At First Scent

Summary: Penelope does a little thinking.

A/N: I've been on a huge Looney Toons kick lately, and I absolutely adore these two. I've been watching the cartoons virtually nonstop. Anyway, this started out as few random sentances floating around in my brain, and they found their way onto my computer . . . Hope you enjoy!


At first, Penelope had honestly hated the skunk known as Pepé le Pew. No matter where she went, no matter what she did, she always ended up with that damn stripe down her back and a horny skunk on her tail. To call him persistent would be an understatement. It hadn't even been just the smell, either; plan and simple, he'd terrified her. His never-ending efforts to win her heart had been annoying, but now . . .

At first, Penelope had thought Pepé was only interested in . . . well, one thing. But it had almost been a few years now, and he was still chasing her. Perhaps the skunk really did love her that much. It was almost sort of flattering, but it also made her sad. For so long, she'd done everything to avoid him. She'd hit him over the head, complained about his odor, viciously clawed him . . . It amazed her that he had never, not once, been discouraged.

Now, Penelope couldn't help but wonder how much Pepé cared about her. Did he really love her, or was he just a romantic in love with the idea of being in love? And would he still love her if and when he finally realized that she wasn't a skunk? He, apparently, could handle the constant chase and occasional frenzy of razor-sharp claws, but what if the truth was all it took to break his heart? Oh! she didn't think she could bear the sight of a devastated Pepé le Pew.

Because now, as he pursued her down yet another street, Penelope Pussycat couldn't help but notice that she wasn't trying as hard to escape, and her heart was pounding for reasons other than fear.