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Hate Became Love


Gabriella has been friends with Taylor all of her life. Gabriella's mom moves a lot with her job and they move to Taylor's hometown Albuquerque, New Mexico she starts a new school at East High, and meets Taylor's friends. Gabriella meets her next door neighbor Troy. Sharpay sees them getting along so she does something to make them hate each other but deep down in side they both love each other. But when tradgy strikes will they get to say how they feel about one another or will it be too late. I am going to shorten Gabriella's name when I write because her name is long so you may see Gab, Gabby or Brie so you know and won't get confused. Mostly Troy/Gabriella, Chad/Taylor, some Zeke/Sharpay and the other Wildcats I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS OR HSM!!!

Chapter 1 Moving

Gabriella was in her room packing her clothes in boxes and she stopped and sat on her bed and sighed. Here we go again I should for now on not unpack because I have been doing this for years for once I would like to say in a place for more than a year. Gabriella said. Hey honey I heard what you said I am so sorry I put you through this but I got some good news. We will be moving to your best friend's hometown Albuquerque, New Mexico so you will have a friend there and also my company promised me I wouldn't get transferred until you graduate. Gabriella's mom said. Really that's awesome Gabriella said hugging her mom. Taylor and Gabriella have been friends ever since they were kids her mom and Taylor's parents were friends so from time to time they got to spend time with each other and visit each other. I got to go call Taylor and tell her the good news. Ok you do that don't stay on too long because in about three hours we are going to leave for the airport. I am going to call Taylor's parents and tell them to pick us up at the airport. Ok mom just tell me when you're ready. Gabriella said.

Gabriella picked up her phone and called Taylor. Taylor Chad and Troy were eating lunch at school when her phone rang. Taylor answered the phone. Hello Taylor said hey Tay it's me Gabriella how have you been. Gabby said oh hey Gabriella I'm good how are you doing we haven't talked in a while how are things going. Things are good do you want bad news or good news first Gabby said hmm I will take bad news first. Taylor said ok my mom needed to transfer to a different state so we are moving again. Gabby said oh that sucks what's the good news then. We are moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico and my mom said that her company won't let her move to a different state until I graduate from High School. Gabby said and waited for a responses from Taylor. Tay are you ok say something Gabby said. Just them Gabby heard Taylor scream on the end. AHHHHH!!! I am so excited so your really moving here to New Mexico that is great news I can't wait to see you when are you leaving. We are leaving in three hours my mom is calling your parents to pick us up from the airport when we land. I missed you so much Gabby I can't wait for you to meet my friends they will all like you. I'm sitting right next to two of them. Hey guys say hi to Gabriella Taylor said hey I'm Chad and this here is Troy well you can't see him but you will. say hi Troy Chad said Hi Troy said and handed the phone back to Taylor well I better let you go and pack your things see you in a couple hours Gabby Taylor said yeah see you in a few hours just then Gabby hung up the phone and started to finish packing her bags and headed down the stairs.

So I see where going to add another friend to the Wildcats said Chad. I have been friends with Gabriella longer than you so yes. Ok I wasn't saying that to be mean or anything Chad said I know Chad. Taylor said Troy wasn't the house next too you for sale. Taylor said yeah it was but someone bought it last week I saw the women that bought it. Troy said do you know the persons last name. Taylor said yeah I think the person told my parents her last name because they talked to her a little bit and I believe her last name is Montez. Oh my Gosh you are going to be living next door to Gabriella because that's her last name. Taylor said in an excited voice. Oh that's cool. Oh crap I see Sharpay I got to go but I will see you in practice Chad. Ok man see you there. Just then Troy hurried back into the school before Sharpay could see him. Sharpay has had a crush on Troy ever since the fifth grade so Troy tries to avoid her as much as he can. Hey guys have you seen Troy I need to talk to him. Umm sorry haven't seen him since home room with Ms. Darbus. Chad said oh ok if you do can you tell him I need to talk to him about something. Sharpay said yeah sure we'll do that Taylor said thanks Sharpay said and started to walk and saw Zeke. Hey Sharpay I baked you some cookies. Zeke said what did I tell you don't talk to me when were in school now move. Sharpay pushed Zeke out of the way and walked into school. A little while later Zeke followed. Man he's got it bad for her how can he like her she treats him like crap but he doesn't even know it Chad said. I know I feel bad for him sometimes Taylor said well we better get to class before Ms. Darbus gives me a detention Chad said. Yeah I will see you soon I got free period. Taylor said oh your so lucky Chad said and leaned in and kissed Taylor on the cheek see you later. Just then Chad walked into school.

