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He's just an amateur these days

Not used to dealing with this pain

He's just an amateur these days

Never thought that he would see a girl away

Summer had come and gone. It was eventful to say the least. Walking down the hall she focused all her attention straight ahead. She did not need to look to the left and see Haley; trying to ask for forgiveness. And she most definitely did not need to see Lucas and Brooke making out to her right. No. She really didn't need that, especially after the summer they shared.

She was hoping this year would go fast. It was her last; these were the last few months she would have to spend with these people. Why would she want to spend any extra time with them then she had to? She had a leaver. She had a best friend who went after whatever she wanted. And then there was the one who promised her the world, but instead sent it crashing down.

To top it all off; she felt horrible. She had been throwing up. Her mood was all over the place. She had gained at least ten pounds. It was only the beginning of October, but so far, her senior year sucked.

"How's it going Sawyer", the dark haired boy asked as he threw an arm around her.

"I've been better", she muttered as she glanced back at Brooke and Lucas. Nathan sighed apologetically.

"My brother's a douche bag. He doesn't know what he has when he has it", she looked at him with a crooked smile.

"Thanks", she whispered as tears formed in her eyes. Nathan panicked.

"God, I'm sorry. I didn't think it would make you feel bad, I was trying to help", he told her sincerely as he wiped the tears that fell. She smiled at him.

"It's not that. I've been like this for a while. One minute I'm laughing the next I'm a mess", she talked as she stood at her locker. Nathan stared at her.

"How about we go to the drug store after school?" he asked casually.


"I just think we should", he told her firmly. Before she could question it again the bell rang.

"Come on buddy, history awaits", she laughed and together they made their way to class.

Nathan Scott had been Peyton's saving grace. He wasn't always though. She had had Lucas, but after one night that crashed and burned. She had heard that he called them a mistake. A lapse in judgment that he wished never happened. They were something that he didn't care about. It hurt. She was upset and alone.

But thankfully Nathan had been there.


Nathan wasn't in her fourth period English class.

He who shall not be named was.

He stared at her from across the room. Every time she looked down at her notebook he knew she was biting her lip. When he saw her hand feverishly stretching across the page, he knew she had her tongue out to the side in concentration. He shouldn't be noticing these things though. He basically had no right to.

He was with Brooke, well kinda. But that wasn't the point. He had someone else that he should be focusing his attention on. It shouldn't be someone else that he gazes at. It shouldn't be someone else that makes him inwardly smile. It shouldn't be someone else that makes his stomach flip. It shouldn't have been someone else that made him want to be a better person. And that someone else definitely shouldn't be her best friend.

"Stop it", she warned as she faced him quickly.

"We need to talk", he tried to sound forceful, but instead it sounded like a request.

She rolled her eyes. "I have nothing to say to you", he felt his heart clench.

"Come on", he begged once more.

The bell rang and Peyton jumped from her seat; Lucas was hot on her heels.

"Peyton", he called out as he followed behind her. She moved faster then he remembered. He began to panic; all he wanted to do was have a conversation with her.

"Don't make me run after you the entire way", he warned.

He sighed in relief when she stopped. He knew playing the heart condition card was low, but he needed her to stop.


"I just don't want your death on my conscience", she said harshly.

"Peyton . . . I'm sorry", he spoke sincerely.

"It's a little late for that."

"If you just let me explain everything–"

"Just go back to your little girlfriend Lucas", she seethed as she brushed past him.

He sighed helplessly. They needed to talk. He needed to talk to her. Lucas was always on the inside of whatever was going on in Peyton Sawyer's life. Now that he wasn't, he felt lost in a way. "Peyt", he begged.

She stopped in her tracks. He hadn't called her Peyt since . . . well since the summer. Alarms went off in her mind; walls needed to be built. Determined not to let him get to her she turned to him with a glare.

"Oh, but she's not actually your girlfriend is she?"

Lucas stood in the empty halls watching as she walked away from him. He couldn't help but wonder if things would ever be the same.


"So, tell me again why we're here", Peyton asked as they walked the aisles in the local drug store.

She waited for a response, but didn't get one. Had he suddenly become mute? He basically ignored her for the entire walk here and now he was ignoring her in the store.

"You know, you're not being such a great best friend now", she teased, he immediately faced her.

"Best friend?" he questioned with a smirk. Peyton felt the blood rushing to her face.

