Extra Information:

21 years old- Bella and Edward got married

22 years old- Cameron Alexander Cullen was born

23 years old - Sienna Charlotte Cullen was born

28 years old - Jasmine Alicia Cullen was born

33 years old - Bella and Edward celebrate their 15 year wedding anniversary

34 years old - twins Noah Charlie Cullen and Leyton Carlisle Cullen were born

Edward became a paediatrician while Bella become a second grade school teacher.

Zoey was the only child for Emmett and Rosalie although Emmett is convinced there is always time for another one.

Alice and Jasper welcome a boy, Zachary Bryce Whitlock, two days after Jasmine was born and then another boy, Tristan James Whitlock a year later.

Anything else you wanna know feel free to ask.

Review Questions:

jmfan2010: I know that I Don't Trust Myself With Loving You is a John Mayer song. I thought the song was beautiful and as soon as I heard it the whole story popped into my head and thats why I chose that title, but thank you for letting me know.

Xhowwrongwewerex: You asked what Bella looked like. Is that what she looked like on her date or in general. I can't find a link to the dress that she wears on her date but if your looking for a general idea of what she looks like it's best to go to or OK I don't know about the rest of you, but when I've been kissing a guy for a certain amount of time or the kiss is passion filled or whatever, my lips tend to swell slightly and you notice it. I imagined that after being kissed with sound passion from Edward, Bella's lips would be the same. That's why they were swollen.

EC4me: You asked why Bella and Edward are having trouble saying they love each other. Well its basically because it's all new to them. Love isn't something they have experience before and they don't want to curse it too much by sprouting their love for each other all over the place. Love is a scary thing when it sneaks up on you.

MyTwilightRomance: Thanks for letting me know about my mistake of snake stand instead if snack stand. I didn't even realize i had written it, so thanks.

IceQueenx: You commented on my use of 'mum' instead of 'mom'. Ok i know that Bella is American but I'm Australian and I'm not gonna change my writing because of where I live. Sorry.

Vampiressuck: I have to confess that I have never actually see Casablanca. The reason I wrote it was because my dad and I had been shopping and it was one of the movies on sale. I will definitely have to watch it though.


Ok i want to thank everyone who reviewed because it shows me just how much you enjoy the story. I wanna say a massive thanks to all the people who told me what an original story this is. That was exactly what I was going for she thank you. After this I'm going to work on my next fic which you all have to check out. I don't know if it will be any good but I'm gonna try. Ooo before i forget I posted at the top of one of my chapters that I had my driving test on Wednesday. Unfortunately I failed but I'm going to go again soon. Well as soon as I can get a booking but Ill let you all know. Enjoy and feel free to email me.