A loud laughter resounded from Zetzu's cage, "Yes! FINALLY!" he screamed. The guard started to back away a little, and turned to release Itachi and Kisame first. Yet, he grew scared of Kisame as well, and was frightened until he got to the cell where Deidara and Tobi sat. As he started to turn the key, Tobi realized Deidara was still sleeping, so he decided to wake him. Tobi grabbed Deidara's shoulders and started to shake him vigorously, saying, "Dei-chan it's lunch time! Someone as prett-" Suddenly Deidara's arm shot out from under the covers and pulled Tobi's mask off, ripping the string. Tobi gasped as Deidara put the mask in his Tobi's hand, whispering, "Guys aren't pretty...idiot!" He stormed away and out of the cell, noticing how hungry he really was. Tobi quietly followed, pressing his mask to his face as if that would fix it.

Itachi was upset now, why should he skip lunch due to some guard's fears? "Hey you" he growled to the guard. "I look normal, so let me out!"

Kisame walked up to Itachi and murmured, "But, I'm hungry too!" Itachi just turned and winked, and Kisame knew what he was going to do. What idiot would let an Akatsuki member who had skills that didn't involve weapons out? Apparently this guard. he thought as the cell door slammed open. Itachi quickly pinned him against the wall, and not even a minute after, the guard slid to the floor, twitching as if he were siezing. Tobi ran and grabbed the keys with one hand, while holding his mask to his face with the other. He ran to Konan and Pein's cell and started to fumble with the key in the slot. Konan just sat and stared at him, while Pein...did the same actually. They both glared at Tobi until finally, he opened the cell. Pein cheered while Tobi just stood there, astounded that he actually unlocked the door. He took off his mask and shone a giddy smile as he skipped to Hidan and Kakuzu's cell and quickly did the same. Suddenly as he was going to the last cell, he stopped, and pulled Kakuzu over.

"Kakuzu I'm scared of Zetsu, can you unlock the door?" he asked as he handed the keys. Kakuzu nodded as he walked to the cell and quickly opened it. Zetzu ran out and grabbed the guard.

"Can I eat him??" Zetsu asked. Pein nodded and ignored the crunching sounds as he walked away. Tobi just stared at the guard being demolished until Deidara realized that he was traumatized and pulled him away. Tobi blinked a few times, shuddered, and held on to Deidara in fear of being eaten next. Deidara was too busy thinking of other things to care. Tobi is so easy to scare! How did he get in the Akatsuki anyway? he pondered, until they reached the lunchall.

It was filled with hundreds of misicule criminals, people any one of the Akatsuki could kill, except Tobi, probably, who's eyes grew wide as he tightened his grip on Deidara's cloak. "Tobi, you can let go." he muttered, as he pushed Tobi away. Tobi insisted on holding Deidara's hand, no matter how many times he tried to shake him off. The trauma must be getting to him. he thought, as they found an empty bench nearby. As they got their food and sat down, Tobi still refused to let go. Deidara found this annoying, as he couldn't grab the fork. "Tobi!" he yelled in frustration. Tobi stared at him with child-like eyes and let go, slowly. Then he just stared and poked at his food, too scared to eat it. Deidara scoffed, and cut up all of his food before eating it. Then, Tobi saw what he was doing, and quickly snatched his hand again.

"Thanks Deichan!" he smiled. Deidara just rolled his eyes, and noticed that Tobi still wasn't eating.

"Why are you not eating your food Tobi?" he asked.

"Because I can't hold my fork! I'm too scared to let go!' Tobi whined. Deidara pinned the eggs to the plate as Tobi cut them, then ate them vigorously. Woah he was hungry! was all Deidara could think.