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The white truck slows down to a stop. A hand slowly turns the ignition off and runs its hands through its owner's brown hair. The bright blue eyes stare off into the front doors of East High. He was stalling, trying to find every excuse not to walk through the doors to start the first day of school. It wasn't like there was anything being nervous about, but it seemed that he still had those butterflies in his stomach that he had on the very first day of high school freshman year. Now, it was his first day of senior year, and he still felt like that small little freshman that he was three years ago. But so much had changed since then. More then he asked for.

Troy Bolton lets out a huge sigh. Maybe he was nervous because it was his last chance to experience high school before heading off to the real world. Maybe it was the last time he would be able to hang out with his friends, or play basketball on the same team as them. Maybe it was still the small lingering thought about his future. Troy quickly shook that thought away though. Last time the thought too much about that subject, all it did was loose part of himself and his heart.

Troy felt his stomach drop. Maybe that's why he was so nervous. It would be the first time in a half of year that Troy would be walking into the school without having her hand in his. He felt a shiver go down his back even though it was about 85 degrees out. 'Damn it, why didn't you take me back?' He thinks to himself. His bright blue eyes shut tightly, almost as though to shut out the pain. Big mistake. As soon as he did, he saw her image that was branded into his mind.

The eyelids rip back open. It was hard enough trying to get by when she was all he thought about. But what made it harder was the fact that she was one of his best friends and he saw her all the time. Slowly, Troy unbuckles his seatbelt and hops out of the car, thinking it's now or never.

The still summer sun blazes down upon Troy with fury. He could feel his black track jacket, red Wildcats t-shirt, and blue jeans stick to him already. How badly he wanted to be out making the most of this weather by playing basketball with his friends. But the summer was over and Troy had to face reality weather he wanted to or not. He was about to begin his senior year.

Almost as soon as he set one foot on the front steps, he was swarmed with about five people. "Hey Troy.", "How was your summer?", "I bet you can't wait for the basketball season to start." These were just a few of the many greetings thrown at him. Troy just tried to nod and smile, he was used to it by now though.

"Hey, Troy!" A familiar voice sticks out about all the rest. A smile creeps onto Troy's face as he looks up at this dark skinned, big haired, best friend standing at the top of the steps. Instantly, Troy sprints up the steps and did he's and Chad's handshake. He smiles and walks with Chad into the front doors of East High.

"Man you'd think you were Shaquille O'Neal or something." Chad nods toward the group that was just staked out in front of Troy. Troy laughs and shakes his head. "You know, it feels more like hell instead of school to me." Chad jokes and looks around the entrance.

Troy laughs again and nods in agreement. They reflexively start heading off to their lockers. Chad starts rambling about how they need to start practicing if they want back to back championships. But Troy wasn't listening. He was scanning heads, faces for the one special one. But he was unsuccessful. What he did find though was that every girl he looked at give him a smile, a wink or blushed.

They stop early to see a blonde standing in front of his locker. Troy took in the sight as he saw Ryan Evens wearing a white polo, black pants and a black hat to match. What he didn't see was the usual twin sister that was normally standing next to him.

"Hey Evans!" Chad greets their friend and smiles.

"Hey Chad, hi Troy." Ryan responds and reaches back to grab a book from his locker. "It took forever for me to get up this morning."

"Yea, I think I hit the snooze about four times wishing it was just a dream." Chad agrees. "Where's your sister?"

Ryan rolls his eyes. "Now that was a dumb question. She's with Zeke, as usual. You know she never shuts up about him! It drives me crazy! But I guess it's better than how she was before."

Troy nods in agreement. Though still the same selfish girl, she wasn't as bad as how she was when she broke him and his love up. Sharpay still had her drama friends, and her obnoxious way of thinking she's better than everyone else. But now that she was going out with Zeke, she seemed to have mellowed out a bit. She wasn't the same girl who would have done anything to get him at the beginning of the summer.

"So Troy…" Ryan turns to him snapping him out of his trance. "The fall musical tryouts are next week. Are you going to follow up a great performance in the winter musical?"

Troy's stomach dropped again. He had, indeed, thought about it. But not because he was an inspiring actor or singer. It was for another more important reason.

"I'm not sure…" Troy says while rubbing the back of his neck, a habit he did when he was nervous. "Maybe I'll just watch you and Sharpay."

"Oh come on now." Ryan says and shakes his head. "Well, it's your choice I guess. But we'll be looking for you"

Troy nods his head and looks at the clock, telling Chad that they need to get going if they don't want to miss homeroom on the first day. The two wave to Ryan, get their books from their lockers and head off to homeroom. When they get inside, they put their stuff down in the second row next to each other.

