A Twist To The Tale

Additional 2

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Not again. Sephiroth thought to himself as he felt the chains once again latched onto his wrist and the cold, bare floor of the cellar. With a sense of dread he looked up to see a very angry woman looking down on him. Her breathing was heavy, not from exhaustion but from rage. It was clear that the only thing on Tifa's mind right now was just destroying the general.

"You just couldn't leave well enough alone, could you?" She snapped at him. "Why did you have to come back Seph?" she asked innocently enough, but when no reply came she started to shout "Answer me!"

The one-winged angel smirked slightly, "Or what? You'll make me think I'm being your bitch with that manipulate materia while you finger yourself? Just so you can make me think I can't escape whenever I damn well feel like? I'm not as much of a pushover as my dreams would have you think Tifa." he let out a slight chuckle only to be silenced by a stiletto heel to the throat causing him to choke.

Dropping down so they were face to face Tifa's hand quickly grabbed the general's neck pulling him so that they were mere inches apart. "Oh no Sephiroth. No more smoke and mirrors. No more mind games. I WILL hurt you tonight, and I can assure you that none of it will be from the influence of any manipulate materia." She said coldly releasing her grip.

Standing up she took a step back, away from her captive, only to have her leg snap out in a kick to Sephiroth's jaw causing one of his teeth to go flying and blood to drip onto the floor. Turning her attention to the wing she grabbed a handful of feathers and ripped them out creating a satisfying squeal of pain from the general.

Grabbing his face with a gloved hand she squeezed his cheeks before landing a swift punch to the forehead sending him unconscious.

Tifa turned away from the fallen man who was once again in her possession, quickly rummaging through one of the crates in the room she found what she was looking for. The old Avalanche potion stash.

Taking out a green hi-potion she blew of some of the dust that had collected on it over the years and poured some of the liquid down his throat. When that gave no response she found an old tuft of phoenix down and placed it on his head. The feathers burned slightly on the man before his eyes shot wide.

"Good to have you back with us" She jeered. Sephiroth groaned, although the feathers had brought him back to consciousness he was still very weak, a slap across the face almost sent him back over the edge. Tifa took advantage of his weaken state to bring out the implement Sephiroth had thought he had only seen in his dreams. The leather whip she had used to break him down in his mind was very real.

The first strike came crashing down across his exposed chest, leaving a red path of destruction in the flesh. The next struck the inside of his leg. Sephiroth was ready to pass out from the pain but Tifa had managed to obtain a regular potion from the stash and force feed the liquid to him.

The potion reduced the pain and prevented him from passing out. It wasn't enough to fully restore him to the condition he was when Tifa was forced to defend herself from Sephiroth but she didn't want him that way. The fear barrier she had worked so hard on building up shattered when he found out about the manipulate materia. It needed to be restored.

She was about to deliver a blow across his face with the whip before she heard a familiar rumbling noise. Picking up her phone she smiled as she saw the caller I.D.

"Hi Yuffie!" She smiled as she spoke as though she had not just spend the past half-hour torturing someone.

"Hey boobs!" Yuffie responded in her normal hyper way "When you coming over? I got to make plans with Reno."

"Please don't tell me you're still involved with him." Tifa groaned.

"Hey, he's great in the sack and it's a great way to get Vinny to notice me. He makes him jealous!" Yuffie said defensively.

"I still think he's bad for you Yuffie…" She scolded the ninja at the other end of the phone "you know what he's like."

"And that's why I've got the perfect system. If he does anything that annoys me or does anything without me agreeing to it, I hit him in the face and drag him round yours!" Yuffie responded.

"Yuffie!" Tifa shrieked, it was bad enough that Sephiroth was back here, now she was suggesting taking Reno in and giving him the same treatment? "No way, uh uh. No chance in hell am I doing that to Reno, he may be a womanizing bastard at times but there's no way I'm giving him the same treatment as I…" she paused for a moment "gave to Sephiroth."

"Geez, calm down Teef I was only joking." Yuffie said. "I could probably see you in about… 2 hours?"

"Two hours is fine, bye Yuffie." Tifa hung up and turned her attention to the man who was still in chains. "Well that gives me a time limit to what I can do to you now." She said, a menacing grin now appearing on her face. "Let's try to make the most of them, shall we?" She said picking up the whip again.


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