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Chapter Five: A Light At Then End of the Tunnel


Wonder Woman was under the weather.

It was quite an understatement to say Bruce was feeling quite smug. Getting an immortal Amazonian princess sick was an accomplishment. From his standpoint at least.

Bruce had the next day planned in advance. He was going to pester Diana with soup and make her watch soap operas. And whatever else came to mind.

He had also asked her to stay, telling her that she shouldn't waste energy on going back to the Watchtower. And he kept reminding himself that it wasn't because he actually wanted her to stay.

The night before, she had slept in one of his many guest bedrooms. She had fallen asleep early, and he knew that she required rest. So he left her alone and gave her a shirt to wear.

That morning he made her peppermint tea and he was all ready to annoy the heck out her.

With the mug in hand, Bruce walked slowly up to her room and he eventually knocked and opened the door without waiting for an answer

Bruce half expected to find the bed empty, but she was there. And she looked down right perfect. Yet, her hair was mussed and her shirt was wrinkled.

He also couldn't help noticing how unsick she seemed. She literally looked better than he had ever known her.

Looking like she had enjoyed the required peaceful rest, Diana stretched and yawned a good morning. Bruce just stared dumbfounded.

"How are you feeling?" he asked finally.

She smiled lazily. "This bed…," she snuggled into the comforter after sitting up, "is wonderful. I feel great."

"But you're sick."

"Oh, I was sick. If that's what you mean."


"After my restful night's sleep, I'm much better."

Bruce raised a brow in sheer confusion. "Diana… that was less than fourteen hours…"

"What? Did you expect me to have your illness for an entire week like you?" She laughed. And now Bruce was the annoyed one.

He took a seat on the edge of the bed.

She continued, "My immune system is quite enhanced. Unlike yours. Though… it'd be like you to give me your sickness somehow, just to get back at me."

He simply glared at her. And after a few moments he finally answered with, "If I could control my viral germs… wouldn't I have prohibited myself from catching it in the first place?"

She ignored him by grabbing for the mug of tea. "Oh! Is it peppermint, Bruce? You shouldn't have…"

She took a sip and smiled at him. "Alfred would be so proud."

Bruce laid down on the bed and stared up at her. "It's so unfair… Unfair…"

"Some nice guy you are. I take care of you for a few days and you repay me with hoping I catch whatever horrible thing you had? You treat me as nice as you treat Dick."

Ok, he had to admit he could be sort of unfeeling at times. Bruce knew any other woman would have shoved a pillow in his face and stormed out. Diana was so different. She simply looked down at him and smiled.

"If you wanted me to stay, I would have said yes." She took a long sip of the tea. "Would you like me to stay? Otherwise I can go back to the Watchtower."

Bruce merely stared at her for a second, thinking it over.

"Well… I guess you could stay… if you wanted."

"I'm not wearing pants. You'd have to give me something else to put on."

Bruce's mind went fuzzy. "Er… huh?"

"I could put on my warrior…."

"No! I'll find you something."

Diana smirked at that. "I'm sure you still have some vapor rub, though." Her words trailed off.

Bruce grinned widely. "Who says I need vapor rub?"

"Bruce, I was referring to your cough. What were you thinking about? For instance, we could get you some syrup for your chest."

That's when his face fell. At times, Diana could take the fun out of anything.

"I'm fine."

With that, he stood up and walked off into his room, only to return and throw a pair of sweatpants in her face.

"Put those on," he mumbled and then he shuffled down stairs to the couch that awaited him.

So they both had the day off. The woman of his dreams was going to spend it with him... considering there was nothing to complicate matters. And this time around, he was actually coherent.

He wasn't sure what they could do. His house was the size of Grand Central Station and there was a cave underneath that matched the enormity. The possibilities were numerous.

Although, he still needed to focus on becoming better, since he planned on returning to patrol that evening.. Whether Dick or Diana cared or not.

Deep in thought, he had barely noticed Diana floating downstairs gracefully until she managed to sit gently next to him on the cushion. Even in an oversized t-shirt and sweat pants, she could have killed it on any catwalk in Milan or Paris .

And her hair was messy to boot.

Bruce constantly reminded himself just how lucky he was that she even considered him a friend. Let alone anything else.

"So, should we watch one of the movies Dick got for you?" she asked after spying them on the grandiose coffee table.

He shook his head defiantly, "Maybe if you combined the two... I might be interested." Bruce smirked at the thought. "Doris Day meets Optimus Prime..."

