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Chapter 1

Jasper sat on the couch playing a new video game that had recently came out on the Xbox 360. I sat next to him using my laptop to write various poems and stories and the occasional email to Bella. I sighed for the umpteenth time as I tried to fight the writers block that was attempting to consume my brain. A knock at the door pulled me out of my musings and I rose up gracefully to answer it. Halfway to the door a bronze blur shot past me and opened the door. I rolled my eyes and walked up next to Edward and smiled when I spotted Bella standing in the doorway.

"Hey, Alice!" Bella squealed and nearly got the chance to run at me, had Edward not had his arm around her waist she might have succeeded. I rolled my eyes again and punched Edward in the arm effectively getting him to let go long enough for her to hug me. "Do you have any idea whats going on? Edward called me and told me to come over here as soon as possible." she grimaced. "I hope its not a surprise. You know I hate surprises." I pouted and pretended to look hurt at her remark.

"Why Bella! How could you think so lowly of me as to surprise you when you so clearly don't like being surprised?" Bella arched an eyebrow and allowed Edward to usher her in the house and onto the couch. 'Damn she's onto us...' I thought as I followed them in and gracefully sat cross legged on the floor across from Bella and Edward who were on the couch next to Jasper.

"OK, seriously. Whats going on?" Bella glanced from Edward to me and back to Edward again. Edward shifted and started whistling a random tune. "DAMMIT EDWARD!" Bella snapped and smacked Edwards arm. "I'm going to think down from five, when I get to one if you have not told me whats going on I'm going to attempt to walk out of here." Edward feigned hurt before clutching Bella closer to him in mock fear. I couldn't help but giggle at Bella when she stuck her tongue out at Edward and attempted to push him away to no avail.

"Ah the two lovebirds." I said dramatically ignoring Edwards patronizing look. Still smiling I turned to Jasper and asked him to get the small velvet jewelry case sitting on the counter in the kitchen. Jasper nodded, paused his game and headed into the kitchen. Bella, getting increasingly suspicious, began to fidget and scooted closer to Edward. The silence in the room was getting unbearable when Jasper returned holding the case carefully in his hands. "What did you guys get me this time?" Bella asked, exasperated that we spent money on her. "Open the box and see." I said with a mischievous smile. "You'll love it Bella, trust me." Edward smiled one of his so called "dazzling smiles" as Bella likes to call them. Bella sighed and reached out to take the case from Jasper.

"Oh, you guys are so annoying sometimes, I swear." Bella groaned and proceeded to open the case.

Inside was a small envelope with Bella's name written in Edwards fancy cursive. Giving Edward a "you did not get what I think you got me" look, Bella opened the envelope and took out a note and a Borders gift card. Bella's expression quickly turned from annoyance to suspicion as she read the note. The note read as follows:

Ha! Bet you thought we got you jewelry! I'll take you to Seattle next weekend to spend this 200 dollar gift card on books.


p.s. Don't hit me. it'll hurt you more than me.

"Don't even think about giving this back. I will personally see that you spend every penny of this money." Edward whispered to Bella, thoroughly enjoying her shocked expression. I bet he thought he was oh so clever buying her that gift. "Hmph. It was my idea in the first place." I thought sticking my tongue out at Edward ignoring his puppy eyes and fake hurt expression.

"Ha ha guys, very funny. Really, what did you...wait a minute...did I read that right? 200 dollars?? holy crow Edward! How many books do you expect me to get?" Bella frowned, very clearly about to punch my idiot brother in the stomach, no matter how much it would hurt her. Edward feigned cowardice and inched to the other side of the couch. As Bella launched herself toward Edward my mind seemed to pull into itself without warning. Everything around me went dark, my mind felt detached from my body. Then there was nothing...

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