Sorry, but just thought I should get that over and done with before anybody got their hopes up.

So... I know it's been ages since I've done anything with this story, but I was reading over it the other day, and it desperately needs some tidying up.

I'm going to be fixing up the (many) grammatical and spelling mistakes throughout this story, as well as shortening some of the author notes, because I know that some were insanely long. A few of the chapters I may (MAY!) re-write, but only if I feel as if I could do them better. That means that, if you're still interested in this, keep watch, because it could be changing.

Also, if inspiration hits, and I get back into this story, I'll write couple more chapters. Since I finished, I've found a few more cute little 'I Want a Guy who...' sayings, which would be pretty fun to write.

I think that's it, so I'll just remind anyone who stumbles across this to take a look at some of my other stories. If you're an HSM fan, I have plenty of them. When You're Gone, This Dance, and Keep Dancing are my favourites, but they're all oneshots and pretty heavy-going, not to mention tear-jerkers.

Hope some of the old crowd is still reading, and maybe I can rekindle that excitement that you guys used to feel whenever I posted a chapter. If not, I appreciate anyone who reads my work, and hope that these changes will serve to not only give me a bit of peace of mind, but also to benefit others, who would love this story if only they could make sense of some of the worse bits of it.

With lots of nervous apprehension,
Jg Rox