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W. Somerset Maugham once said, "Dying is a very dull, dreary affair. And my advice to you is to have nothing whatever to do with it." Rei had heard this before, but now, as she was trying to figure out how she could save the lives of 5 people, it was practically impossible for her to have nothing whatsoever to do with death.

Rewinding this back to when this started, a girl, Rei, lived with her family in America.

Rei's mother worked all day, and when she finally did come home, which would be 9pm, she would just go into her room and sleep. Her father worked someplace that had to do with construction work, building condos and such. He seemed to never be home because of the many projects spread across the country, causing him to have to go and over see the ones that were in the states surrounding the one he lived in.

Her sister was a mystery to everyone except Rei. No one would ever know where she was, and even sometimes Rei had to wonder whether she was at a sports practice, went to a friend's house after school, or just didn't want to come home that night so she stayed over at friend's house, pretending that she had permission to sleep over.

Whatever her family's reason, Rei was usually left home alone, meaning that she was the one who answered the phone all the time, feed herself, feed the dachshund that was supposed to be her mothers, but due to the woman's absence all the time, Rei had to give the animal attention at all times. So, she liked to think, that she wasn't alone all the time. I mean, she had Jack(the dog), right? Who else does she need?

She was in a room in her upstairs that had white walls lined with cardboard boxes that were piled to the ceiling, papers sticking out of each box. Rei lay in the middle, surrounded with boxes, white walls, white carpet, and volumes upon volumes of manga. It was basically where she read everything, it being the quietest of quiet in her house. Her favorite of all in the heaps was Death Note. For a while it made her depressed that all of the characters she had grown to love died, which were the guys of course. She didn't care whether any of the female characters died. Except Sayu. Sayu was fine with Rei, since she didn't seem like a idiotic tool like Tadaka and Misa.

A instant replay type movie reeled in Rei mind as she looked back on all the characters that had perished. Well, there was L…a picture of L falling off the office chair flashed though her mind. She thought back on what she felt as she read that part on the plane coming back home alone from visiting her grandmother in Arizona. Rei had let a tear streak down her cheek, having a attendant ask her what was wrong and tell her that they were almost on the ground and that she would see her family soon. That was the last thing she wanted.

Rei was very emotional when it came to death in movies and things she read. Though no one ever saw her crying, this was all fine and dandy with her. People at her school don't really know her, she realized as her thoughts wandered away.

When she noticed she had drifted from the topic she was thinking of as she stared at the white ceiling, she thought back to the deaths in Death Note. Thinking about who died by Light using the Death Note besides criminals, Rei started thinking about the FBI agents, which made her think about the mafia. 'Mello was in the mafia…' she thought as she blinked at all the whiteness around her. 'Matt helped Mello…'

Rei's stomach clenched as she thought about all of them. 'I know it's not real, but I can't help but feel helpless and not have been able to do anything…' Turning over onto her side, she stared at one of the stacks. She had memorized everything that happened in each and every story. She knew what happened in order, but she was never good with dates. Whenever it stated the dates, she would maybe remember the first of the dates, and then only remember the month or day that whatever was important happened.

"I wonder… If I got a chance, would I be able to save them?" she muttered to herself. Sighing, she turned back over and sat up. Her voice was dry, mimicking her dry throat. She was a little hungry also, so she got up lazily, pausing for a moment after reaching for the door. She couldn't see anything. Rei flexed her fingers, waving her hands in front of her face. Knowing they were right there in front of her eyes and not being able to see them frightened her, but after a couple seconds, her vision started to come back, her hand and the door knob becoming clearer in the seconds.

Sighing, she mumbled something about getting up to fast and started down the stairs. Right when she touched the handrail, and thud came from downstairs, shaking the first and second floor of the 2 story house. Blinking in surprise, she started quickly and soundlessly down the first story stairs, landing with a small 'tup' at the bottom when her foot hit the hard wood floor. Making her way to the basement door, she slowly and quietly opened the door, expecting to come face to face with a ax murderer that had come through the basement door, like in the movies. All she met was air. Taking in the same green painted walls that surrounded her on both sides now that she was descending the stairs, she placed one foot on the cold plastic feeling floor, before slowly putting down the other. Rei's body temperature quickly changed from slightly warm to cold.

