sarutobi quickly added, "Yesterday you had major surgery to alleviate the swelling in your brain from your head injury and I need to make sure you are not suffering any ill effects, like amnesia."

Ranma shrugged before wincing slightly at the wave of dizziness that washed over her again reminding her not to make any sudden moves. Once she had stabilized herself she thought about the old mans request, she did not think that he was a threat to her after all he could have done something to her in her sleep but hadn't. Plus he had been fairly honest with her so far so a little bit of information should keep him satisfied, but there was no way she was going to tell the man about her curse because if they had already known about it he would have said something but since he hadn't then Ranma felt no need to possibly alienate herself while she was in no position to fight back.


Around the same time at the Ninja academy.


Naruto Uzumaki was bored as he listened to Iruka-sensei ramble on about something or another. He knew he probably should have been paying attention to what was being said but he felt it was not really all that important as nothing was being taught that would help him become a more awesome ninja. Besides he had more important things to worry about as he was currently planning the monster of all pranks. Normally the idea of pulling off a prank of as large of magnitude as he had planned would be enough to keep him enthralled in all the details but the fact was that due to the sheer size of the prank he was getting sidetracked on all the details which in turn was giving him a headache.

Knowing that it was going to be worth it as he felt that there was no way they could continue to ignore him once he pulled it off was only a small comfort to the rueful blond.


Snapping up from his previously slouched position Naruto automatically fired back, "YES SENSEI!"

Iruka sighed into the palm of his hands out of frustration, he had called Naruto's name several times before resorting to shouting. Though he had to admit that he was relieved that Naruto hadn't been sleeping, yet worried about what the young trickster could possibly have been planning to keep him so submersed that he had not noticed some one enter the room.

After replying to Iruka - sensei's shout Naruto managed to coax himself into a more relaxed position and only then did he notice that the entire class was staring at him as well as at some one eyed ninja with silver hair. Noticing the man's Jounin vest Naruto came to a conclusion and whined much to the rest of the classes delight, "Sensei I didn't do anything today I've been here all day."

Running his hands through his hair Iruka stated with a forced calm, "I know that Naruto… IF you had been paying attention you would have known that this man is going to take you to go see the Hokage for a very important personal matter."

Leaning back in his chair Naruto chuckled nervously and blurted out, "I knew that. The old man must have finally came to his senses and realized how much of an awesome ninja I am. Probably gonna make me Hokage."

Kakashi resisted the urge to roll his visible eye at the cocky blond, Luckily the one hidden beneath his headband was under no such restriction.


Slightly startled Naruto toppled out of his seat much to the amusement of the class. Dusting himself off Naruto stood up and while making his way to the door he muttered, "I'm going… I'm going… jeeze didn't need to yell."

Iruka sighed as he heard Naruto's muttering and offered him an apologetic smile, more and more he was starting to understand Naruto but was still struggling to figure out how to connect to the youth.

Kakashi remained silent as he led Naruto out of the school, only stopping once they reached the street. Turning around he gave the blond a critical once over, eye's smiling when he noticed that not once did Naruto flinch while under his scrutiny.

Naruto figured he had been fairly patient in following the stiff ninja around but when the one eyed man stopped and started to stare at him he felt a bit creeped out. Mustering up his bravado he asked, "What you staring at? " ….

Grinning slightly underneath the cloth that kept his mouth hidden Kakashi fired back, "Well, I had thought I was staring at the next Hokage but I guess I was just mistaken."

Naruto was slightly taken aback, someone was acknowledging him and it had completely taken him off guard before he could come up with a witty retort the man said, "Come on we need to get going."

Naruto just glared at the man for a minute before something dawned on him, taking a few quick steps to catch up he said, "Hey we're going the wrong way, the Hokage is that way." Pointing to the left.

Not slowing his stride Kakashi stated, "You need to put something else on. Pausing for a second he gave the air a tentative sniff and added, "And you need a shower."

"What do I need a shower for I'm just going to see the old man?" Pausing for a second a thought occurred to Naruto and he asked, "You're not some kind of pervert are you?"

After picking himself up from the momentary increase in gravity as ninja as skilled as himself do not face fault Kakashi said, "The Hokage would like to introduce you to a very special person and I think that for the occasion you should look your best as you will want to make a good impression… after all if you are someday going to be Hokage you will have to learn to make these small sacrifices."

Once again Naruto felt floored mentally, in his twelve years of existence he had experienced and excepted many things, and among them only the old man and old man Ichiru and Ayame really acknowledged him though he felt that he was slowly winning over Iruka – sensei. But this stranger seemed to be doing it as well and as far as Naruto remembered he had never met him before.

Kakashi himself was a jumble of nerves, part of him was unable to move past his guilt over the feeling that even though he had not known he had let his sensei and friend down. Plus there was the fact that he was worried that she would not remember him or even the possibility that she would not wake up. So instead of picking up Naruto shortly before three o'clock like he had been instructed he had went two hours early hoping that somehow part of his conscience could be appeased if he made an attempt to get to know the boy a bit first,

He was surprised though that he never really noticed it before as Naruto was a spitting image of his sensei and yet despite never having met his mother Naruto seemed to have absorbed some of the brashness that Kushina had had.