Gabriella are you ready. Gabby's mom said yeah I'm ready I'm in the living room. Gabby said ok lets go. Just then they both went out of the house. Gabriella stopped and looked at the house for the very last time. She always did that when she moved. Gabby put her bags of clothes in the drunk of the cap. Gabby you know that all of our other stuff wont come until 2 days after we move in the house and you wont start school until next Monday so we have some time to unpack and settle in and I know that you are going to be wanting to spend time with Taylor and meeting her friends so you can have a little time to hang out with them but then you are going to have to unpack your stuff. I know mom I hear this every time I know the drill. Gabby said ok I just wanted you to know that. Just then they arrived at the airport and got there bags and headed to were there flight was going to be. 10 minutes have passed and there plain arrived and they went to the gate and took there seats on the plain. So what time are we going to be getting there? Around 6 O'clock and Taylor's parents will be there and they will take us to our home. Gabriella's mom said ok Gabby yawned and looked at her watch it was 2:00 in the afternoon. Four hours that's not too bad. Gabby said you look tired sweetheart you should get some rest I will wake you up when we land ok. Ok mom I am just so excited to see Taylor. I know honey I'm just glad you have a friend there. Before you know it you will have a whole bunch of friends. Yeah I can't wait. A few minutes later Gabriella fell fast asleep.

Chapter 2 New Home

Gabriella it's time to wake up. Gabbys mom said. Huh how long was I out Gabby said you were out most of the flight did you get any sleep last night. Mom you know how I am when it comes to us moving I don't sleep the night before because I get so nervous and I do my packing at the last minute. Gabby said. This time you won't have to worry because my job promised me we would stay until you graduate. Yeah I know mom. Gabby said looking out the window noticing they were almost landed in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The lights are amazing here. Did you meet any of the people that we are going to be living next door too? Gabriella said as a matter of fact I did last week it's a wonderful neighborhood and the people seem super nice I met the Bolton's and they seem really sweet I also heard they have a son about your age maybe a little bit older. Gabby's mom said. Oh that's really cool I can't wait to meet them. May I have your attention people 5 more minutes until we land so fasten your seat belts and enjoy your stay here at Albuquerque, New Mexico and come back soon. One of the flight attendants said. 5 minutes later they landed and got off the plain. I am so excited to see Taylor Gabby said I know you are you haven't seen her in a couple years. Gabriella's mom said they walked to the bag room and got there bags and looked for Taylor's parents.

Are you sure they said they would get here about 6:00 Taylor said so excited she hasn't seen Gabriella for about 4 years so she was really excited to see her best friend. Yes Taylor just calm down its only 5:40 they got 20 minutes yet. Taylor's mom said looking at her watch. Oh sorry Taylor's phone rang and saw that it was Gabriella. Hey Gabbs how are you. I'm good we just got off the plan and got our bags we just need to find you guys where are you. Gabby said we are towards the entrance and we got some big signs so you won't miss us. Taylor said ok we will see you in a few Gabby said and hung up the phone. What did Taylor say Gabby's mom said? She said that there towards the entrance we wont miss them because they got big signs. Oh ok. Two minutes have passed Gabby and her mom made it to the front entrance of the airport and saw Taylor and her parents. Gabbys jaw dropped because she saw a big sign that Taylor made for her it said Gabriella Montez Welcome Home!! I Missed You. Gabby dropped her bags and ran towards Taylor and hugged her with tears of joy in her eyes. I love the sign Taylor I missed you so much. Gabby said I missed you too. I am so excited you're here and going to be staying here. I know me too. Gabby and Taylor walk towards the doors and headed towards Taylor's car.

