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Okay, an update of Donnie and the Martster should be up later on today or early this week! But, this is my one-shot written for jeytonlover for the LWD Flash Fic contest!


1.) Derek buys a pregnancy test.
2.) Hairspray (the movie or I love the song "I Can Hear the Bells")
3.) School computer match makes them think

Pairing I'd like to see: I'm just really motivated by Dasey. Though I do like some triangles between Dasey and another character (preferable Sam or
Max). I like angst, fluff and comedy.

Of course (being me), I'm OBSESSED with Dasey. Therefore, this is a…Dasey, obviously. And, seeing as Christmas is only 50 days away, I turned it into an early Christmas story…lmao.

Anyways, hope you like it, jeytonlover:)



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How I Spent My Christmas Vacation


"FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!" Marti Venturi wails at the top of her lungs.

Derek glances over at her curiously from where he is sitting at his computer desk, typing furiously away on his laptop. He chuckles when he sees his youngest sister flopping down on his bed with a Santa hat over her dark hair.

"How's it going, Smarti?" he asks her, a smirk playing at his lips.

"Christmas 3 days away, Smerek." The eight-year-old says, grinning wildly.

He nods in understanding. "I know."

For the next two and a half weeks, Derek would be catching up on sleep and playing hockey with Sam. He would be hitting on girls at the mall, and wasting away his days by watching television. Christmas break was amazing. And he was sure that his stepsister would be spending hers crouched over college applications.

He hears an ear-shattering scream from the room down the hall, the room that belongs to Casey.

"God, what?" he groans, rolling his eyes.

"Casey's pissed!" Marti exclaims.

Derek's eyes widen and he turns to his sister. "Smarti, who used that word with you?"

She rolls her eyes at her brother and sticks out her tongue. "You did."

He curses himself.

Shrugging it off, he stands up from his chair and makes his way out of his bedroom and towards his stepsister's.

He is met at her closed door by her door swinging open, her hair is frazzled and messy (Nothing new there, thinks Derek), but that's not what's wrong.

What's wrong is the glossy, flaming expression in her bright blue eyes.

"What crawled up your ass?" he snorts towards her.

"Emily." Casey snaps bitterly before shoving past her nuisance-of-a-stepbrother and stomping off down the hall.

"Mom…" she drags out pleadingly as she heads downstairs towards the living room.

Curious, and oh-so-nosy, Derek follows her to the stairs and leans up against a wall to eavesdrop.

All he hears are the words: "Emily" "Parents" "Out" "Scared" "Sheldon" and "Pregnant".

And none of those are good words.

…especially not the Sheldon one.

Oh, and that pregnant one isn't too good either.

"Casey, I can't right now. I have this huge case up." He hears Nora clearly state.

"Can I at least borrow your car?" Casey begs.

"Your father has it, his is in the shop. Why don't you just take Derek-"

The words aren't even fully out of Nora's mouth before Derek is hurdling himself down the staircase.

"No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No." he is hurriedly yelling down the stairs. He gets in front of his stepmother and stepsister and takes a breath. "And most importantly, no."

Casey snorts, crossing her arms over her chest. "You won't even take me to a nearby Wal-Mart?"

Derek shakes his head at her feverishly. "I'm not taking you anywhere, Space Case."

Casey rolls her eyes at him. "Get more creative nicknames." She tosses over her shoulder and she stalks up the stairs.

Nora glances up at her stepson, sighing. "Derek, why can't you just do this for Casey? You guys are family."

"Not by choice." Derek mutters under his breath.

Casey hurries back down the stairs a few moments later, now wearing her yellow coat that she received from her grandmother in France. She brushes past Derek and Nora without a word and briskly walks out the front door.

"Where is she going?" Derek murmurs.

That's when he hears an engine revving up.

His engine.

"No." he says, backing off and grabbing his coat off the coat rack, storming out the door.

Nora simply shakes her head at the closed door, smiling, before returning to her laptop.


"Get out of my car!" Derek demands, charging towards Casey from where she sits in the driver's seat of his RAV4.

"I have to go to Wal-Mart." Casey says shortly, beginning to crookedly pull out of the driveway.

Derek shakes his head in disbelief, anger and shock bubbling up inside of him as he runs around to the other side of the SUV and throwing himself in.

