He was, essentially, trapped, and more then a little vulnerable. His weapons were all shut off or removed. The whole scanner until had been completely taking out of his dash.

…but the best thing was that his engine, the whole kit and caboodle, was spread out over three tables in front of his grill.

Attack Beast let out an electronic sigh of sorts. Even that didn't sound right without the growling under tones of his engine.

Plato shifted ever so slightly in his recharging state. The modified motorcycle was leaning against the much bigger truck for support since Plato has lost his kick-stand in the last mission.

The same mission had somehow managed to toss the hyper little two-wheeler into Beast's engine. Or rather, on it, making the Ford have to carry Plato around for an hour or so using his hood the clamp down on the smaller AI so not to loose him.

Add to that, that Trek had barely been able to crawl into Beast's back seat after the accident that left Plato in a very uncomfortable place for both parties. Duke, Beast's driver, was still missing at that point as well.

So, yeah…Attack Beast had such a wonderful day worrying about both if his driver was still alive or not as well as if Trek might die inside of him.

Beast really needed this now.

The well hidden, and under ground 'hanger' was quite. The CD player wait for the next CD as it had been waiting for the last two hours. The consent sound of tools steadily working with both Trek and Jazz talking were gone for now as well. There was only a sleepy, calm silence that surrounded the modified ford.

The AI looked at his half cleaned engine scattered on the table in an odd sense of order. Beast gave another sigh and once again checked his sensory net, glad that Trek and Jazz had left it alone. At least until he had his scanners back. He, like the rest of the AIs on the team hated it when they couldn't be aware of what was around them, let alone know what was of wasn't going on with their own shells.

Plato's own sensory net had meshed with Beast's on the truck's left side. It wasn't uncomfortable in any way. In fact, it was just the opposite for both AIs, maybe more so for Plato. Even disabled like he was, there was a lot of Attack Beast. It was reassuring to the smaller two-wheeler.

Plato was there to 'guard' Beast, but it was still nice to know that the most powerfully of the team (AI of human) in both armament and physical, brut strength was there.

Trek shifted in his own sleep, losing his grip on some component at last. Beast focused his attention on the young man that was on his tunne. The truck could fell the warmth that gave away the exact spot, right up against his back window. Beast was aware of another warm spot in his sensory net, Jazz was leaning on his front, right wheel tire.

He would never say it aloud, to anyone. Another AI or human, maybe not even to Duke, his own driver…but the Attack Beast liked the that feeling of warmth in his sensory net that meant there was a living person near or on him.

Even if he could move, Beast wouldn't.

He really didn't mind after all, it was nice and more importantly: it all distracted him from the fact that his driver was down for the count in the hospital for now. He trusted that the other three AIs were keeping an eye on Duke as beast got his well disserved cleaning, overhaul and system check. There was even the possibility of Trek upgrading something too…like maybe some of his weapons. Or better yet, his cannons.

Being scannerless, immobile, weaponless and half taken apart…Attack Beast still somehow watched over his fiends.

Queen's note: Another one shot thing of Attack Beast I did. Why? Cuz' I love him! The mechanic (Jazz) is mine. I blame Storm Dracona for getting me hocked on TKR and the AIs. (I like them more then the humans...XD)