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Kagome smiled as she watched Shippo play in the field of bright flowers. It was a warm summer day in feudal Japan. The sun was out and the sky couldn't have been more blue. So why does the black-haired miko feel sad?

It all started a few weeks ago.


"We haven't got any jewels" Inuyasha complained. Kagome turned to him.

"I told you, I can't sense any." Inuyasha huffed

"Naraku has almost finished the jewel and we're just sitting around making camp" Inuyasha growled.

"We know that, but Kagome doesn't sense anything, so calm down." Inuyasha glared at Miroku before he turned back to Kagome and said, "I bet you don't sense anything 'cause your powers are so weak."

Kagome looked at Inuyasha for a moment before standing up and walking out of camp.

-End Flashback-

It had been three years since their journey had started. Kagome was no longer a young, fifteen year old girl, but a strong, eighteen year old woman, and still Inuyasha called her weak.

Kagome had refused to speak to him since that day. They were still trying to collect shards, and it surprised Kagome that there were still any shards left to be collected.

Kagome was brought out of her thoughts when she heard Shippo cry for help.

"Shippo!" Kagome exclaimed, running up to him. She saw him curled up and crying.

Kagome picked him up and cuddled him. "What's wrong?" Kagome asked her adoptive son.

"Mama, I tried to pick that flower and I got burned" Shippo whined, pointing to a nearby flower.

Kagome looked where he was pointing and saw the flower.

The flower was very strange looking. It resembled a rose, but there were no thorns, and it stood much taller than any of the other flowers.

Also, it was the strangest color. It was purple, but it was dark, and it had a hint of blue in it.

If Kagome hadn't been focused on her son's pain, then she might have said that it matched the crescent moon that Sesshomaru had on his forehead.

Kagome cautiously reached out and touched the flower. It had a strong aura emanating from it.

Kagome picked the flower and inspected it. The aura disappeared immediately.

"Shippo, you said that it burned you, but it doesn't hurt me." Kagome showed Shippo the flower. Shippo reached out and tried to touch the flower, but Kagome pulled it away. "Shippo, I think this flower might hurt you again" Kagome explained. Shippo nodded and smiled.

"It's best that you keep it, Mama. I was going to pick it for you anyway." Kagome smiled and looked at the flower again.

Kagome had a bad feeling about this strange flower, but it wasn't because it had hurt Shippo.

"Maybe Keade knows what kind of a flower it is" Kagome mumbled to herself. She stood up and walked across the field and back to the village where Keade lived.

Kagome walked through the village with Shippo still in her arms.

She continued walked until she had reached the hut that Keade resided in. Kagome moved the flap at the entrance and entered.

Keade was cooking stew for lunch in a large pot over the fire. She looked up and saw Kagome.

"What brings ye here, child?" Kagome sat next to the fire.

"This" Kagome answered, holding up the flower.

Keade inspected the flower for a minute. "Let me hold it" Keade held out her hand.

Kagome placed the flower in her hand.

Keade cried out as the flower singed her hand. The flower fell to the floor.

"Keade, are you okay?" Keade rubbed her palm.

"Aye, I'm all right. That is a strange flower indeed" Keade looked at the flower.

"It was in the field outside" Shippo informed her.

Keade looked at the flower as it lay on the floor.

"What's going on?" Everyone turned to see Miroku standing in the doorway.

"Shippo found a strange flower" Kagome explained. Miroku walked across the room and sat down.

He saw the flower and tried to pick it up. "No don't!" Kagome exclaimed, grabbing his hand before he could touch it.

Miroku looked at Kagome. "What's wrong?"

"That flower has burned both Keade and Shippo."

"Kagome is the only one who can touch it" Keade explained. Kagome let go of Miroku and looked at the flower.

"I wonder what it is" Kagome pondered. Everyone looked at the flower again. Kagome picked it up and inspected it closely.

Nothing seemed to be wrong with it. It didn't burn Kagome. Keade turned her attention back to the stew she was cooking. "Kagome, maybe you should get Sango and Inuyasha in here for lunch."

"Sure, be right back." Kagome quickly left the hut.

Miroku turned to Keade and said, "Keade, I believe I know what that flower is." Keade looked up.

"Are ye sure?" Miroku nodded.

"I think I've heard of it before. I've heard of a special flower called a Flower of Fate. It is said that when a female youkai finds it, that it means that she will soon come upon her mate, and that no one can touch it except for her" Miroku explained.

"Kagome is not a female youkai."

"I know, that's why I'm worried." The door to the hut opened as Kagome, Sango, and Inuyasha entered the hut.

"Leave me alone!" Inuyasha demanded as he sat down. Kagome huffed and sat down next to Keade.

"What is wrong with ye?" Kagome turned away and huffed again.

"They had a fight" Sango explained.

"Ye need to stop fighting if ye are to finish collecting the jewel shards" Keade stated, pouring stew into a bowl. She handed the bowl to Kagome and began pouring another one.

"Thanks" Kagome mumbled before eating. Keade handed another bowl to Miroku.

"Thank you, Lady Keade." Miroku bowed in gratitude.

Keade continued pouring the stew until everyone had a bowl. There was tension as everyone ate.

Kagome ate in silence as Shippo talked without noticing that no one else was talking.

" . . . and then we found this" Shippo finished, pointing to the flower. Sango stopped eating and looked at the flower.

She bent down to get a closer look, but she didn't pick it up.

Sango sat up straight again and looked at Shippo and asked, "Shippo, where did you find this?"

Shippo turned to Kagome. She was still eating and trying to stay out of the conversation.

"Kagome, where did you find the flower?" Sango questioned.

Kagome looked up at her and answered, "We found it in the field outside."

Sango looked back at the flower. "Kagome, are you saying that you could touch it?"

Kagome nodded and picked up the flower.

"The flower shocked me and Keade, but Kagome can pick it up" Shippo said.

"Kagome, do you know what this flower is?" Kagome shook her head.

"What is it?" Sango sighed and began explaining.

"It's called a Flower of Fate. When a female youkai finds it, it means that she's going to find her mate soon." Kagome looked puzzled.

"I'm not a youkai."

"We know that. That's what I'm worried about. It might be good or bad, but we can't be sure." Kagome turned to Miroku and took in what he said.

This was all very strange to her.

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