Sighing in frustration when her hands weren't warming up, Rei began rubbing her hands together carefully.

For the past half hour, L and Light had been fighting over something that had to do with Higuchi. Rei was to preoccupied to notice anymore of it now that she wasn't paying attention, hovering her upper torso over the cold tile that was beyond her round dog bed cushion.

Arms outstretched in front of her in a superman pose; she was lying like this so her hands could reach the vent that was currently blowing warm air onto her refusing to defrost hands.

Looking agitated; she heard someone walk in and then stop a couple of paces away from her. Looking up but still trying to maintain her pose for maximum heat absorption, she found that Watari had a cart of sweet that he had begun to wheel towards L.

Luckily Watari realized that the fight could turn into a brawl at any second, Light was already standing and L had that serious look in his eye and his face wasn't what you could call lively.

"Yagami-kun-" L started, but then a long explanation with extremely difficult to understand words followed this. Unfortunately, Light understood it perfectly, therefore giving him the right to answer with just as many intellectual words that apparently proved his point. Somehow.

"Should I?" Watari asked Rei, though his worry tinted gaze was still on the two fighting boys.

"I wouldn't. Nnnn..Actually, Let me try something." Rei said, her hands still stretched out. Her voice gave away how much strain her stomach muscles were going through to keep her in that position, so she figured it wasn't worth it anymore.

Sitting up, Rei sighed, trying to think of something she could say to make them both shut up. 'Whatever, I'll just say the first thing that comes to mind.' She thought, closing her eyes and sighing again before saying:

"Love is like sipping hot chocolate before it's cooled. It takes you by surprise, but keeps you warm for a long time," She stated, opening her eyes slowly with no energy whatsoever, having Light stop in mid sentence to turn around and see exactly who said those two sentences with such a drained tone.

Everyone looked at the bored girl, slightly surprised and not fully wrapping their intelligent mind around what she had just said. "What?" Light said, the surprise and agitation showing in his voice.

"What a lovely point you made Light! I would never have thought of that!" Rei said, her mouth opening wide behind her muzzle in feigned enthusiasm for the topic, her eyes still showing pure boredom and obvious disinterest in whatever they were talking about with Higuchi. Rei never did like him anyway, so whenever they had started talking about him now, she didn't listen and tried to preoccupy herself with something else.

This time is different however, because they had been going at it for longer than they had their other times, and Rei was just getting sick of it. 'Something…Think of something else…' she thought to herself as Light picked up back where he started thanks to her comment.

Rei looked back up to Watari. The said man looked down at her also, his eyes showing that he didn't think that what she did worked very well.

"Well at least I didn't suggest-," she mumbled the game she was thinking of under her breath before continuing with her thoughts. "Neither of them would have won because their so stubborn. Though-…" Rei started before realizing everyone had turned to look at her.

"W-..?" Rei started, but never got to finish saying 'What?' when Light suddenly spoke up.

"What do you mean neither of us would have won? One of us must be better than the other! Let's play this game and see who the winner is." Light said, turning on his heels to look back at L.

"I agree." L said, his eyes not wavering from Light's form in front of him.

Rei looked from Light to L and then back. 'Well…At least they agree on something.' She thought as she felt her boredom quickly slipping away. A smile crept onto her half hidden face, making her want to laugh at how ignorant and clichéd this all was.

Both male's were so caught up in their starring contest, that when Rei clapped her hands in front of her face once in order to get their attention(And also in delight), both turned to look at her, the fire still in their eyes. The fire turned to confusion when they saw a mischievous gleam in her red eyes.

"So! You both agree you play the game?" she said, her happiness and a little mixture of something else thickening her words.

Both men exchanged glances, not knowing what they had gotten themselves into.

"Yeah, of course." Light finally said, his voice a little less convincing than his words.

"Alright, so, let's play gay chicken!" Rei said, getting the satisfaction of blank stares and a horrified expression. Ignoring the looks for the moment, she looked around as if for something in particular. "Well, since there isn't anyone that is female, I don't get to play. Darn." She said, feigning disappointment while also gradually pissing off Light.

"So! With this information and because we all agreed, you two have to play. Oh, by the way, you can't get out of it by trying to play with Watari. He never agreed. I suggest you watch over the security tapes instead of sticking around," Rei said, twisting around to look at a confused Watari.


"Why does it have to be gay chicken?"

"Because you agreed to it after I said it. Therefore, you have to."

Watari was now out of the room but looking over the tapes just in case something were to happen. L and Light were turned facing each other, but were both looking to Rei.