Diana only blinked at him; it was completely lost on her.

"Never mind." Now he had to think this over. He wanted to do something that she wouldn't beat him at. She'd already won with the cold situation. Her immune system was iron clad.

When it came down to normal, well taken care of humans... it still seemed unfair.

There were flights to Asia that took longer than her cold lasted.



"Did you take your vitamin C today?"

He sighed. She was almost as bad as Alfred. Only she was sexy, which made a huge difference.


"Oh good..." She looked over at him and smiled sweetly. It forced him to smile back. "I'm glad we're getting to spend the day together; we weren't able to do it as easily before."

Having extra time wasn't on his agenda...ever...let alone an entire day to cut loose. But when vicious colds impaired, you had to do what was needed. Besides, Bruce had actually enjoyed the time off. But he wasn't going to let anyone know that. Not even Diana.

He was still coming up with an outrageous tale to tell his publicists and the media. Being held down to take a well-needed rest by an Amazon with an iron will wasn't a great story.

Or rather, it was too good of a story.

Either way, he'd think of something later.

They could play chess. Never mind that, he figured. She would win.

They could make soup. Too messy. Alfred would be highly disappointed at what he would have had to clean up. Especially right after his holiday.

He could give her a tour of the cave. But she's seen so much already. Plus it was still cold down there...

Before he could think about it more, and while Diana channel surfed, Bruce's phone went off. He slowly walked over to grab it.

Frowning at the ID, he answered curtly, "Kent ."

Diana looked over at him.

"Have I seen Diana?"

Diana mouthed a 'no'.

"Yes," Bruce continued. "But ..." he turned around to face the opposing direction. "I haven't seen her lately."

"Yes. I'm getting better. You better not spread the word. Kent . I'm serious. The next thing you know, you're going to have kryptonite laced toilet paper... See you tomorrow."

After he hung up, Diana laughed, but shook her head. "I don't know why you're so mean."

"It wouldn't be me otherwise, now would it?"

Bruce made sure to get the same position on the couch, while inching closer to her.

"So, what do you want to do today?" He finally asked.



She looked over at him and crawled closer. "Real life starts again tomorrow, right?"

"I guess."

She smiled slowly. "Then whatever we do today doesn't matter, right?"

"Suddenly I like where this is heading."

Without saying another word, Diana leaned closer and placed her hands, though a tad cold, on Bruce's face. Before he could react, she moved in closer to then place her mouth on Bruce's while she sucked his bottom lip slowly. He took in a sharp breath in his surprise.

She moved in closer and parted her lips, only to let out a loud laugh as she moved in on Bruce and started a tickle fight.

Clammoring to grab her, Bruce tried to free himself from the tickles. But she got away quickly.

"How did you know I was ticklish??" he demanded. He was partly angry, but he was on the edge of laughing his head off.

Not to mention... he wanted to kiss her again.

"Sometime during a stupor after having too much Nyquil." Diana smiled devilishly. "You told me many things... Mr. Wayne.."

He wasn't sure if she was being serious or not.

Before he answered back, though, he moved in to grab her. She was too quick.

"You're going to have to do better than that."

He shook his head. "But I'm sick! Sort of..." He narrowed his eyes at her. "Fine. If and when I catch you, I get to do whatever I want to you..."

"You're on."

The rest of the day, Diana and Bruce did nothing. Or rather... they did whatever they wanted since it didn't matter anyway.

The next morning brought a much different change of scenery. It had been the first fully attended Justice League meeting since Bruce's first cold 'incident'.

As usual, Batman and Wonder Woman ignored each other, just like they would have on any other given day. They acted as though nothing had changed.

Batman ignored prying questions from Wally. And Diana tried to keep her mouth shut since she wasn't good at even a basic fib.

Plus it wasn't something she wanted to cultivate ...telling lies, that is.

Bruce noticed a few sniffles from John and Shayera. She looked the most miserable, and she cursed Earth at least once or twice, which made Bruce smile inwardly.

Wally made some comment on his fast metabolism keeping him safe from minuscule viruses. Shayera shot him a glare and told him that he was going to get her sickness no matter how long it took.

Clark looked like he was trying to reign in kindergartners.

But little did any of them know, having a cold was the best thing that could have happened to Bruce.

Little did they know that Bruce and Diana had a series of dates coming on the horizon. Including that evening.

Diana had to promise not to tickle Bruce. And Bruce had to promise to lighten up. At least once.

Bruce had a container of vapor rub ready, just incase...

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