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At a mall in Tokyo, a girl with long blond hair is carefully scrutinizing a red handbag. She's wearing dark sunglasses making her look cool and mysterious.

"This is pretty but the white one also looks good."

She was about to inspect the said white handbag when she heard shouting outside the store.

"Get off me! We're already through!" An orange-haired girl shouted at the man who apparently was gripping her hand hard."

"We're not through until I say so! You're going with me." The man said.

"You cheater! I said we're over!" The girl slapped the man's face.

"You bitch!"

The man was about to slap the orange haired girl when the blonde appeared at the scene and held the guy's arm tightly.

"You shouldn't hurt a lady mister." The blonde said.

Meanwhile, Rei who was about to leave the mall, noticed the commotion and the orange-haired girl. He looked carefully at the girl's face and was a bit disappointed because it wasn't the face of the person he wanted to see.

Idiot! You think that you'll easily find her just because you came back after 5 years. Rei bitterly thought.

"I think you should leave her alone mister." The blonde said.

There is something familiar about the blonde. Right, she's like Ran when protecting other people. Maybe, Ran is still in Shibuya. Oh great! I'm thinking of her again.

"Don't interfere you bitch!"

The man was about to push the blonde, but the blonde punched the man in the face. The man was lying on the floor. Yes, her punch was strong. The people who gathered to see what the commotion was about, were now clapping.

"Thank you Miss"

"It's okay! I just can't stand men trying to hurt women."

But it wasn't over. The man got to his feet and pulled the blonde's hair. The blonde's back was facing the man at that time. The blonde immediately turned around and punched the man, and for the second time, he was lying on the floor. But the damage to the blonde, if you can still call her that, was already done. People around her were gaping.

She touched her hair-it was short. She saw the blond wig on the floor.

"Oh crap! Oh crap!"

"Miss Ran! Oh my gosh! It's really you!" The girl whom she helped screamed.

Then other girls and even guys were rushing to her.

"Hehe. I still have an appointment. Bye." Ran started running for the mall's exit while speaking on her mobile phone.

"Kotobuki" Rei called.

Ran glanced at the guy who called her by her real surname.

"Rei?" Ran was puzzled but continued running for her fans might catch up with her. Ran succeeded in leaving the mall.

"Mister! Why did you call her Kotobuki?" A lady in her teens asked.

"That's her surname."

"Nope. It's Fujioka."

"Is she already married?"


Rei let out a sigh of relief. He didn't notice that he was holding his breath.

Why did she changed her name? For screen name purposes? Rei thought

"Why do those people follow her?"

"Are you from this planet mister?! Miss Ran is a veeeeeerrrryyyy famous actress and model!"

So I've been indeed gone for a long time. Rei also headed to the mall's exit.