You're going to have to show me around this town because it looks so confusing Gabriella said looking out the window of the car. I will you don't have to worry because I am here for you 24/7 if you need me and I am a phone call away and a couple houses down from your house. Taylor said oh cool that's great. Have you seen your house yet Taylor said no I haven't I am pretty excited and I'm usually not when I move to different places because I know I wont be staying for long but this time this really does feel like my home even though I never set foot in my new house. Gabby said. Hey girls we are almost there. Taylor's mom said thanks mom. A couple minutes they arrived at Gabriella's new house and she saw two guys playing basketball next door. Wow this is a big house mom I love it already Gabby said getting out of the car. I'm glad you like it before you go and meet the neighbors I want you to go unpack your bags and just look around the house. Ok Gabbys mom said. Yeah ok mom Taylor lets go. Oh ok. Hey Taylor Chad said waving at Taylor. Hey Chad I will see you in a bit Taylor said waving back and helping Gabriella with her bags and went into the house. Who were those guys Gabby said looking out the window watching them play Basketball. Them oh those are my friends you kind of talked to them yesterday. The one with the afro is Chad we have been friends for a long time but now we are together. And the boy with the long brown hair is Troy he is going to be your next door neighbor so you guys will probably be hanging out a lot. Taylor said Gabriella lost her train of thought because she was so drawn to Troy for some reason. Troy's very nice we have also been friends since grade school. I remember one day in 6th grade Sharpay was giving me a hard time and he came up to Sharpay and stood up too her no one likes to stand up for themselves when it comes to Sharpay but not Troy if someone hurts his friends he calls people out that's what makes him a sweet guy. Taylor said oh cool I want to meet them. Gabby said and started heading down the hall. Your mom told you, you had to unpack first Taylor said. Tay I can do that later lets go.

Troy shoots and he scores I win. Troy said yeah only by one point one of these days I will win. Chad said Yeah in your dreams. So the girl Taylor was with I think that's the new girl what's her name Chad said I think her name is Gabriella cute name. Dude she's coming over here Troy said and they both looked and saw the dark haired girl with Taylor coming there way. Hey guys I want you to meet one of my best friends Gabriella this is Chad and Troy. Troy this is your next door Neighbor Taylor said Hey Gabriella nice to meet you. Troy said for some reason he couldn't take his eyes off of her. She just moved here from Texas. Taylor said oh that's cool I got some family back in Houston were you from. Troy said well I lived al over the place so I wouldn't call Texas home. Gabby said looking into Troy's big blue eyes. He has great eyes Gabriella thought to herself. Gabriella has a beautiful smile Troy thought. Nice meeting you both Gabby said. Yeah nice meeting you too Chad said shacking out his hand to greet Gabriella. Gabriella Montez I told you to unpack your bags before you meet the neighbors. Gabby's mom said. Ok mom I'm coming I'll be right there. Well I got to go but I will see you guys later. See you Chad said yeah see you later Brie Troy said did I just call her Brie Troy thought. Yeah see you later Troy Gabriella smiled at him and started walking away. Did he just call me Brie? Gabby said out loud. Yes he did is that a bad thing Taylor said no it's not it's just my dad called me Brie a lot. Gabby said oh well I better get going because my mom and dad are wondering where I am if you need anything just call me ok Taylor said yeah I will just then they both hugged each other and Taylor started to walk home Chad followed Taylor because they live next door to each other too.

Gabriella what did I tell you before unpack your bags and then you could meet the next door neighbor. I'm sorry mom I just saw them playing basketball and I just had to meet them because what would happen if they went inside the house you know I'm shy around guys so I couldn't go to the door and introduce myself. Gabriella said ok Gabriella you don't have to apology I would have done the same thing and I know you are sick of moving so I don't blame you. For wanting to just start to make new friends. I am going to be ordering some Pizza you want anything else. No Pizzas fine now. Ok Gaby's mom left the her room and Gabriella looked out her window and saw Troy shooting hoops and just smiled to herself. Nice to meet you Troy Gabby said. Troy was outside. Troy time to eat Troy's dad called out. Ok I will be there in a minute. Troy stopped what he was doing he could feel someone watching him but he didn't turn around because he new who it was and Troy just smiled and said something. Nice Meeting you too Gabriella and then Troy walked in the house while Gabriella was watching him.

