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Edward Elric walked into the office with his report in hand. He didn't kick the door off its hinges this time, much to everyone's surprise.

"You alright there, shortstuff?" Breda was stunned when Ed didn't yell.

He simply stalked past them all and went straight to Mustang's desk.

"Here's the report, Colonel."

"As sloppy and short as always. You should at least try to make it more presentable. The small should think big." Mustang's smirk melted away when Ed remained silent.

The boy had his hood on so Mustang couldn't see his face clearly.

"You could make up for your size with your accomplishments." Roy tried again.

A silence stretch between them until Ed spoke up in a strained voice.

"Do you enjoy teasing me?"

Mustang chuckled softly in reply. His grin turned upside down when he didn't receive the rant he had expected.

Instead, Ed said in a loud, clear tone, "I hate you."

"Wha…? Ed, why?" They always threw insults at each other. It was a routine. Wasn't it?

The heads of Mustang's crew popped up. They had been worried about Edward's earlier behavior and, listening to Ed now, they had a right to be.

"You always seem disappointed with me and somehow constantly find fault in what I do." Ed was staring at the ground.

"You know that I can't write well with my left hand because I'm right-handed, and my right hand isn't any better since it's automail. So why do you still complain? I finish my missions and hand in reports every time, don't I? So why can't you be content?" Ed's voice trembled.

"Ed…" Mustang was utterly speechless. Has Edward felt this way before? And now that he thought about it, Ed has always completed his assignments with incredible results. His outcomes are actually more satisfactory than most experienced adults can manage.

"And it's not my fault that I'm short, is it? So what if I don't drink milk. That doesn't give you any right to verbally abuse me."

Roy stared at the young man with horror. Abuse? Was what he has been doing abusive? Mustang stood up when Ed turned. He stepped out from behind his desk as Ed stomped pass his shocked team and out the door.

"Go." Riza's eyes were filled with anger and accusation as they looked at Roy. "This is your fault, go fix it."

Mustang remained where he was in astonishment.


Roy ran out the door at that, but Ed was nowhere to be seen. Instead, Mustang headed toward the central station. He got there on time to glimpse a blonde boy and armor get on a train. He rushed to their window and knocked on it.

Ed's face turned to look at him. Mustang's muffled voice came through the glass.

"Ed, let's talk, okay? I apologize for everything I've said. You're right. I shouldn't complain and—"

He was cut off when he saw tears rolling off Ed's eyes. He took a step back when Ed closed the curtains and the engine started. Mustang didn't know how long he stood there for as he watched the disappearing locomotive.


In one department of the moving train, Ed wiped away his forced tears and an evil grin stretched over his face. His eyes gleamed maliciously.

"I hope that bastard rots in guilt for a whole month."

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