"DEREK!" Casey exclaims, turning her head sharply towards him.

"You need to go so badly that you're going to go without a license? Casey, you failed the driver's test, incase you've forgotten. And what? Now you're going to drive my car, and get all of us thrown in jail – or killed - just to go to fucking Wal-Mart?"

Casey stops the car abruptly, her eyes widened and her mouth agape. The black SUV is awkwardly sitting with two wheels on the street and the other two on the driveway.

Casey sighs. "If I give you the keys-"

"Which were mine to begin with."

Casey rolls her eyes. "If I give you the keys, do your promise to drive me to Wal-Mart?"

He scoffs. "What is your obsession with that place?"

"I just need to pick something up, it's important." Casey says hurriedly.

"A pregnancy test." Derek concludes, thinking back to Casey's conversation with Nora from earlier in the afternoon.

Casey's heart sinks and her jaw drops. "You heard that?"

"So, who's preggo?" Derek questions.

Casey slumps back against the seat and sighs, turning her head slightly to look at her stepbrother.

"Emily." She answers softly. "Maybe."

Derek sighs, thinking to the girl who had been his neighbor for years before nodding slowly. "Fine. I'll drive you."

Casey smiles slightly, "Thanks." She says. And quickly releases her foot from the brake.

The car begins to roll down the driveway on its own volition.

"Casey!" Derek exclaims, Casey quickly slams her foot back down on the brake, breathing heavily out of shock.

Derek leans over and shifts the car into Park.

Derek slumps back down against his seat, letting out a staggered breath. "For the love of God, woman. Buy a driver's manual."

Twenty minutes later, Casey and Derek are walking into Ho-Ho-Ho Hell.

Kids are everywhere, scampering throughout the aisles and crowding the lobby, screaming and squealing, throwing toys at each other. Parents are huddled around, arguing.

"Oh my God." Derek declares, shaking his head.

Casey grins widely, wrapping her arms around herself. "Don't you love Christmas?" she asks cheerfully.

Derek shakes his head at her quickly. "No."

Casey narrows her eyes at him, smiling playfully. "Scrooge."

Derek snorts. "Let's just get this over with." He mutters.

Casey starts off towards the Women's Care section before pausing when she realizes that Derek isn't behind her.

She sighs and turns towards Derek. He is leaning against a rack of Christmas-themed Hershey Kisses, his arms crossed over his chest.

Casey rolls her eyes and starts back towards him, latching onto the sleeve of his leather jacket. "Come on." She says and hauls him off.

"I'm not going with you to…there." He argues, breaking out of her grip.

"Oh, come on." She says, laughing and shaking her head. "Let's go." She says and pushes him the rest of the way towards the aisle she is in need of.

Derek nearly faints when he finds himself bombarded with shelf upon shelf of…girl things.

Some of these things, Derek concludes, he has never even heard of.

Maxi Pads. Tampax. Equate everything. Vagisil. Vagisil odor-blocking formula (he was basically positive he didn't want to know what that was for). First Response. Midol upon Midol. Trojan (that, he knew of. In fact, three of them were currently resting behind a crisp dollar bill in his wallet). Nair. Nair face cream. Gentle Glide. Pamprin. Clearblue Easy. AimStick (just the name sounded appealing).

Casey reaches for a box that reads e.p.t. and turns back towards Derek, smiling wickedly. "This just made your day, didn't it?"

Derek shakes his head at her darkly. "You owe me. Big."

She sticks her tongue out at him, "Come on, let's go." She says and the two start back off through the store, pushing their way through the swarms of people.

Just as they are nearing one of the many looming lines, Casey stops dead in her tracks, and her heart falls to the pit of her stomach.

Derek turns to face her confusingly, "Wha…?" he drifts off as his eyes follow the trail of her own.

Standing off in the distance is Max. Max with his body leaning against a girl with platinum blonde hair. She has her arms thrown around his neck and she is giggling.

Casey shakes her head in disgust.

She and Max had broken up earlier during the term. He had told her that with it being his senior year and all that he wasn't going to be dating.

"Fucking liar." She snaps bitterly before shoving past Derek and off in the opposite direction of the cash registers.

Derek shakes his head at her body running towards the entertainment section.

"Drama queen." He mutters under his breath before nodding flirtatiously at a girl standing off by the Self Checkout lane.