Chapter 3 Sharpay's Plan

A week has passed and Gabriella loved it in Albuquerque, she made a lot of friends and she was crushing on her next door neighbor Troy. They were getting along great. Gabriella's phone rang and she answered it.

"Hello" Gabby said she relised it was Troy because she looked at her caller id and she got a smile on her face.

"Hey Brie its Troy, I was wondering if you needed a ride for your first day of school"

"Actually I do, my mom is at work, I was going to walk but you offered a ride so I didn't want to pass that up." Gabriella walked out of her room to her balcony. And saw Troy out on his balcony.

"Ok meet me out in 5 minutes" Troy was just about to hang up when Gabriella spoke

"Sounds good wait I got to ask you something, why are you calling me Brie" looking at Troy from her house.

"Um well it's short for Gabriella and Brie is in your name so I just gave you a little nick name but if you don't want me to call you that then I wont."

"No I like it it's just my dad used to say that too me when I was little, so it brings up memories of him but good ones."

"Oh I see well I will see you in a bit bye. Troy hung up the phone and headed back into his room.

5 minutes later Gabriella met Troy outside.

"Thanks so much for the ride Troy."

"Hey no problem what are friends for Brie." Smiling at Gabriella and helped her into the car. Troy started the car and pulled out of his drive way and headed to school.

"Troy since you gave me a nickname is that ok if I give you one." Gabriella looked at Troy and smiled.

"Uh sure I never really had a nickname but go for it." Troy smiled back at Gabriella.

"Ok I am going to call you…. Blue Eyes."

"Blue Eyes why did you pick that." Troy gave Gabby a weird look

"Because you have beautiful Blue Eyes." Giving Troy a little smirk.

"Well ok Gabriella we both got nicknames, but I'm not crazy about mine but I will deal with it." "I actually do like that Nickname "Blue Eyes" Troy thought."

"You don't have to like it but I do." A couple minutes later Troy arrived in the parking lot and got out of the car and opening the door for Gabriella. What they didn't know was Sharpay was watching the whole thing.

Troy, Gabriella, Chad, and Taylor all met each other and headed into school. While Sharpay was with Ryan.

"Shar what are you looking at." Staring at his sister

"Who is that with Troy, I want you to find out her name and give me all the details on Troy and that girl's relationship?" She demanded Ryan was Sharpays puppy dog. But he was getting sick of it.

"Why should I, you got legs, you go talk to her if you want to know about her because whatever you are planning I don't want anything to do with it. Ryan walked into East High.

"Oh I will find out and I will make up a plan to break up Troy and that girl. And then Troy will be all mine."

"Who are you talking too?' Zeke looked at Sharpay funny

"None of your business, why are you here."

"First of all I'm going here at East High and second of all you don't return my calls I thought you had fun out on our date.

"Zeke you're a great guy, your not my type and besides I only went out with you to make Troy jealous." Zeke was hurt on what Sharpay said to him and just walked away and said nothing. The bell rang and Sharpay headed to homeroom.

Chad, Taylor, Troy, Sharpay, Ryan and the rest of the Wildcats were in Ms. Darbus homeroom class. Gabriella walked in the room and gave Ms Darbous a sheet of paper.

"Hey everyone we got a new student here at East High this is Gabriella Montez. Ms. Montez you can have a seat next to Sharpay Evans." Pointing were Sharpay was.

"Hey Brie." Troy smiled at Gabriella.

"Hey Blue Eyes." Gabriella smiled back at Troy.

"They got pet names for each other." Sharpay looking at Ryan

"Shar don't make a scene."

"Why do you always think I will make a scene?"

"Because you're a drama Queen and I am getting sick of it." Ryan getting mad.

"What is your problem?"


"Ms. Evans Mr. Evans do you got a problem if you don't be quit I will give you detention."

"No problem here Ms. Darbus." Sharpay said putting on a fake smile.

Sharpay looked over at Gabriella and started talking to her.

"My names Sharpay." Putting her hand out so Gabriella could shake it.

"Hi I'm Gabriella, nice too meet you." Shaking Sharpay's hand.

"So I see that you and Troy are getting along well, so what's up with you too."

"Nothing much Troy he's my next door neighbor and he has been really nice to me so we are just friends." Looked over and saw Troy smiling at her she smiled back and started talking to Sharpay again.