Sarutobi remained quiet after Ranma had finished telling him about herself while he took the information in. Overall it was not much to go on as Ranma had basically told him that she was staying in Nerima, living with a family named the Tendo's and that she had been on a week long training journey before she had woken up and had no memory of how she had arrived at the village.

But it was what she did not mention that sparked the Hokage's interest; the pride in her voice when she had mentioned martial arts was not lost on him.

Unfortunately from her story she seemed to remember a full life as Ranma and this was disturbing news as it meant that she did not remember anything about Konoha. Then there was the fact that she had mentioned Nerima, Tokyo, Japan, and china during her story and as far as Sarutobi knew these places where not any map that he had seen.

In his silence Sarutobi quickly went through every thing he could think of that would offer a viable explanation before it hit him. "Of course it makes so much sense now, her Chakra being different is a big hint. Orochimaru must have heard about her pregnancy and as a final insult to the Fourth taken Kushina away, experimented on her and then what? She does not seem to have aged much so what could have caused that… she could have been sealed in a scroll but how would she have gotten out of it as there was no scroll present in the council chambers that was not accounted for… Unless the scroll that held her had been destroyed, it's rare but I know if a summon scroll is destroyed sometimes the summons would appear in random places near to where the last summoner spent the majority of their time, though that had only happened two times to my knowledge."

"The only problem now is what do I tell her? She believes herself to be this Ranma Saotome so I need to be careful about what if anything I tell her as it could drive her away if I were to simply state everything she knows about her life is an illusion put in place by some one who hated her child's father."

Having come up with a plan of action Sarutobi started, "Ranma you are not going to like what I am going to tell you."

Ranma sighed, she should have figured that the shoe was going to drop the man had been too nice to her.

Not letting the sigh escape his notice the Hokage continued, "I have never heard of this Nerima before nor have I ever seen any of the other places on any map that I have. So while I do not know how you came to be here I do not know of where you came from either. What I did not tell you before is that you just appeared from a transparent vortex, the cause of which is unknown."

Ranma blinked slowly unsure as to whether or not she should believe the old man, he hadn't lied to her yet but just saying something did not make it true. Hesitantly she asked, "You're joking right?"

"No I'm not… But once you are able to be discharged I will give you access to what ever you need to investigate this matter for yourself and once you are convinced that I am telling you the truth then you can come to me and discuss what we will do from there. Is that acceptable?"

Ranma nodded, the man was not just telling her that he had never heard of where she was from, he was also telling her that she was free to look for herself. Just having that option went a long way in Ranma wanting to trust the man.

"Very well. Now there is also one other matter I wish to discuss with you."

Still a little wary Ranma consented with, "Uhm, okay."

"Since you are not from around here, once you are discharged from the hospital I would like your consent to place someone with you that will act as a guide as well as render any assistance you might need until you are fully recovered."

Ranma considered the offer cautiously as she was unsure about the offer, on one hand if this was a village of Ninja like the man had said then she probably should have somebody around just so another disaster like what happened in the Amazon village did not happen. On the other hand she really was not looking forward to spending a lot of time as a girl but at the moment knew that the old mans request was just a formality as she was pretty sure that he would do so anyway. Deciding to go ahead and play along she nodded her head and replied, "Okay I guess, but where am I going to be staying? At the moment I don't seem to have any money."

Sarutobi waved his hand to put the young woman at ease and replied, "That's not a problem, and we have a special fund for people whom need it." It was a small lie but Ranma did not need to know that she was going to be using what was rightfully her money in the first place until she was ready.

Rising out of his chair he said, "Now if you'll excuse me I need to make arrangements for your release as since you are now awake barring any complications the doctors informed me that you could be released within two days if you take it easy for a bit. I'll be back in a hour or so with your guide's."

"Guide's?" Ranma asked before the man had a chance to leave.

"Ah yes, your primary guide is a academy student that you will be staying with but while he is at school I will have someone else helping you out."

Ranma nodded, truthfully she was sort of curious as to what exactly students did at a ninja school but figured she could hold her questions until later.


A little while later


Naruto was starting to become a bit nervous; the man who had introduced himself as Kakashi was not really much of a talker and had not really said much except for the fact that this meeting was important. Then there was also the fact that he was at the hospital waiting for the Hokage and not the old mans office. Turning his head to the one eyed masked man he pouted, "I don't see why I couldn't wear what I was wearing, it wasn't that dirty."

Kakashi chuckled softly to himself, Naruto was reminding him more and more of Kushina with his complaining.

Slightly affronted at not getting a real answer Naruto yelled, "HEY I ASKED YOU SOMETHING."

"Ah Naruto, Kakashi, you're early."

Kakashi straitened in his seat and resisted the urge to nervously wring his hands as he waited to hear how Kushina was doing.

"Hey old man what's the deal with sending the silent Cyclops over there to come get me, he's barely told me anything."

Giving a bemused chuckle at Kakashi's expense Sarutobi stated, "Well that's a knew one, I wonder how that would look in a bingo book, it sort of has a better ring than the copy cat Nin."