"Where's your girlfriend anyways?" Troy asks Chad.

"Picking up Gabs on the way. You know girls, they have to look so damn perfect." He says with an eye roll.

"Well we only do it for you." A dark girl with dark hair, wearing a green headband in her hair to match her shirt says as she pops up next to Chad. Troy watches as his best friend smiles and kisses his girlfriend Taylor. "Hey Troy." She says and he nods at her. But if Taylor was here, then that meant…

Suddenly, the air in the room becomes very different. All noise is drawn out from the rest of the world. It was almost as though time itself had stopped. Troy slowly turns around to face the door and feels his jaw drop about five feet.

Standing at the doorway could only be a dream. Her long dark chocolate colored hair was curled slightly so it reached just below her shoulders. Her face glowed with her black eyeliner and brown eye shadow blended on her eyelids. Her lips shined with lip gloss which made them irresistible. She slowly starts to walk in the room. She was wearing a long orange tank top that cut into a V revealing her cleavage. A silver, circular necklace hung low from her neck. She was wearing dark jeans with silver ballet flats.

To make it simple, she was gorgeous.

Troy watches as his ex-girlfriend walks toward him and smiles. She seemed so beautiful; it was almost as if he was seeing her for the first time ever. But of course, this was not true; he had just seen her two days ago.

"Hey Troy." She greets him with a shy, but smooth voice. For one of the rare times in his life, he was a loss for words. It was as if someone sucked out the voice from him and would never give it back. He felt someone disconnected from his body, daydreaming about things he probably should have been thinking about.

Finally, Troy shakes his head slightly to clear his mind and smiles back. "Uh, hey Gabriella." He finally manages to get out. 'That's the best you got?' Troy thought to himself about his nonromantic greeting. She continues to smile at him and giggles a little. Was that a good laugh or a bad one? Walking closer to him, he could smell the faint scent of her perfume, making him want her even more. "You look incredible."

Gabriella shyly smiles again and blushes. "Thank you. You don't look bad yourself." It was hard for Troy to resist putting a hand on her cheek or through her hair. He wanted so desperately to touch her. His bright blue eyes met her deep brown. At that moment, everything else around him froze. It was just the two of them, lost in their own world.

"Mr. Bolton, Miss Montez! Would you please sit down?!" A dreamy voice fills the room and Troy finally tore his eyes away from Gabriella's. He saw her blush slightly before looking around to see everyone else had sat down in their seats and were staring up at the two. Troy watches as Gabriella quickly rushes over to sit down on next to Taylor. "Mr. Bolton!"

Troy realized he was still standing and quickly sat down next to Chad. He looked up at his homeroom teacher, who was also the drama teacher, Ms. Darbus. A small chuckle left his mouth as he noticed that Ms. Darbus was in her usual exotic clothing (mainly consisting of satin and bright colors) that matched her personality.

"Well, now that everyone is settled, welcome back!" She greets and everyone groans. "I hope you had a refreshing summer but now it's time to put out thinking caps back on and enjoy the wonders of learning. Now some reminders; first, no cell phones. It your late to class it will be a detention. No bringing objects that don't have to deal with learning in the class." She glared at Chad who was holding an orange basketball in his hand. He quickly put it under his desk and Ms. Darbus rolls her eyes. "Also, some announcements. The auditions for the fall musicale will be held on Monday. Anyone who wants to broaden their theater talents may audition at that time."

Troy shot his head around to look at Gabriella who was also staring at him. A smiles forms on his lips as he remembers the last musical they starred in. He watches as she smiles back and looks away from him blushing.

"Now, does anyone have any questions?" Ms. Darbus looks around to find a single hand rose. It was one of Troy's best friends, who was also on the basketball team, Jason.

"So how was your summer Ms. Darbus?" Everyone groans and looks at him.

"Well, now that you asked, this summer I went to New York to watch a Broadway performance and…"

Troy looked over at the window in the classroom and stared out it, trying to keep his gaze away from Gabriella. He felt like they connected again, even though he had seen her all summer, it was still different being back here. He let his mind wander more until suddenly, a ringing echo in his ears. He looks up to find Chad standing in front of him. "Dude, are you coming?"

Troy shakes his head to clear the thoughts he was having and stood up. "Yea, sorry, I must have zoned out there." He picks up his books and walks out the door with Chad.

"Man, I don't know if I can stand Darbus for another year. My goal this year is to survive her class, and of course get back to back championships." Chad adds in and Troy nods. "What's yours?"

Troy's eyes wander and find a figure standing down the hall, talking with Taylor. A smile comes back onto his face and he looks at his best friend again.

"Get Gabriella back."