Casey and her little melodrama could wait.

Casey leans back against a display of every Christmas CD ranging from the Muppets to Hannah Montana to Death Cab to Yanni. She lets out a shaky breath and sighs.

Max had spent the entire summer before senior year telling her how much he loved her, and then he does this.

She officially hates men.

Not that Max is a man; he's more of a boy. A young boy. A young, immature, stupid boy.

And she hates him.

She hates the cheerful singing beside her at the moment. It's a group of girls, belting out the words to a song from Hairspray, all standing huddled close to a rack full of the colorful DVD cases containing said movie, a giant cutout of Zac Efron as Link Larkin stands off beside it.

"Yes, my heart burst, now I know what life's about. One little touch and love's knocked me out. And, I can hear the-"

"You don't know what life's about!" Casey cuts them off.

The trio of tweens turns to face her, shocked, almost scared, expressions on their faces.

"Do you really want to know what life is about, kids? It's full of heartbreak and pain and boys who are going to lie to your face all the damn time!" Casey exclaims hotly, inching closer and closer to the girls.

"Will you stay away from my daughter?!" a large woman screeches, bustling in front of Casey and glaring at her angrily.

But, Casey's on a roll. "And you know what, Edna Turnblad?" she asks, pointing an accusing finger towards the mother. "Wilbur probably did cheat on you with Velma! The chick was played by Michelle Pfeiffer for God's sake! Who do you think Christopher Walken is going to choose? You? Or Her?"

The mother gives Casey a dumbfounded expression, and the young girls behind Casey stare at her, wide-eyed and stunned.

"Okay, come along Casey, time to get you back to the Ward." A familiar voice says from behind Casey.

Casey turns around sharply and sees Derek standing beside her, his hand latched onto her arm.

"I'm sorry for her outburst." He says apologetically to the family. "The doc warned her about what would happen if she went off her medication for a day, and doggoneit, she should have listened." Derek says in an "aw shuck" fashion. He gives the group one more apologetic look before hauling Casey away from them and back towards the front of the store.

They are walking past the Arts & Crafts section when Casey turns towards Derek and raises an eyebrow. "Doggoneit?" she snorts.

Derek looks back towards her and sends her an equally questioning look. "Edna Turnblad?"

Casey scoffs and shakes her head, turning away from him dismissively.

"Well fine." Derek snaps as they make their way towards another line of cash registers.

Max is still kissing-it-up with the blonde, the two are pressed in between two side-by-side water fountains.

Casey shakes her head and thrusts an object into Derek's palm. "I'll be waiting outside." She mutters before turning and stalking out of the store.

Derek eyes her confusingly before calling after her. "You didn't buy your-"

That's when he looks down at the object in his hand.

It's a white and blue box with black writing on it that clearly reads: e.p.t. Certainty.

That bitch.

He debates putting the box back until he notices that the line is moving.

He also happens to notice that the line he is standing in has a very good looking girl checking out the items.

Self-Checkout Line, he thinks to himself. I need a Self-Checkout Line.

Of course, the Self-Checkout lines are full of people all standing with carts full of objects ranging from loaves of bread to Christmas cards.

"Sir?" a female voice asks.

Derek turns and sees the girl standing in front of him is the cashier. She is wearing a name tag that reads that her name is Bethany and she has curly, strawberry blonde hair.

Derek quickly tosses the pregnancy kit onto the track nonchalantly.

She glances down at it for a moment, quirks an eyebrow, and glances back up at Derek.

"You have a little too much fun with your girlfriend?" she asks with a small laugh.

Hahahaha. Derek bitterly thinks in his head.

"It's for my stepsister." He replies back, muttering.

Her eyes widen. "Aww! You're a really good stepbrother, then!" she says, an approving smile playing on her lips.

He shrugs mockingly. "Yeah, well. That's just how I am." He says, grinning.

She hands him his bag and receipt and gives him a flirtatious smile. "My name is Bethany Gable, check me out on MySpace sometime." She says, winking at him before returning towards her next customer.

He shakes his head, smiling towards himself. "Derek Venturi has done it again." He murmurs victoriously.

"Derek!" a male voice calls out to him.

Derek pauses, he recognizes the voice. It's Max's voice.

He turns around and sees Max making his way towards him, smiling cockily.

"Hey." Derek mutters, giving him the shadow of a smirk.