"How do you play this, Rei-san? I've never heard of this game, besides the occasional death when you play chicken with motor vehicles," L said from his perch on his chair. Rei faced him, slight confusion on her face also.

"Well, I've never played it, but I read it in a fanfiction one time, and I'm pretty sure I got the gist of it," Rei said with a hidden smile. The girl had slide forward her little cushion as far as her chain would allow her to go. She sat there in the middle, her legs on either side of her, her hands placed neatly in front of her. "First," she said lifting one of her hands and getting both their attention with a raised pointer finger.

"You are supposed to find a person of the same gender-Check," She said before lifting another finger.

"Second, you are to sit facing that person," Another finger.

"Third, the both of you begin leaning forward until one of you chickens out or until the both of you kiss…That, by the way, means that neither of you win. I think. That's why I said that you two are to stubborn that you wouldn-…." She trailed off as she saw the two of them turn to each other and look like they were either:

A. About to be sick.

B. Hit one another.

Or C. Make a very uncomfortable silence befall upon the group.

They chose C. and Rei began to wonder if they would go through with it. Her stomach tightened in anticipation when she saw that they were indeed leaning forward. Slowly but surely. Then suddenly a thought flitted through her mind that made it freeze slightly.

'L looks like he is going to fall,'

When that finally got through to her, the words 'Well duh! Why didn't you think about that earlier!' went through her mind.

"A-.." she started, lifting up a hand to stop them but right after she did L's chair went off balance sending him forward. "L!" Rei exclaimed trying to get to her feet, but getting choked off which sent her falling backwards from the force.

Opening her eyes from her wince, they quickly opened faster when she saw the sight before her. L had his hands braced on Light's shoulders, his knee placed right between Light's legs and his face mere inches from the teens.

L looked down at the surprised boy, his raven hair brushing Light's forehead and cheeks slightly. The whole room held it's breath for seconds that seemed like minutes as the two geniuses looked up and stared down at one another.

"Woah…" Rei said breathlessly as she looked at the two. They both turned their head to look with surprised expressions at the girl. "Is it just me, or was that a little clichéd?" the white haired girl said, laughing after she had said it.

The two males looked back at each other, both obviously wanting to say something. L made a move to get off of Light, but froze after he heard Rei speak yet again.

"Does this mean you're giving up?" she said from her spot now lying on her stomach on the cushion. Her head was propped up in the palm of her hand, her elbow digging into the dog bed beneath her.

He didn't look at her, neither did he say anything. He just looked up at the still surprised Light and placed one hand caressing one of Light's cheeks. The said boy's eyes widened even more as he realized just what L was going to-

L began to lean forward, his eyes hard but filled with determination. Neither of them would have won, he knew that. But at least he could be the one to win the tie. Right when L was only an inch away from Light's face, his eyes softened and he cocked his head to the side innocently as he studied the expression on the boys face with a small smile playing across his lips.

Whenever L had begun to lean forward, his knee shifted slightly forward, which meant that it was placed right between Light's legs. From that moment, the younger man's mind had locked, his thoughts racing past him.

The detective leaned forward the last inch, pecking him lightly on the lips before climbing off of him, and putting his hands in his pockets. His face blank and as he just stood there, it seemed like nothing had happened.

"We need to get back to work. I'm sorry to say, but Rei-san, you are going to have to be someplace else. You are distracting Light-kun from his work, though I can't say that it hasn't been fun. Do not worry, we will come visit you every once and a while, and perhaps on our breaks," L said, his charcoal black gaze turning to the girl.

Both men starred at Rei, waiting for her to explode like Misa would. Rei didn't blink, her eyes not giving away any emotion that her mouth would have if it were uncovered. Slowly she nodded and got wearily to her feet. Her shoulders were relaxed and her legs were spread as if she didn't trust herself to stand with them together.

Light didn't know what to say. "That's it? Just a nod? No yelling or complaining about how you want to stay?" he asked, turning in his wheelie chair to look at her.

Slowly she turned her eyes towards him. "As much as I would like to stay and trick you two into making out again, it would do nothing for me if I were to yell and complain. I can clearly see that if I did those things, Ryuzaki would take no mind and have me taken away anyway," she laughed a little bit as she realized why Light was so surprised.

"Also, I would like to think that I don't complain like..oh..I don't know…MisaMisa?" she said, bringing up her hand and putting her pointer finger on the side of her chin, cocking her head and saying MisaMisa like a bubbly airhead.

"You shouldn't talk about people you've never met!" Light said, wondering briefly why he was defending Misa. "Oh, but I know her better than she knows herself. Besides, people talk about 'L'-" she said, now raising both her hands to do a quote unquote refrence. "-all the time,"

"That's different!"