Feeling her body heat leave her slowly as she stood in front of her bedroom door(which is to the right, right as you reach the bottom of the stairs), she remembered her father telling her that she might be the coldest person he ever knew. Of course, he was only speaking temperature wise, but it still irked her when she realized that she was cold. 'Whatever, if I don't find whatever made the noise, I can always just get the blanket from my bed, and act like that was what I was getting.'

Not like there was anyone in the house to question her actions at the moment. Rei reached out and turned the knob, knowing that a 'vwoosh' sound would take place when opening the door, whether it be slowly or quickly. The sound filled the room as she opened the door, coming face to face with what looked like a electronics store just exploded in her room. Even though the girl admitted to herself that she was more interested in videogames then most boys, she had to admit to herself at that moment that these games, cords, laptops, and many other things weren't hers. Of course she had these things, but they were all in the next room.

One thing that was neither electronic related, or was in the next room was a pair of legs, sticking up from behind her bed. The person to whom those legs belonged to must have been upside down. She would have laughed if she hadn't been in shock. Slowly she crept over to her desk, hiding behind it as she tried to get a better look at the person. It didn't work, all she saw were more cords.

Something on her desk caught her eye. A Jason mask was lying there, reminding her of the other night when her sister and her friends had snuck in her room and tried to scare her with it. It didn't work. Mostly because she heard them coming. Pushing thoughts about her sister aside with a shake of her head, she grabbed the mask and put it on. It didn't hide the fact that she had light blue eyes and short dirty blond hair, boyish short in the back and coming down to almost shoulder length in the front.

Making her way to the bed, Rei pulled her thin frame forward onto the dark colored bed spread, greatly contrasting with her pale hand that poked out from her long sleeved black shirt that was under a red collared shirt. Crawling to the right of the legs, she peered over the side of the bed warily. 'This is just what those damned writers in movies type up. My role is over when I realize who just appeared in my room because they will slice my neck open or something dramatic like that…' She thought as she opened her eyes to her doom.

Or what she thought was her doom. In reality, it was just a dazed young Matt, his arms splayed out on either side of himself. Something feeling like anxiety or maybe happiness pushed beneath her stomach, making her gasp as whatever it was got to her lungs.

Rei pushed herself up from the bed, her eyes still locked on the boy's semi unconscious body. 'This is…real?' she asked herself, reaching out her hand and poking his booted foot. It lolled to the side. "Mmm.." she hummed hesitantly as she realized the person in front of her was real. Reaching down and grabbing his wrist, she pulled, heaving him on the bed. 'If he really is real, I don't want him blaming me for a sore back when he wakes up. Wait…if he fell, would he back hurt from the impact of my floor? Or did he slide of the bed, getting hit in the head with one of these laptops when he got here.'

She thought, putting her pointer finger to her chin in thought as she looked around, getting random scenarios from the objects that had appeared along with him. 'What if this isn't him?' she thought, looking at the boy laying there. 'Well…characters from manga don't just show up in your room all the time…' Rei thought, hesitantly getting off the end of the bed to go get a baseball bat that was leaning against the door frame.

It was to make her feel safe with all the faulty doors that were in the basement. Anyway, she made her way back to the red head on her bed spread (A: That rhyme was so not planed…) bat in hand. Climbing back onto the bed, she stood, a foot placed firmly on either side of his stomach. Bending down so that she was 10.4 inches from his peaceful looking face, she raised the bat slightly on her side and said, "Is your first name Mail?" she asked after prodding him with the tip of her bat until he stirred.

Blinking confusedly behind his crooked tinted goggles, he decided very quickly that he was now in a very bad situation. Or so it seemed. He was in a room he didn't know, and was laying on a bed, waking up to a girl asking him if the name she said was his name. Which it was, but how did she know? Matt soon after realized something else, and stiffened beneath her looming figure. 'Better yet, why did she have a bat raised over her head?' he asked himself as his eyes widened.


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