Attack Beast gave a low snarling growl. It wasn't the sound of a normal engine, too deep, too throaty. It was almost animalistic, the sound, or a mix of different ones rolled and blended into one. The growl was both natural, mechanical and at the same time very unnatural.

Trek backed up, swallowing, "Umm…" The young man stiffened as he felt the wall connect with his back, giving him no more room to get away from the massive ford that was bearing down on him.

"Oh, no you don't." Beast said rolling forwards to press his grill up against the human. Firmly, yet gently all things considering, pinning Trek to the wall. "You're not getting away this time."

"Get away?" Trek said, his voice a pitch higher then normal as he futilely pushed back against the truck, only to have beast inch forward again to make sure he stayed put. "Who ever said I was trying to get away?"

"You," The truck gave another unearthly snarl. If it had been possible, the AI would have smirked as he watched the young man yelp. The Attack Beast would never really hurt Trek, but he likes to watch people squirm sometimes. The AI played back a recording of Trek asking Dante to tell him when Beast was back so he could hide.

"Err…That…umm…" The young man faltered, knowing he had no excuse.

"You're not going anywhere kid." Beast said, "You owe me an overhaul."

Trek sighed in defeat, he couldn't get away anyways and he did owe Beast for saving him last week. "Okay, okay." He said after thumping his head against the black armor. So much for that over-nighter at the Autobot base with Plato…

Beast waited for a few moments, still firmly pinning Trek so he knew that the AI wasn't going to let him off the hock this time. Beast blew hot air through his grill in a type of snort before rolling back a few feet to let the human go.

Trek sighed again and was about to move when the Ford came at him once more. He almost filched, ready to get pushed back against the wall again but it didn't happen. The armored truck did push his grill up to Trek's middle, but the presser was different this time.

It took a moment for the young man to realize that the Attack Beast was giving him what could only be called a rough nuzzle.

Trek found himself laughing softly to himself as he leaned on the truck a little, reaching up to pat the armor. "Alright, open up and we'll go see Jazz, as long as Plato can come."

"I can hock up to his little trailer." Beast rumbled shrugging open his passenger door open and watch Trek carefully to be sure he would get in. Once satisfied that the man was in his cab the truck closed his door and backed up to where Plato was strapped down to a trailer and hocked up to it. The smaller AI was shut down for now, needing a few parts.

Queen's notes: I whole heartly blame Srorm for getting me hocked on TKR [Team Knight Rider as well as Knight Rider.


I adore Beast. He's a massize, rough yet lovible guy. He's like Ironhide fromt the Transformers. n.n! I just love him. I've been writing little one shots on paper, might put the others up.

Oh, Jazz reallly from my story line 3018, but this is a AU of the charater. Again I blaim storm since we made an AU of Jazz for a rpg. Just cuz' it's fun to play around with things.

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