The second part of Tide of Destiny - Drummer - is in the process of being posted for those who would like to continue with the story.

It is a romantic interlude with a sprinkling of adventure and features Prince Amrothos. LBJ.

Tide of Destiny Part 1 - Original Character List.

R - Rohirrim

G- Gondorian

O- Other

Æbbe - R - Sister to Déor

Adian - G - Retired Swan-knight

Adwine - R- East-mark Rider

Alhael- G- Nephew to Duinhir

Aldred- R- A baby, nephew of the Lord of Harrowdale

Amal - O - Prince of Harad

Ana - G- Dol Amroth maid.

Annulin - G- Wife to Duinhir of Morthond.

Beorn- R- A rider of the East-mark. Husband to Edyth

Bergit - R- Daughter of the horse-breeder, Egbert.

Byrde - R- Hama's youngest daughter.

Byrhtwyn - R- Hama's widow.

Lady Calaerdis- G- From Sirith in Lebennin. A rich widow.

Coras- Fisherman - Master of The Blue Pearl

Cullas. - G- Clerk in Dol Amroth Healing House

Dáwyn- R- Bergit's maternal grandmother.

Déor- R- Friend of Éomer, brought up in Aldburg.

Durthor - G- A member of Lothíriel's guard.

Egbert 1 - R- Horse Breeder -Bergit's father

Egbert 2 - R- East-markPatrol leader

Edyth- R - Cousin to Éomer, related through his father. Wife of Beorn.

Edwick - R- A wheelwright in Eastfeld. Husband to Bergit.

Lady Eglaneth - G- Cousin to Imrahil - brought up Lothíriel

Eldrid - R- The Lady of Harrowdale

Elwyth- R- Déor's mother

Elthain- Relative of Edwick's

Master Éofor - R- Edoras Healer

Éomund - R- Son of Bergit and Edwick

Eorllic- R- Déor's father.

Ephrem - G- Imrahil's steward

Félewyn - R- Daughter of Bergit and Edwick

Faeldor- G- Guleth's dead husband

Garrick - R- Éomer's young squire.

Gideon - G- Amroth's captain

Godred -R- Lord of Rohanliving on the Wold

Guflaf --R- A Rider of the East-mark.

Mistress Guleth -G- An aide in the Healing Houses.

Halcon - R- Éomer's Stable-master.

Halldor - R- Lord of Harrowdale

Lady Heleguin- G- A relation of Faramir's

Hisael - G- Lothíriel's maid

Hulde- R- Lothíriel's temporary maid from the Eastfold.

Oríon - G- Son to Sergion. Childhood friend of Amrothos and Lothíriel

Marin - G A Dol Amroth widow

Princess Meren - G- Elphir's wife.

Moreth -G- Housekeeper in Town House

Nemir - G- Master of Dol Amroth Healing House

Pelilas - G- A captain of Dol Amroth

Lord Raglan G- Elder of Minas Tirith.

Master RaglanG- Assistant warden of Healing House in Minas Tirith

Rolfic - A Rohan carter

Sedgewick- R- A young relation of Edwick's, who works for him.

Seldrid - R - A Rider in Elfhelm's éored.

Sergion - G- Friend of Prince Imrahil's. Commander of Swan Knights.

Seron - O- An unidentified mystic.

Sigeweard - G- West-mark Healer

Lady Tinusel - G- Noblewoman from Lossarnach.

Welwyn- R- Daughter to Erkenbrand and Winfrith.

Wilflede - R- Hama's eldest daughter – Married to Elfhelm

Wilheard – R- Erkenbrand's son

Winfrith- R- Erkenbrand's wife

Umar - O- Prince of Harad. Device – the Black Serpent on Scarlet


Aéfre- ARohirric mare.

Aero - Amroth's warhorse

Amaurea - Lothíriel's Harad War-mare/

Fireball- Éomer ( originally his father's horse)

Firefoot- Éomer's stallion

Flyhte- Carthorse belonging to Edwick and Bergit.

Hero - Amroth's first warhorse

Gilroch 1 - Denethor

Gilroch 2 - Amroth's charger

Lady- Mare bought by Amroth

Léofwende - A Rohirric mare.

Mista – Lothíriel's 1st pony

Sea-lord - Imrahil's retired charger

Starkhorn - Eothain's warhourse.

Thunderer – Sergion's warhorse.

War-lord - Imrahil's warhorse

Warmonger – Erchi's charger

Whitewing – Sergion/Lothíriel riding horse


Gárbald - Collie dog belonging to Begit and Edwick/

Larca – Lurcher - belonging to Lothíriel