Okay, I would write this like a trailer but I really don't want to so I won't.

Basically, this is going to be a series of one-shots based on an icon that I found. You know those ones that say stuff like: "Don't take away someone's Hope, it may be all they have" and stuff like that? Well, this is one of them, but it has 18 little parts. I don't want to give too much away but I thought it'd make sense to explain this rather than just starting it.

So, each of the chapters will be titled as one line from the icon and the oneshot will relate to the chapter title. In all of the chapters Troy and Gabi will be the same age and the chapter aren't necessarily in chronological order. The chapters could be short or long or whatever, but I promise that I will finish this by New Years (which I know is ages away but given how long it's been taking me to post lately, 18 chapter could take me that long).

This will not mean that I don't keep writing First Time and Just Friends, I plan for this to take the longest out of all three that I'm working on.

Each chapter will be dedicated to at maximum 3 people, they could be non-fanfic friends or reviewers or people's whose stories I've read and liked or chacters in a book or movie or ssome famous person, absolutely anyone, but each person can only be dedicated to once which means that if every single dedication is to a reviewer I'll need (18 x 3 54) DIFFERENT reviewers... so real world friends, randoms, and favourite characters be ready for some major dedications.

If you review now you can have the first chapter dedicated to you... and i mean now cos I plan to post in about two hours.

P.S. this is planned to be my most serious FanFic so far... I just thought I'd mention that.

3 Jg Rox!!!