"Did you see the girl I was with?" Max asks with a grin.

Derek shrugs. She wasn't that cute. And she was definitely a bottle blonde.

"Dude, I've totally been hooking up with her since August." Max continues on carelessly, holding up his hand as if expecting Derek to smack it with his own.

"You were still with Casey in August." Derek replies.

Sam nods, laughing. "Yeah, that's kind of the point." He says. "I mean, come on Derek, you know how it is."

"Actually, I don't." Derek responds.

"Casey told me about your little excursion with the ballerina and Kendra." Max says, his voice getting sharper.

Derek shrugs it off. "I didn't go off screwing them behind the other's back."

"What are you trying to say?" Max snaps offensively.

Derek rolls his eyes. "You really fit the jock stereotype to a T."

Max glances down at the bag in Derek's hand, clearly reading the words e.p.t.

"And you really match the description of a man whore." Max throws back.

Derek laughs sarcastically. "Man whore. Nice. You really got me with that one; I may be emotionally scarred until graduation from it."

"Drop dead." Max snorts.

"And stay the fuck away from Casey." Derek throws back, noticing the girl coming up to Max, her badly dyed hair shining at him mockingly. "Oh, and I was with her when she was a brunette." Derek says towards Max before turning and walking out of the store.

It isn't until Derek is nearing closer towards his RAV4 and seeing Casey sitting inside of it with her head resting against the window that he realizes that he was sticking up for her.

What. The. Hell?

He climbs into the car and tosses the Wal-Mart bag onto Casey's lap.

Casey turns towards him and smiles slightly. "Thanks for buying it."

Derek shrugs it off before pulling out of the parking lot.

He wasn't going to tell her what he did to Max; he didn't want her to think for a moment that she actually thought he cared.

Even though, deep down inside, maybe he did care.

Just a little bit.

Derek is awoken on Christmas morning by Marti pouncing on his bed.

"GET UP!" she squeals.

"Not now." Derek mutters and turns his back to his sister, covering his head with a pillow.

Marti giggles and jumps down from his bed. "You have three minutes before I attack again." She warns him before turning and traipsing out of the room

Derek sighs when he hears the door close and feels himself drifting into a slumber.

That is, until his door opens again.

"It hasn't been three minutes, Smarti." Derek mutters, closing his eyes shut tighter.

A body sits itself down at the foot of his bed.

"Emily took the test." Casey's voice murmurs.

Derek sits up and rubs his eyes, glaring at her. "And?"

"It came out negative." She says, smiling.

Derek nods. "Great." He mutters, "Can I go back to sleep now?"

"And Max called me last night." Casey continues.

Derek sits up quickly, now wide awake.

"Apparently, a certain guy named Derek was chewing him out at Wal-Mart a few days ago and he wanted to know if I put him up to it."

Derek doesn't reply.

"Of course, I told him that I had no idea what he was talking about, but he assured me that it was you." Casey says, looking at Derek with laughing eyes. He notices that her blue eyes have a tendency of sparkling.

Derek rolls his eyes. "I may have said a few things to him."

Casey sighs. "Well, not that I need you to fight my battles or anything, but thanks." She says, smiling at him softly.

He gives her the sliver of a smile.

She leans over the bed and he catches a whiff of her strawberry scented hair as she presses a chaste kiss to his left cheek. "You're a good brother, Derek Venturi." She says before rolling off his bed and making her way towards the door. "Merry Christmas." And she opens up the door and steps into the hallway.

Derek throws himself back down onto his bed, the word "brother" racing through his head.

You're a good brother. The words call out at him mockingly.

He doesn't want to be her brother, he decides.

He doesn't even want to be her friend.

He wants to be the one that protects her from the jackasses of the school and spends his nights rolling around in her bed kissing her endlessly.

And nothing has ever freaked him out so much as that thought.

His bedroom door flies open and Marti throws herself back down on his bed once more, and he is brutally thrust back into reality.

A reality where Casey is just a girl, and he is just her stepbrother.

But, who knows?

Mistletoe is a holiday tradition, after all.

Well, I hope you liked it!

This is the first Dasey story that I've written where it doesn't end up with them in it.

But, of course, you guys can let your minds wander with what happens after my final line :) lol

Anyways, jeytonlover, I hope that you liked it!


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