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Thanks so much everyone for reading my story. it meant a lot to me. I am just glad you liked it and enjoyed it as much as I liked writing in. I told you I was going to name the people that have reviewed and been there reading my story from the begining. So I would like to thank the following people.

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It Means so much to me. I dedicate this page to you and the story to you because if it werent for you this story would be nothing. it made me want to write more. I dont know if I will make a sequal to this story but if I do it will be after I am done with my story that I will be working on now. if you do want me to write a sequal then you got to give me some ideas. I also said i would give you a preview of my new story. I only written the summary so next week i will be putting up the Summary and the first chapter in the same post. so tell me what you guys think of it and if you have any ideas feel free to tell me and I will credit the person for the idea. :)

Name of New Story: Two Years Later


In High School Troy had it all. he was the captain of the Basketbal Team. He had great friends and a Wonderful Girlfriend Gabriella. The day Of there High School Graduation Gabriella leaves Troy without saying Good Bye. It Broke his heart. It has been 2 years since they saw each other or talked. Troy was finally over Gabriella and has a girlfriend but then he finds out that she is getting Married to a guy named Jake. Troy gets rushed to the Hospital. Gabriella finds out about Troy and visits Troy. How will Troy react when he see's Gabriella will he be Happy to see her or will he be mad at her and want nothing to do with her. Stay tuned to find out. Starts out Troypay and Jakella Ends with TROYELLA!!!'

So what do you guys think. tell me your ideas and tell me if you like it. thanks so much you guys and I hope you check out my next Story. means so much to me.

Love All You Guys,

Samie :)