"I see you have nicknames for each other it looks like you have a crush on the Basketball Captain."

"Shar!!" Ryan said looking annoyed.

"Oh this is Ryan my brother."

"Oh hey Ryan nice to meet you."

"Yeah you too."

"Anyways do you have a little thing for Troy Bolton?" Sharpay said looking at Gabriella waiting for a reply from her.

"Well I might why."

"Oh it's nothing."

The bell rang and there homeroom was done. The wildcats all walked out of the room and went in the hall.

"I will see you at lunch." Troy said to Gabriella

"Yeah see you then." Troy smiled at Gabby and started walking to his next class. Sharpay was watching the whole thing and started smiling.

"I don't like the look that you are making. Ryan said looking at his sister.

"By the end of the day Gabriella will want nothing to do with Troy Bolton."

"What are you going to do?"

"You will just have to wait and see like the rest of the Wildcats." Sharpay looked at Ryan and walked down the hall with a smile on her face.

"This doesn't look good." Ryan thought to himself.

Lunch was about to begin and Troy met Gabriella at her locker.

"Hey Gabriella are you almost ready for lunch." Walking towards her.

"Yeah almost I got to go to the bathroom first but I will meet you and the rest of the gang outside ok." Closing her locker door. And looking back at Troy.

"Ok see you in a bit Brie." Troy smiled at Gabriella.

"Bye Troy see you in a few." Gabriella walked away from Troy and headed to the ladies Bathroom.

Sharpay saw Gabriella walk in the ladies bathroom. So she started walking towards the ladies room and waited outside until Gabriella walked out. A minute later Gabriella walked out of the restroom and bumped into Sharpay on her way out.

"Oh I am so sorry about that I didn't see you there."

"That's ok it happens all the time." Sharpay putting on a fake Frown.

"Are you ok you look a little worried, what's wrong? Gabriella looked concerned. "My plan is working Gabriella is falling for it." Sharpay Thought.

"It's nothing."

"No I want to know because you are nice to me and my new friend."

"Yeah you are ok but what I have to say you might not like it because it's about Troy."

"What about Troy." Gabriella looking confused.

"Well I was walking in the hall eelier today and I saw Troy talking to one of his Basketball buddies and he told him that he was using you to get some other girl jealous. And the only reason he was being nice to you was because he felt sorry for you because you move a lot. He said he didn't care about you. He also said... "But before Sharpay could continue Gabriella cut her off.

"I heard enough, I can't believe he was using me I thought he cared about me." Gabriella trying to hold her tears back.

"I'm so sorry Gabby." Sharpay put her arms around Gabriella and smiling on the inside. "She fell for it yes."

"I got to go."

"Where you going."

"To find Troy and tell him he is a jerk." Gabby still had tears running down her face.

"You go tell him." Just then Gabriella walks away wanting to fined Troy.

"My plan worked, perfect. Sharpay smiled and walked outside to see what was going on.

A couple minutes later Gabriella walked outside and saw Troy sitting by Chad and Taylor.

"Hey Brie where have you been." Troy said looking at Gabriella

"Don't hey Brie me, and don't act like you care about me because you don't care for me." Gabby staring at Troy angry and had a tear roll down your eyes.

"What are you talking about." Looking concerned at

"You know exactly what I am talking about I thought you were different but you aren't you are a jerk and I never want to speak to you again."

"I seriously don't know what your talking about and why are you made at me."

"Oh shut up Troy don't act like you don't know what you did I really thought you were different Troy but I was wrong." Gabriella looked at Troy and tears started rolling down her eyes again and she ran away back into the school.

"Brie wait." Troy said getting up from his seat but Taylor stopped him.

"She's my best friend I will see what is up." Taylor got up and ran to go find Gabriella.

"Dude what did you do." Chad said looking angry at Troy.

"Why are you blaming me I didn't do anything to Gabriella, I need to be alone." Just then Troy got up and walked down the street. He didn't know where he was going but he needed to get out of there.

"Shar I can't believe you did this." Ryan said

"It worked out better than I thought now Troy is all mine." Sharpay looked at Ryan and walked towards Troy so she could catch up too him.

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