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Toph's ears perked up as she heard two figures coming out of the forest. She put her foot down and the vibrations told her it was only Aang and Katara.

She snorted and went back to listening to the embers crackle in their little campfire.

Sokka who had just recently sat down gave her a befuddled glance, then realizing she couldn't see, asked her "What was that?"

"What was WHAT Snoozles?"

"That snort laugh sound you just made?" He asked becoming even more confused.

"Oh that. I heard someone in the woods but then I saw…or felt…it was just Aang and Katara."

"Uhh, how is that funny?" Sokka asked with an expression of great confusion plastered on his face.

"It's just that they're probably shamelessly flirting with each other again." Toph responded coolly.


"Flirting. It what two people do when they like each other and-"

"But! Katara – my sister – she – and he – BUT THEY DON'T LIKE EACH OTHER!" He shouted now on the verge on insanity.

"Sure they do. They just don't know it. Aang's always complimenting her, and she's always hugging him and kissing his cheek. But it doesn't seem like either of them is confessing their 'undying love' for one another anytime soon." She explained shamelessly using air quotes.

Oh" He mumbled trying to think of a loophole to this conundrum. "But they're friends. Friends hug and compliment each other." Sokka smiled hoping this would explain why the avatar and his sister where so close.

"Yea, sure but when friends hug or touch one another their heartbeats don't skyrocket like they're having a stroke." She replied dowsing his one and only explanation.

He scratched his head thoughtfully. If anyone where to be in love with Katara he would choose Aang. He was trustworthy, loyal, kind and had matured very much over their travels.

At this Aang and Katara roamed out of the forest, delivering the fire wood they where sent to get. Aang was blushing and Katara was busying herself by cooking some trout, making sure she didn't catch anyone's eye.

Now that Sokka had accepted that the two young teens had secretly fallen in love with each other, he decided that he and Toph should somehow bring them together. Yes. That would be fun…


To be continued!!

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