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Important Note: Team 7 and the rest are all age 14 (one year before Shippuuden), Itachi is 20, and Sasuke didn't leave Konoha for power.

Silhouette of a Dream

Music blared, lights flashed, and shrill screams of joy cut through the thick, damp air of Konoha… Outside of a small dance club stood two figures, a young girl with rose-pink hair, and a boy whose eyes were like an infinite abyss. The world was dead to them; no sound could possibly penetrate the silence and tension that hung so heavily in the air that surrounded them.

The thick, brick walls of the club sheltered the two from the eyes of would-be spectators, and the only way one would possibly think the old building to be a dance club would be by looking through the doors. No windows came into view on either side, and the sound was like thunder. The bass of most songs would cause its surroundings to tremble, and that was exactly what Sakura was doing.

Tension was heavy in the air, and the intense gaze of someone nearby could be felt, even if the owner was still invisible. The two continued to stand in each others presence. Neither spoke as a frigid whirlwind of air blew by as if on cue… The boy gently pinned her to the wall, looking at her with a pleading expression upon his face, "Sakura…" His broken voice was carried by the wind and she cast her gaze away from him.

Crystalline tears made their way to her emerald eyes, and the shadows hid her face from his view, "I—" her sentence was cut short as she managed to force herself to look the Uchiha in the eyes. She caught sight of a passerby and froze mid-sentence. The man stared at her in awe as he passed by, an umbrella in hand. He continued on his way, tearing his eyes away from the sight as Sasuke glared at the man, as the icy drizzle added to the scene. Sakura began to speak, her breath hitching in between words as her emotions spilled out of her like a rushing waterfall. "Sasuke—I can't…! Not anymore…"

Sasuke clenched his fist and grit his teeth in frustration, finally looking at her face as she continued to sob uncontrollably. He could feel a pang of guilt within, and he lifted his hand to her cheek in an attempt to comfort her…

She flinched away from his touch as if he had burned her, and he could feel the immense pain wash over him like a tidal wave. "So now I can't even comfort you when you cry…?" he whispered, his heart contracting tightly within his chest as his voice trembled with regret.

Sakura glanced up at him with pity-filled eyes, and his suffering reminded him once more of the deep hatred that made his blood boil. The very same hatred that ran through his veins and would forever remain with him…the hatred he felt for his brother…Itachi.

End of Prologue

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