Kakashi glared at the Hokage for a moment before he was waved off with, "Relax, I have good news."

"She's awake then?"

"Yes she woke up awhile ago and I was able to have quite the informative conversation with her."

"So she remembers?" Kakashi asked with eagerness that he had not shown since Obito's death.

Sarutobi frowned and said, "No, she doesn't, more so, she has given herself a completely different identity and holds no knowledge of Konoha or fire country."

"Will she ever remember?"

"I don't know. Only time will tell and we will have to be careful so we do not drive her away."


Sarutobi gave Naruto a quick once over and stared at Kakashi wondering what possessed the nin to have Naruto put on dress slacks, a white collared shirt with his usual sandals.

Kakashi mouthed back through his mask, -- It was Orange – -- And he stunk –

Sarutobi chuckled and gave Naruto a placating gesture before starting with, "Naruto if you will take a seat I will tell you what is going on, just try to stay calm."

Naruto nodded sharply as he climbed down from standing the chair he had jumped onto to gain every ones attention.

"Take in mind Naruto this might be very distressing to you to hear and I apologize for my deception but things were well beyond my control and the matter was taken out of my hands."

Taking in a deep breath Sarutobi started, "twelve years ago when the Kyuubi attacked the village was in chaos and from what I have been able to ascertain while the majority of our Ninja were out fighting the Kyuubi a Missing Nin was able to sneak into the Village and gain entrance into the hospital where there was a woman who had just given birth. I can not speak for the motive behind this but can only assume that it was an attempt to strike back at a Village and man that had angered him."

Wishing that he had brought his pipe with him Sarutobi sighed before continuing, "I'm not sure as to how but this Ninja was able to steal away the woman to somewhere where he proceeded to experiment on her in the process he managed to change her Chakra somehow. Eventually she was sealed somehow as her age has not changed much within the past twelve years, whether it was within a scroll or container I do not know but whatever held her captive must have been damaged recently as she appeared out of thin air in the council chambers during session."

From his seat Kakashi could barely hold back a growl, he knew who the Nin was, and was barely able to suppress the massive amount of killer intent that wanted to break free and radiate off of his body.

Naruto on the other hand was still puzzled and still wondering what this had to do with him.

Sarutobi gave Naruto a sympathetic smile and continued, "She had been in a coma from her injuries for the past week and has only awoken just a short time ago. Sadly she has no recollection of who she was or even where she is from. I do not know if this was by design of what was done to her or of consequence of her injuries that happened before her arrival."

Pausing so he could approach Naruto and kneel down to look him in the eyes the third added, "Naruto, I'm sorry for all these years and I promise to do my best to make it up to you."

Naruto shifted nervously in his seat, he still did not understand what the big deal was but the fact that the old man was acting all sappy on him was making him worried for what he was about to find out.


Moments after the Hokage left Ranma, Ranma was laying down on her back attempting to move her ki throughout her body to speed up her recovery time. In the past she had had some decent success in it but she was a long way away from being a master. Actually the whole reason behind her training trip had been to get a greater understanding of her ki as well as to set her down the long road to mastership.

Sometime in the process of attempting to speed up her healing though she felt exhaustion starting to settle in and though she tried to fight it she eventually succumbed and fell into a deep sleep.


Naruto stared down at the peacefully Sleeping woman he had been told was his mother. He tried to be angry with her but the Old man was right, what had happened was not her fault, nor was it the old mans fault or even Cyclops. No, even Naruto who had been accused of being an idiot at times knew that the fault lay with whom had taken her.

He wished that he knew more about her and his father but the Old man had said that if Ranma as she was called now was going to remember on her own then any more in depth information would have to wait until she was ready to know it.

Naruto did not understand why they could not just tell her the truth rather than waiting for her to figure it out by herself but reasoned that the old man had his reasons. Though he had to admit it as his anger had drained away Naruto wanted nothing more than rush over and give her a hug as the whole idea of family, something he had longed for, had finally come true.

Hearing the door open Naruto spun ready just incase somebody had come to finished what they had started all those years ago.

Kakashi had been surprised that Naruto had heard him open the door as he was attempting to be as stealthy as possible so as to not disturb anyone. But when Naruto had spun to face him he felt relieved in a sense that Naruto seemed willing to take him on if just for a second. Giving the young blond a simple, "Yo." He settled down in one of the chairs to wait for Kushina… Ranma to wake up.

Naruto relaxed somewhat, as he recognized Cyclops, turning back to face his sleeping mother he whispered, "She's still sleeping."

Giving Naruto an eye smile for stating the obvious Kakashi considered the blond and asked, "Kid you want to train with me in the morning?"

Naruto paused briefly wondering what was up with the guy, but then he realized that very few people offered him any help and despite the fact that he claimed he did not need their help, that was more of a way of dealing with it, he really needed someone's help with certain things. With a excited, "YOU BET YOUR ASS I DO."

"Naruto… Sssh… You're going to wake her up." Kakashi hissed.

His warning came too late though as Ranma's eyes fluttered open and began to search out the source of the room.

Naruto grinned sheepishly under the gaze of his unknowing mother and awkwardly stated, "Hi, I'm Naruto… Sorry about that."