Dear Family,

I had a horrifying vision last night. I'm leaving tonight, before the first snowfall. I need to get away from here. To protect the family.

Edward, please don't come after me, for everyones sake, and tell Bella I'm sorry for virtually abandoning her.

Bella, don't change too much while I'm gone... take care of yourself and my dimwitted brother for me. And remember, the jelly goes ON the toast.

Esme...Mom, please don't worry about me. I'll be OK. Know that I love you all very much and I'll bring you back an antique from wherever I choose to go.

Carlisle..Dad, I hope you understand my reasons for doing this and keep Edward and Emmett from doing anything stupid, brash, or extremely idiotic (this means you Emmett), while I'm gone. I love you and take care of mom too.

Emmett, Don't Do ANYTHING Stupid.

Rosalie, I promise that when I get back we will go on an all day shopping spree just us girls. And we can take Bella too if you'd like. Love you sis, see you soon...

and finally Jasper, please try to control yourself, love. Don't come after me, it'll only make things worse. Take care and make sure you hunt as often as you need to... I'm so sorry for leaving you like this. I need you to promise me that you will not come after me or harm yourself in anyway, because you know I love you and would never leave you if I had no good reason for doing it. If you had the vision I had you would understand why I had to leave without telling you about it or where I'm going. I'm so sorry Jasper please forgive me. With all my love to you, and the promises of "i do", I swear I will come back to you, love.

Take care all of you, I send you my love from the bottom of my heart and promise to come back as soon as I know it is safe.

Don't trust me before the snow is over...


A/N: this is my first story so please be gentle. i do apprecitate constructive criticism though. any pointers you might have i appreciate. but please be aware it might not be the greatest because im new at all of this lol much love to all and read and review plz! chapter 1 will be updated today :)

Ja Ne