1Hey!!! Alright this is my first time ever writing a Fan Fic, so if it comes out terrible and out of character, Don't Flame me please! I'm a huge fan of Bleach and of the IchixRuki relationship.

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She shifted in her sleep. Her dreams of her past rushing through her head, but there was a faint beeping. She shifted again and again, not losing the beeping noise in her dreams. Finally, Rukia awoke and discovered the culprit of the beeping noise. She pulled out a small device from under her pillow and squinted her eyes at the bright screen in the darkness of the closet.

"A hollow? At this time of night?" she silently asked herself.

She opened up the closet door and squinted her eyes once again, getting used to the dark once again. A silhouette of a sleeping Ichigo appeared lying on the bed. Rukia snuck over to him and put the back of her hand on his cheek.

"He's so warm." she told herself.

She was still tired. Still with her hand on his cheek she began to roll into bed with him falling back to sleep until a beep came again. A sigh of exhaustion came from her mouth. Once again, she looked at Ichigo. He was so peaceful and tired from all the recent hollows. She liked to watch him sleep. He can sit this one out. Rukia will take care of the hollow and return to watch Ichigo rest a bit longer.

Rukia escaped out the window and used shinpo to arrive to her target faster. The sooner her job was done, the better. Sleep still lingered in her eyes as she rubbed them once again. In a dark parking lot behind a building, Rukia looked around.

"Is this the right place?" she thought to herself.

She looked around once again and stared back down at the monitor. She was right on top of the red dot symbolizing the presence of a hollow. Rukia turned to walk around when she felt the rietsu coming from behind her. She slowly turned her head peering behind her. The glimpse of a hollow made her turn around pulling out her zanpakutou. The hollow's dark, empty eyes seemed to burn a hole right through her. There was something wrong about this hollow and gave Rukia a feeling she didn't like.

The hollows long pointed teeth tilted upwards into a crooked smile.

"Ah, a young, tasty, soul reaper. Afraid of me are you? I can smell the fear on you. It makes you more delicious," threatened the hollow.

Rukia glared at the hollow not speaking a word. Her zanpakutou was out and ready to strike. The hollow smirked once again and charged at Rukia. Rukia leaped into the air easily dodging the hollows failed attack. There was something strange about this hollow. She still felt it deep down inside. What was this feeling?

As she asked herself the same question over and over again dodging everyone of the hollow's attacks, the rain began to fall. Suddenly, a loud zipping noise came from above her. Rukia glanced up and saw another hollow appear and before she could protect herself, the previous hollow's tongue whipped her down to the ground. Quickly jumping to her feet, Rukia swiped her sword at the first hollow as he went to attack her with his tongue again. She sliced off his large slimy tongue and quickly turned around and defended herself from the other hollow's long sharp claws. Once again, she leaped in the air to dodge the simultaneous attack from the two hollows when another one appeared from above her. This was too much, she realized what made her so nervous before. These hollows are hiding their rietsu. Somehow they are able to turn it off and on whenever they want, but these were just simple hollows. Another slash from a hollow's tongue came at her and struck her in the back. Another attack to the chest. She couldn't come up with a strategy to destroy three hollows while she was being lashed at. As she tried to predict their moves, the first hollow picked her up with is long, grubby hands and threw her against the wall. Rukia slowly steadied herself as a trickle of blood slid down her face. How she wished she would have woke up Ichigo. This would have never happened if Ichigo were here. She was lifted up again and thrown on the hard, slick ground. She rolled across the parking lot and once again steadied herself. Her vision was blurring. She saw three large figures not too far from her. She squinted to try to see them, but suddenly one fell. She tried to see again, but everything was going black. She fought to stay awake, but couldn't do it. She opened her eyes again and tried to refocus. She looked up and saw an emotionless face with orange hair.