"Well, I mean . . . this summer . . . we just",

"I like the sound of that", he said sincerely with a smile.

"Jerk", she muttered as she put her head down. His smile only grew at her discomfort.

"Come on", he grabbed her hand and brought her down the aisle of his destination.

He truly did like the sound of being her best friend. The past few weeks weren't exactly easy on either of them. Haley had come back and Lucas and Brooke had developed friends with benefits relationship. The one thing that he was grateful for was her lack of brooding. He turned to look at her and noticed the far off look in her eyes. Okay, so she wasn't as broody.

Peyton eyed him curiously. "Is there something you need to tell me?" she joked as she pointed to the box in his hand.

"There's something this box will tell us", he said as he walked to the counter.

"Whoa", she grabbed his arm and stopped him in his tracks, "what the hell are you doing?" she hissed.

"I'm going to buy this", he said obviously. She rolled her eyes.

"I meant why", she clarified for him.

"Peyton, you have all the symptoms. Vomiting, mood swings, weight gain", he finished quietly.

"Ow", he growled as he rubbed his arm.

"That's for calling me fat", Nathan watched as the scowl on her face disappeared and was replaced by a quivering lip.

"Peyton", he said sympathetically as he rubbed her back.

"There's no way", she whispered, "we were safe", and she spoke so quietly Nathan could hardly hear her.

"Let's just get this to be sure", he encouraged gently. It seemed like forever until she finally nodded her head in agreement.


She kissed his neck. Slowly working her way down to his collar bone. Her hands worked the buttons of his shirt. As he sat there in only his wife beater and jeans she assumed he would be working on her clothing. She raked her fingers through his hair and kissed him hard. Her tongue roaming his mouth in hunger. Again she waited for a reaction.

"Luke, what's going on?" she asked in frustration.

"Nothing", he lied. She raised a brow.

"I'm trying to get you naked and you're not even moving."

"I'm just not that up for it", he tried to appease her.

Not that up for it.

"Ookayy", she drew out as she moved from his lap and sat beside him, "what's going on?"

"You're brooding more then usual, Broody", she explained when she saw his confused expression.

He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"Have you talked to Peyton?" he asked as casually as he could.

She lurched back, slightly thrown off guard. "Not recently", she said honestly.

Brooke had been busy. She had planned the end of summer beach party. The squad needed a new cheerleader. The committee was trying to come up with an idea for a dance. And she needed to think of a way to kill the new girl without getting caught.


"Because I haven't either and I just . . . its weird not knowing what's going on with her", he said quietly.

They spent every day together. Telling stories of their childhood. Secrets that nobody else knew. It was like they got to know each other all over again.

"Do you think something's wrong?" she asked with concern.

"No, I just, I don't know."

"Luke, I'm sure she's fine", she soothed while rubbing his leg, "besides she's got Nathan."

Lucas furrowed his brows.


"How long does this take?" she asked for what seemed like the tenth time.

"Five minutes", he said automatically.

"How long has it been?" she asked again.

"About three" he guessed.

They both laid in silence. She thought about everything that could happen after this. What it meant, where it would take them all. He thought similar things; only his mind was more focused on the fact that Peyton had suddenly grabbed his hand.

"What's on your mind Sawyer?" he asked.

"How'd you know?" she asked curiously.

"Peyton, we dated for two years. I don't have to see you to know when something's up", she smiled slightly.

Nathan was definitely not the same boy she had dated in sophomore year. He wasn't arrogant. He wasn't an ass. He wasn't self-centered.

"This is just crazy you know", she whispered, not trusting her voice, "I'm seventeen years old. Plus, Lucas is with Brooke. I don't want him to feel like he has to do anything. But I also don't wanna do this alone", Nathan propped himself up on his elbows.

"Peyton, maybe you aren't even pregnant. But, I know it's crazy and I know you're young, but you will not do this alone", he stressed to her, "this kid is going to have the best uncle ever", he finished with that Scott smirk. Peyton smiled before she threw her arms around his neck.

He was amazing.

"Thank you, Nathan", he smiled and rubbed her back.

"No problem Sawyer", he whispered back.

The beeping of her timer broke them from their moment. Peyton took a deep breath before getting up and walking into the bathroom. Nathan held his breath as he waited for her to reemerge.

A second later she did.

"How do you feel about being a godfather?" she asked as she broke into sobs.

And our history can never be erased

You were a great companion

And some memories will never ever, ever fade

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