"Nobody knows who L is!"

Rei's mind froze, her eyes widening before narrowing into slits. Just like when she was chained and the calmness had come over her, a sudden hatred and an itching to beat the hell out of Light overcame her. The small part of her that was aware that this will not end well screamed at her to calm down, but the small, innocently said comment turned into a direct insult.

She ran at him. The chain grew taut quickly after no more than 5 steps, but she was only a breath away from him, her outstretched hand missing him by a mere inch. Crouching down, one of her legs was outstretched and when she kicked off from the side, her leg collided with the side of Light's ankle.

In all of this, Light had gotten up to inch farther away, but only succeeded on falling down on his back. Dazed, he slowly tried to get back to his feet, but Rei grabbed his ankle and pulled him toward herself.

Light had closed his eyes in a wince from when he had fallen back, but when he opened them now, he coughed as Rei grabbed his neck, cutting off his air slightly. Both of his hands flew to her wrists, trying to pry them away from his neck, but when he tried her hands tightened around his throat, making him give a silent cough.

"I guess I'm nobody then?"

Came a deep growl from Rei who was looking at him with deadliness in her eyes. Her eyes suddenly darted up to the floating name and numbers above Light's head. They were quickly decreasing into only minutes, and she was slightly disturbed when satisfaction bubbled up in her stomach.

Rei let her grip on his neck lessen when she saw what happened next. Her eyes widened as the depleting numbers slowed to a halt. She stared, her breath caught in her throat. Suddenly the numbers began to rapidly increase. After only a couple of seconds, the numbers had quickly surpassed what it originally was before she attacked him.

She whipped her head around to see nothing but black. L had crouched down next to her and had wrapped his arms around her shoulders, resting his forehead on the back of her neck. "Rei-chan…Please stop this…" He said in a small voice.

Her eyes widened even more as her gaze turned up from the black mess of hair and to the numbers that hovered above his head. They, to, were increasing like Light's.

At the moment, Rei was strattling Light's upper torso, Light was laying there underneath her, and L was crouched next to the both of them, Rei in his arms. The numbers above L's head finally began locking into place, from the years, months, days, hours, minutes and finally the seconds ticked into place.

Feeling helpless yet warm in L's grasp, she turned her head down to look at the numbers above Light's head. They were exactly the same as L's. Letting go of Light's neck altogether, she felt her arms go limp by her sides. 'I-…What happened to me? What…happened to their lifespans? Why am I…being held?' finally realization hit her.

'I'm being held because L didn't want to hurt me, but also wanted to help Light…His friend…His first friend…I almost killed L's first friend, didn't I? But what happened?' She thought to herself, letting her head lean back against the side of L's sturdy form.

Rei let her wide eyes relax and felt her head clear. She felt warm.

'Why did I snap like that?' she thought dreamily to herself, feeling exhausted all of a sudden. "I think I'm hungry…" she said, and she quickly realized that was why her mind quickly turned into a war zone.

'Do I go into some sort of animal instinct mode or something?' she thought wearily to herself, turning her gaze slightly to the right, which was still nothing to look at but the right of the ceiling.

L's hug was stiff and when she spoke he let go. The raven detective looked at her with no emotion on his face. Rei's head was back and tilted slightly to the left to somewhat face L. He watched her left blue eye get filled back in with red like it would as if someone was bleeding in water, and in only seconds her angled pupils went back to being more defined like a cats and right eye go back into a deeper red.

"I will inform Watari," L responded, getting up and shuffling a little quicker than normally to his chair, where he then only stood beside it while reaching over and pressing a button, saying something into the speaker.

Even though she was back to being more shinigami than human, the short time she was more human took it's toll on her, the combination of sleep deprivation and starvation making her eyes slowly close and her strength leave her, making her pass out while her torso fell to the side and off of Light. He, by the way, was still catching his breath and didn't have the strength to get up at the time.

"-Thank you Watari," L finished, letting his finger leave the button as he turned back around to see the two lying on the floor. He let his eyes droop as his head cocked to the side when he let out a sigh.

What an odd group they were L thought briefly as he watched Watari enter the room. They both dragged Rei completely off of Light and onto her bed as they helped Light get to his feet.


People always refer to 'nobody'.

'Nobody cares,' and 'Nobody will know,'.

Well now, I ask you,

what about that person who does care?

And what about you, the one who knows?

Are they nobody?

Are you nobody?

With this in mind, there must be somebody who is nobody.



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