A Twist to the Tale

Summary: Cloud is out on his deliveries and Tifa is all alone and vulnerable, enter Sephiroth

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A/N: I have seen a few Sephiroth/Tifa fanfics so here goes nothing, originally a one-shot but I may turn it into a multi-chapter if I get enough encouragement or get hit by a perverse wave of inspiration

Warning: May contain bondage, toys, OOCness, domination and some really weird shit

I say 'may' as I'm not sure how this is going to turn out.


It was a cold lonely night for Tifa. Cloud had to be called to the other side of the world on some errand, she hated that. Some nights all she wanted was to snuggle down next to the chocobo headed lover, maybe he could 'Wark' for her. It was so cute when he did that.

However she was not as alone as she thought. A silver haired man full of menace was observing her from a distance. "Perhaps she could be useful to me" He said out loud, spreading his one wing he swooped towards her bedroom where the martial artist was sleeping.

"Mmm?" Tifa started to wake up when she saw Sephiroth standing above her "You!"

"So helpless, I wonder why he leaves you like this" he grasped her arm, pulling her up viciously "when you could so easily be abused." He gave out a sinister laugh as she tried to shake his grip "come now, you must surely realise that resisting me will only result in pain."

"I know, your's!" Tifa moved her stance shifting her body weight towards her legs, Sephiroth pulled her up so they were face to face again but she had other ideas. Using the momentum of the former generals strength to connect her knee with his groin which despite being dunked in mako and having all those Jenova cells, still hurt the one winged angel a lot.

A tear started to form on his eyes, he didn't know whether it was out of rage or pain, in all his confrontations with Cloud and Avalanche Tifa had never fought dirty, she was strong enough herself not to need it. However this time she was not holding anything back. She broke his grip with difficulty after that attack and spun around sending a full roundhouse kick into the sensitive area dropping Sephiroth down to one knee.

"But, but how?" he asked in a combination of apprehension, surprise and pain.

"You underestimated a martial artist who kicked your ass before. Big mistake" And with that she charged energy into her fist and gave Sephiroth a Final Heaven to the face, strong enough to send him reeling onto the floor but not strong enough to kill him or send him into unconsciousness, grabbing his leather cape and pulling him up to her just as Loz did in Aeris' church she had a few more words for him "And since you seem to come back every time we kill you and never truly suffer for your crimes you are going to live" a sadistic smirk appeared on her face "and I'm personally going to make you suffer for each and every one of your crimes Sephiroth."

Standing up she placed her foot on his throat causing him to choke under the pressure "hmm, that'll do for a start but…" She walked over to her chest of draws and pulled out from the middle draw a riding crop "…since I never got the opportunity to test this out on Cloud, you'll do as a test subject" purring out the last words.

She also uncovered some rope, and soon tied Sephiroth face down on the bed spread-eagled with her straddling his back.

"Now Sephiroth, your punishment can begin in earnest."


"hmm, no response, perhaps I need to try harder!"

Thwack! the impact causing such pains to Sephiroth that he legitimately started to sob.

"What's wrong Seph? Can't take the rough stuff?" Thwack! A muffled scream came from him

"I could do this all day if I wanted to…" Thwack

"But fortunately for you my arms are going to get tired sooner or later" Thwack!

"Maybe I should see just how many I can do in 5 seconds then trying to beat that record" she giggled before driving 10 more quick strikes to the exposed backside.

"mmm, this is fun! Maybe Yuffie or Cloud would like to join in one day."

A muffled response was heard, Tifa pulled back the silver hair so she could fully hear his response

"Wha- what do you mean one day?" There was true panic in his voice.

"You didn't expect this to be a one time thing did you Sephiroth? Oh no, you don't deserve to be set free quite so soon. You have commited too many atrocities in your life time. And trust me, this is just a taster of what I have in store for you."

Releasing the general from his bounds she quickly flipped him over so he was face up, his breathing had become heavy and there were tear streaks down his eyes, if it was anyone else in front of her she may have felt sorry for them. More strikes across the face and the chest were delivered causing him to once again cry out in agony.

"Its no use, I had this room soundproofed so as not to harm the kids delicate ears, I didn't want them to be traumatised by me and Cloud's love making." Thwack! "Now, where to store my new slave…"


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