Tobi looked around. He was in a cell with Deidara, in the Konohagakure jail.
Kisame and Itachi shared the cell in front of them, and Kakuzu and Hidan had the cell to their right. Konan and Pein shared the cell on the left of of Kisame's, and Zetsu had the cell to his (Tobi's) left. They were all stuck in jail, because Zetsu had been too careless on their last mission.
Deidara sat, staring out the small window in his cell. Tobi pestered him again.
"Ugh, they could have put him with Zetsu, yeah?" he thought. He looked over at Kisame and Itachi.
Kisame sat, staring at the purple nail polish on his toes. Itachi stared at his fingernails. Kisame sighed,"They HAD to take Samehada, hrm"
Itachi nodded,"They're not stupid Kisame"
"When we get out, can I cut a few of them up?" Kisame chuckled.
"Hrm...funny."was all Itachi could say. He looked at Kisame, then went back to admiring the fingernails he couldn't see.
Zetsu sat, looking over in Kisame and Itachi's cell.
"I'm hungry. Anyone willing to be my lunch?"he asked.
"Eat me and you die."sighed Itachi. Zetsu looked longingly at Kisame.
"NO!!"screamed Kisame, reaching for his sword."AGH!! THEY TOOK IT"
Pein woke up.
"Koonnaann??"he whined.
"Yeah?"she responded "Can you tell them to stop being idiots, and tell Zetsu that if he can eat through the bars, he can eat the OTHER prisoners"
Zetsu ran to the bars, and viciously started to gnaw at them.
Deidara sighed,"The bars are..." Just then Zetsu felt a few thousand volts of electricity go through him. "electrified with 7,000 volts...yeah? Uh...Eating them is not the greatest idea." Tobi slowly walked torwards the cell bars.
"Dei-senpai, are they really electrified?"he asked.
" Tobi, no they're not...feel free to poke them."he responded with a sinister grin. Tobi poked the bars. His hair stood up on its ends, and he fell to the floor.
"Uh...I thought the bars werent electrifried...oh... my head" wined Tobi.
"Heh...I heard the thump. That was Tobi, I presume, being an idiot" Hidan chuckled.
Kakuzu looked up from his knitting."Cool" he remarked, too busy to indulge in a conversation, then went back to his knitting. Deidara got up, and started kicking at Tobi.
"Hrmm...Deidara? Why are you kicking me? Tobi's a good boy...hey...ow..." remarked Tobi.
Deidara laughed, and said,"I'm enjoying the opportunity given, yeah"
Tobi winced."Owie, you kicked me on my side. Eh...ow! Let me get up...please"
Deidara just laughed harder."No. I'm actually enjoying this"
Tobi yelled,"Eehh...Deidara!! Stop!! Pein-san tell her to stop kicking me"
Deidara fumed."I AM NOT A GIRL!!"He shrieked, and started to kick poor Tobi harder.
Tobi started to cry."What did I say??"he asked while fighting back Deidara's foot.
Pein started to get annoyed."Deidara, stop that. Tobi, Deidara is a guy...I thought we told you already"
"But she...he...Deidara senpai is too pretty to be a guy!" Tobi sighed, causing him to be kicked again.

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